15 Weird Facts You Didn't Know About Wrestlers From the 1990s

During the 1990s, a number of different names and faces graced the wrestling ring. During that time they managed to do everything from the incredible to the ridiculous to the sublime. These men and women would scale ladders, go through tables and receive steel chair shots to the head. They truly were willing to pay the price for success. However, also during the 1990s, a number of wrestlers encountered surprising circumstances that helped make them who they are.

Some men and women would rather these secrets not be revealed, but these are stunning things that we never envision when we think of them today. Some stories are just a little strange, while others are completely out of left field. These wrestlers from the WWE, WCW and ECW were all successful in the ring in some way, shape, or form, but what they did outside the ring is where the stunning stories happen. What stunning things made our list on wrestlers from the 1990s?

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14 Vince McMahon Was The Best Man At Shane McMahon's Wedding


Their on-screen relationship has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. Shane McMahon has been an on-air authority figure and aligned with his father on a number of different feuds, for instance when they came together to feud with Degeneration X in the middle part of the 2000s. They have also had their share of battles against each another on-screen, for instance, their no holds barred battle where the family was split, Stephanie standing in her father's corner and Shane's mother Linda standing in his.

Shane left the company in 2009 and drew to a close his role in the family business. He has returned this past year as an on-screen character. With all that being said, the relationship between father and son remains very strong, so strong in fact that Shane chose his father to stand by his side and be best man at his wedding.

13 Al Snow's "Head" Was The Model For Mankind's Mask


Fans will recall Al Snow's time in a WWE ring, and before that in ECW. He was considered a little off kilter, the words ‘help me' written backward across his forehead as he came to the ring with a Styrofoam mannequin head, affectionately referred to as Head, which also had ‘help me' written across its forehead. Snow's relationship with the mannequin head went as far as to have him tag up with the inanimate object.

Snow was also the target of frequent jabs from his friend Mick Foley. And in reality, their friendship went as far as having them tag with one another. When Mick Foley was to come to WWE as the character Mankind, his mask was created with the help of a model head. That model head was in fact, Head. So while Head and the Mankind mask may not resemble each other, they actually were aligned with one another.

12 Lita's 'PUNK' Tattoo


This former WWE women's champion and Hall of Famer has never hidden her fascination with body art, and we can see many of the tattoos that cover her arms when she serves as an analyst on WWE's pay per view panel. While each tattoo appears to tell a story, she has one that isn't evident. On the inside of her lip is tattooed "PUNK." The tattoo could mean any number of different things, whether it is her love of punk rock music or a lifestyle that is strong and edgy.

Another suggestion is not tied to any of those possibilities, but rather to a past relationship that she had. Amy Dumas, Lita's real name, was once romantically involved with former WWE world champion and recent UFC competitor CM Punk. Could the tattoo be tied to their relationship? There isn't any confirmation on this, despite Punk sporting a tattoo of the two of them on his arm.

11 Val Venis Used To Race Motocross


Former WWE superstar Sean Morley earned a name for himself under a number of different personas, most notably ‘The Big Valbowski' Val Venis, a porn star who had a way with the ladies. Later, Venis underwent a character change and a reformed Val Venis emerged as part of the Right To Censor faction. One of Morley's past interests included motocross. In fact, prior to coming to WWE, Morley was a competitive motor cross racer.

However, years of racing also contributed to injuries that Morley carried with him into his wrestling career. Once the Right To Censor faction split, Morley was taken off television, and during that time he was recovering from hip surgery to remove bone spurs that he suffered during his time racing.

10 Stone Cold, Wine connoisseur?


He was the no-nonsense, toughest SOB in wrestling, a man's man that did things his own way and marched to the beat of his own drum. Fans have likely lost count the amount of times he would crack open a Steveweiser and swig down a frosty beverage. His onscreen character, much like most guys, loved his beer! However, when we take Steve Austin out of the ring, he appears to appreciate more than simply a good brew.

Austin has a fairly sensitive palate believe it or not. In fact, it is so refined that as he's gotten older he's shown appreciation for a different alcoholic beverage, wine! In particular, he's shown an affinity for red wine. The kinds he's enjoyed in the past include Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.

9 The Rock Is a Skilled Light Tackle Salt Water Fisherman


For years, The Rock was known for his electrifying promos, captivating exchanges and long-standing feuds with the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H. After leaving the ring, The Rock didn't simply ride off into the sunset. Dwayne Johnson has become arguably the biggest movie star in Hollywood.

He has journeyed to the center of the earth and spent time swimming through a tsunami in San Andreas. Someday, he may have encounters with ferocious sea creatures, but in real life, Johnson is more than experienced in battling fish for sport. The Rock is a skilled fisherman, primarily focused in the area of salt water fishing. In this instance, it isn't what The Rock is cooking, it's what The Rock is catching.

8 Chris Jericho Named His Son After Ash From The Evil Dead Series


During a career in wrestling that is over two decades in length, Jericho has managed to reinvent himself over and over again. He has been a world, unified, Intercontinental and Tag Team champion, and throughout has always managed to weave something into his career tied to entertainment. Whether it was singing, dancing or simply being a showman, Jericho was always one to bring popular culture into the forefront.

Besides his love of hockey, besides performing in a rock band ,and his love of dancing that led to being on Dancing with the Stars, Jericho also has a love of movies. One such movie, or rather series of movies, is the Sam Raimi-directed Evil Dead films. Bruce Campbell played the character as Ashley J “Ash” Williams in the films, and Jericho was so enamored with the film that he named his son ‘Ash' as homage to the character.


7 Eddie Guerrero's Father Gory Guerrero Invented The Camel Clutch


He lied, he cheated and he stole, but one thing Eddie Guerrero wasn't guilty of was creating a specific move. A move that has a punishing vibe is what Rusev refers to as The Accolade, which the Iron Sheik referred to as the Camel Clutch. The move appears incredibly painful, as it involves one opponent sitting on the back of their opposition and wrenching back on their head while their arms rest on the knees of the person applying the move. What is interesting to note is that the move wasn't originated by someone of Arab descent, but rather someone of latino decent. Known as La de a Caballo when it was invented, Eddie's father Gory Guerrero created the move.

6 Gregory Helms Was David Arquette's Stunt Double For "Ready To Rumble"

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During the 90s, he was a member of 3 Count alongside Shannon Moore and Evan Karagias. When WWE purchased WCW, he became Gregory Helms, and Gregory Helms became The Hurricane, a masked superhero that would use the line "Stand back, there's a hurricane coming through!" However, prior to the purchase, Helms was a part of the companies Cruiserweight division.

Fans will recall that actor David Arquette was once the promotion's WCW Heavyweight Champion. In what appeared to be a crossover promotion between WCW and his film Ready To RumbleArquette appeared at a WCW event. However, Arquette was in need of a stunt double, and that stunt double was Shane Helms.

5 The Crippler Crossface Was Invented By Dean Malenko, Not Chris Benoit


When Chris Benoit wrestled, there was no denying what he could do as a performer, though that is often forgotten due to what he did as a person. Fans will remember that Benoit's move set was influenced by many before him, such as his idol The Dynamite Kid, Tommy Billington. The move that he was most known for, one that is still used at times today, was his finishing move the Crippler Crossface.

Since it was so named because of his nickname, The Crippler, when used today the move is simply known as the crossface. While many may believe he invented the move that isn't the case. It was invented by a longtime ally, a former colleague in the Radicalz and Four Horsemen, the man of 1000 holds, Dean Malenko. Since Benoit was using it, Malenko used other moves during his time in the ring.

4 Triple H Made His WCW Debut By Beating Road Dogg

He is the chief operating officer of WWE, but even Triple H had to start from the bottom. He has captured numerous titles in his career and has been a part of some memorable factions. Without question, he will one day be inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame. However, before he could run, he had to learn how to walk. During his career, for all the good he is responsible for, he has also been guilty of the bad.

He once wrestled under the moniker Tera Ryzing, which was supposed to be simply mean that he would terrorize his opponents. While we can't nail down the date and time, he made his wrestling debut against second generation wrestler Brian James Armstrong. If the name doesn't sound quite familiar, you would doubtless know one of his other names, Road Dogg. Of course, years later Road Dogg would be aligned with Triple H as part of Degeneration X.

4. Diamond Dallas Page Drove The Honky Tonk Man's Pink Cadillac At WrestleMania VI

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Before Diamond Dallas Page was the every man wrestler during his time in WCW, he had to earn his way up the ranks in professional wrestling. Fans will recall that, before being a United States Champion and among the top faces of WCW, he was a manager during his early time in the promotion.

He was every bit as brash, and had a swagger that wasn't unlike his early time as a wrestler as a heel, and led men such as Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to the ring as part of his Diamond Exchange. His time as a manager began before WCW when he was an on-screen personality in the AWA. However, DDP once took on a role that had no notoriety or fanfare. He was the driver of Honky Tonk Man's Cadillac, helping to escort the team of Honky Tonk Man and Greg Valentine to the ring at WrestleMania VI.

3 Stone Cold's Name Came From His Wife And A Serial Killer


He is arguably the most popular wrestler of all time, but he debuted on a national scale with WCW with a very different look that of an overconfident pretty boy that had long robes and long hair. As time passed, Austin cut his hair and his look began to change. He debuted with WWE as The Ringmaster, managed by the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. While he is undoubtedly a master of the ring, it didn't truly reflect Austin's personality.

It is often said that the most successful characters are the actual person turned up to ten, and that was what happened when he became Stone Cold Steve Austin. The concept came about when Austin was watching a documentary about serial killers, and it discussed ‘The Ice Man' Richard Kuklinski. Then his wife said to him that he needed to drink his tea before it became "stone cold." The rest, as they say, is history.

2 The Undertaker's Greatest Phobia


He is known as the Phenom and the Dead Man, but one of the strangest stories that have circled about the man behind the character of The Undertaker is his phobia. It appears The Undertaken has a fear of cucumbers. That wasn't a misprint--the green vegetable that goes well in salads and is easy to eat on its own is an object of fear.

The now deceased Paul Bearer revealed details of a practical joke that he played on Mark Calloway that was more out of revenge than malice. Soon after a prank on Bearer during a road trip that The Undertaker was apparently responsible for when Taker went to put on his hat he discovered that there were a number of the vegetables in there, which led to the dead man having a panic attack. While this sounds like folklore, Bearer divulged this during a shoot interview.

1 Shelton Benjamin Once Coached Brock Lesnar During His College Amateur Wrestling Days.


He is the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and he ruled the roost at one time in the UFC. However, before he became either one of those things, Brock Lesnar was still learning his craft as a collegiate wrestler at the University of Minnesota. Lesnar's sheer size and skill were undeniable, as was what he could do in an amateur wrestling ring. After he was signed by the WWE, he went to develop in their system at Ohio Valley Wrestling. However, before he ever stepped into OVW, Lesnar needed coaching, and while he was coached by amateur wrestling coaches during his college years, for a period of time he was trained by future WWE tag team and Intercontinental Champion and fellow OVW alumni Shelton Benjamin. During one particular match, Lesnar needed some guidance as to how to acquire a point, and his teammate Benjamin provided that by advising as to how to best achieve the point.

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