15 Wrestlers That Should Have One More Match In WWE

Wrestlers always have one more match in them. At least that's what wrestling fans think even after a wrestler officially retires. It's as if they are winking to the fans to say that they will be back at some point. That's because wrestling fans know that professional wrestlers (or sports entertainers if you want to use the WWE term) love being in the squared circle.

The Rock came back to WWE a few years ago, and not because of money since he has so much of that. What he said repeatedly is that he was there due to the thrill of performing. He can have all the money and success in the world, but there truly is nothing like lacing up the boots and wrestling in front of thousands people that react to everything you do.

Once a wrestler has that thrill of performing in them, it never leaves. That's why they all crave one more match because to them, it's another chance to remind us how of good they are.

There are some wrestlers like Edge that were told that they can't take any more bumps or they might end up being paralyzed. He's not able to wrestle anymore, but plenty of others are and in every case, a return to a WWE ring could be the kind of thing to help spark the biggest wrestling organization in the world. Here's a look at 15 wrestlers that should think about having one more WWE match.


15 Rob Van Dam


The man known as RVD always had a special connection with the crowd because of his innovative offense that he made look so effortless all the time. There are few wrestlers that could ever move around the ring the way he could.

He returned to WWE a few times in the last few years, basically as a guy to put over younger talent and to work with people he didn't work with during his first WWE in the early 2000s.

Now in his mid-40s, RVD doesn't wrestle as much as he used to although he's at a point in his career where he probably realizes that there's one more good run left in him. It would be great to see him back in WWE to remind the fans what he can do in the ring.

14 Shelton Benjamin


It was pretty shocking when Shelton Benjamin was released by WWE in 2010. Benjamin was one of the best in-ring performers in WWE that had a reputation as being a good guy too. There really was no valid reason for him to be released other than management likely being unable to come up with a good storyline for him.

The WWE roster has changed so much since he was last there and if you look at the talent they have, there are so many potential great matches for him to have in WWE if he were to return. Benjamin can do a lot of great things in WWE, if only creative could come up with something for him.

13 John Morrison


During the just completed season of Tough Enough, Morrison's name came to mind often because he's the only winner of WWE's reality show that went on to have a very successful career. After his WWE contract expired in 2011, Morrison moved on from WWE to try different things, which included wrestling for the awesome wrestling show known as Lucha Underground.

Now that it's been a few years, it feels like the right time for the talented performer that can do it all in the ring to return "home" to WWE and mix it up with younger talent like Seth Rollins, who seems like a natural rival for him. Morrison can still bring a lot to WWE - there's no question about that.

12 Mickie James


There's only one woman that has won the WWE Women's Title (five times), WWE Divas Title (one time) and TNA Knockouts Title (three times). That's Mickie James, who was released by WWE in 2010 even though she is one of most talented WWE divas ever.

While politics may have been the cause for her release, it's really foolish that WWE would let a woman like her go. She had so many great matches, is a very good talker and is one of the better actresses WWE has had, yet women like Rosa Mendes have been there for nearly a decade. What does she even do?

If Mickie returned to WWE, she would generate a huge reaction and also show that she's still very good in the ring since she continues to wrestle on the indy scene. She deserves another run in WWE.

11 Matt Hardy


With the recent return of The Dudley Boyz to WWE, there's a sense of nostalgia within the company again. Matt Hardy was one half of the legendary Hardy Boyz tag team that is arguably the most popular team that WWE ever had.

If you read Matt's comments on Twitter regularly, you would see that he's loyal to TNA Wrestling right now. However, with all of the uncertainty that surrounds that organization, it feels like he would be more than happy to be in a WWE ring again in front of the fans that loved him for putting his body on the line and having so many great matches over the years. Although Matt's brother Jeff was the more popular Hardy, there's no denying Matt's success in WWE.

10 Lita


The popular redhead was last seen on WWE TV as a coach on Tough Enough where she did a great job of mentoring the women on that show. She also reminded the fans that she looks amazing even after retiring from in-ring competition nearly a decade ago.

What made Lita special during her WWE career is the connection she had with the fans. Whether she was a face that was cheered for being so athletic or a heel that was there to upset the crowd, she knew how to get a reaction. That's so important for anybody in the wrestling business, but especially for a diva.

Since WWE is pushing this "divas revolution" so much, it makes sense to bring back Lita for a short run to work with some of the younger girls and remind us of how good she really is.

9 Christian


Since Christian used "one more match" as a catchphrase for the last couple years of his active WWE career, he's definitely somebody that should come back for one more memorable bout.

It's a shame that his in-ring career ended with a whimper so to speak because of the shoulder and concussion issues he had in the last few years. Christian was so durable for the majority of his 20 year career, but injuries catch up to everybody.

He's a skilled in-ring technician that can have a good match with anybody while always showing an ability to get a reaction from the fans whether he's a face or a heel. The man known as Captain Charisma should definitely have one more match in WWE.


8 Trish Stratus


The lovely Trish Stratus is considered by many to be WWE's greatest diva ever. Her career lasted from 2000 to 2006 and she won the WWE Women's Title seven times, which is the all-time record. She didn't retire because she stopped loving wrestling - it was just because there was nothing left for her to do.

Trish is a physically fit woman that could probably step back in the WWE ring and have a very good match with any diva tomorrow if she wanted to. She can also elicit the type of reaction that every woman wants because if she did wrestle again, fans would go crazy for her. It makes sense for her to feud with the Bella Twins or some other heels because it would benefit the other performers so much just to be in the ring with her.

Imagine the trio of Trish, Lita and Mickie together as part of the divas revolution? It would be amazing to see that.

7 Shane McMahon


Vince McMahon's only son was thought to be the guy that would lead WWE into the future. Instead, it looks like Vince's daughter Stephanie and husband Triple H will be in that role because Shane left the company five years ago and hasn't been back since.

Shane would likely receive a massive ovation if he returned to WWE because he was always admired for his risk taking moves in the ring, his willingness to do a spectacular bump to get a big reaction and his natural talent on the microphone. For the son of a billionaire, he sure was willing to put his body on the line even though he didn't have to.

If Shane came back to WWE in any role, it would be the kind of thing that would get people interested in the product more. He was a beloved figure that really should return to WWE some day soon.

6 Goldberg


Goldberg was one of the biggest names in WCW history. However, when he went to WWE in 2003 for a one year run, he was just another guy. They didn't use him the right way and the reactions he got from the WWE Universe were not close to what he received in WCW.

Since that time, there have been rumors of Goldberg going back to WWE just because the allure of one more match could make the company some money. It hasn't materialized, probably because WWE views Goldberg as an average wrestler that merely benefited from a big push while in WCW.

At 48 years of age, he's still fit and could probably have a good match, but there's a question of whether WWE would even want him at this point.

5 Batista


When Batista returned to WWE in early 2014, the belief was that he would be in the company for a year or two and then retire. He ended up leaving after about six months in part because his movie career had taken off.

After his breakout performance in the Guardians of the Galaxy film and an upcoming role in the James Bond film Spectre, he's probably making way more money doing movies than he would be wrestling in WWE. Why go back? There's no reason for him to.

That's where the thrill of performing comes into play again. Batista doesn't need to be in WWE, but if he misses being in the ring then that's something he may want to do again. Since his star is on the rise in Hollywood, WWE should think about bringing him back again for that one more match.

4 Jeff Hardy


When Jeff Hardy left WWE in 2009, it was a surprise because he had become a main event level performer that was one of the biggest draws in the company. The schedule was rough on him, though, so he chose to walk away.

Hardy is the epitome of what it means to be a true babyface because he's a smaller guy with an exciting arsenal of moves and an innate ability to get a genuine reaction from the fans.

Since Hardy is 38 years old (same age as Brock Lesnar and John Cena), he still has plenty of great years left to perform at a high level. He made his career rising the ranks of WWE, so it makes a lot of sense for him to go back there one day in the near future.

3 CM Punk


There's a phrase in wrestling that is used constantly because it's very true: never say never.

Ten years ago, most fans would have never thought that the likes of Bret Hart, Bruno Sammartino and Ultimate Warrior would return to the WWE Family, yet all of them did. Why not CM Punk?

Punk's 2014 exit was ugly and he hated a lot of things that happened, but he also spent nearly a decade in WWE and did a lot of wonderful things there. If his UFC career fails, what's he going to do? The thrill of performing in front of a live crowd never leaves a wrestler and there may come a time in four or five years where Punk gets the itch to come back.

A CM Punk return to WWE may make him come off as a hypocrite due to some things he said after he left, but it would also make him a huge star again. Never say never, right?

2 Kurt Angle


It's been nearly a decade since Kurt Angle left WWE. He's been in TNA Wrestling trying to help that brand grow while also showing that he's still incredible in the ring even in his mid-40s.

Angle is one of the best professional wrestlers ever that accomplished so much in such little time that few wrestlers can compare to him. He is capable of doing anything in a wrestling ring while getting a good match out of any opponent.

It just feels wrong that he's not in WWE because that's where he made his name and became a legend. With his contract in TNA expiring in January, it would be perfect for him to return to WWE in time for WrestleMania and create some more memories with this new generation of talent.

1 Steve Austin


This is probably the biggest "what if" there is in terms of a comeback to wrestling. What if Steve Austin wrestled one more match?

It's not that simple because he's 50 years old, his last match took place at WrestleMania 19 when he lost to The Rock and the main reason he stopped wrestling is because of the serious neck injury he suffered in 1997.

When Austin does those great WWE Network podcasts, it's obvious that he's in great shape and has an itch to perform again. Look at that promo he did on Brock Lesnar when Paul Heyman was on there. People were so excited about it because it would be amazing. It's not going to happen, but if it did then that match would be huge for business.

Austin doesn't need the money and probably doesn't want to risk his health, but he's also a competitive guy that one day may want to see if he has one more match left in him. We all know the fans definitely want it.


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