15 Things You Didn't Know About WWE's Paige

With her current status in the company, it doesn’t get any better than Paige at the moment who seemingly is the most popular Diva on the roster. Her tremendous wrestling ability, intermixed with her carefree attitude, has driven her to the top of the company’s Divas division.

Still only 23 years old, her resume already reads like a Hall of Famer's; two-time Divas Champion, first ever NXT Women’s Champion, youngest champion in Divas history and the only Diva to ever hold both titles at once.

Her popularity has also reflected outside of the ring. Paige has an incredible social media following with 2 million followers. She is also one of the stars of the reality based show Total Divas, which gives the fans an opportunity to see Paige outside of the ring. If this wasn’t enough, she was also given a spot on the judges table alongside Hulk Hogan and Daniel Bryan on Tough Enough. In addition to all of this, she also made a guest appearance on Conan. Still only 23, the sky’s the limit for this WWE Diva. Her upbringing to stardom had a couple of twists and turns that you might not know about. Here are 15 things you never knew about Paige. Enjoy!

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15 She Wanted To Become A Zoologist


Born in Norwich, Norfolk, as a young women Paige didn’t always aspire to become a professional wrestler. She was initially scared of pro wrestling because of the physicality involved in the shows. She was also scared because of the injuries her parents had sustained in the past. Because of these reasons Paige opted for another career instead; she aspired to become a zoologist.

This ambition however didn’t last too long. When she was only 11, her father opened up a wrestling school training wrestlers every month. This would eventually steer Paige’s perceptions of pro wrestling. Only two years later she would start to do it full time.

14 Her Mother Wrestled While She Was Pregnant With Her


Unbelievably, Paige’s mother, Julia Bevis wrestled unknowingly for seven months when she was pregnant with Paige (yes, 7 months). Thankfully Paige turned out to be just fine.

Paige’s mother Julia, is a wrestler and wrestling promoter. She wrestles under the name of Sweet Saraya. At the age of 44 she is still going strong, wrestling for World Association of Women’s Wrestling. In 2012, Julia had a documentary released about her and the Knights entitled The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family. Paige was also showcased on this documentary.

13 Her Parents Owned A Wrestling Promotion


It's not too hard to see how Paige ended up in the wrestling business. Her father Ricky Knight, opened up a wrestling school which later turned into a wrestling promotion, The World Association of Wrestling. The wrestling promotion opened its doors in 1993. This is where Paige would make her pro wrestling debut at an age you wouldn’t believe (read on to number 13).

12 She Started Wrestling At 13


There aren’t very many WWE superstars that can say they began to wrestle at the young age of 13 years old. Paige made her debut for her family’s promotion WAW, when a wrestler failed to show up. At the age of 13, Paige took her place and fought her first ever match. A year later she would once again wrestle, but this time tag teaming with her mother in a triple threat tag match in which they would be defeated.

11 She Lived With Jake "The Snake" Roberts


Yes, that’s right, Jake "The Snake" Roberts himself previously lived with Paige and her family in Norwich. Paige’s family often had wrestlers over who came from overseas to appear in their wrestling promotion. Jake Roberts was certainly one of the most popular wrestlers to have lived with Paige. The two reunited several times backstage laughing about some old memories from the past.

10 She Began Travelling At The Age Of 14


Travelling and wrestling becomes a part of life; constantly moving around from city to city much like a circus act it seems. For Paige this began to take shape at the age of 14. Paige had already begun wrestling around the world. By the young age of 14, she had already wrestled in Belgium, Turkey, Norway, France, Denmark, Germany and her future home, the United States. At the age of 14, Paige had already more experience on her resume than some of the top stars in the WWE, including Roman Reigns.

9 She Used The Name Britani Knight


Making her debut at the age of 14, Paige started off under her previous wrestling name, which was Britani Knight, and she would go on to use this name independently up until she joined the WWE. Paige wrestled with this name independently for six years all around the world, including with her time spent in Shimmer Women Athletes, in 2011.

8 She Slapped A Fan In The Face


That's right, Page slapped a fan in the face. This is something that I’m pretty sure would never happen today in the WWE. During her time wrestling independently, Paige landed a massive slap onto the face of a fan. Don’t feel too bad however, as the fan had allegedly asked to be slapped by the former Divas champion. You can watch this hilarious moment take place in the video below.

7 She Failed Her First Tryout With The WWE


Believe it or not, Paige’s first tryout with the WWE was an unsuccessful one. Paige failed to impress the WWE talent scouts that showed up to a live show in England, in November of 2010. The rejection did not slow Paige down one a bit though, as a couple of months later she would succeed in her second tryout which took place in April. In September, Paige would officially ink a deal signing a developmental contract with the WWE’s former territory FCW.

6 February 26th, 2012


This date is very significant, as it is the date that the name Paige was officially born in the wrestling world. WWE officials gave her the name Saraya to start off with FCW. Thankfully, that name only lasted a little more than a month before WWE officials decided to change her name to what we know her as today, Paige. The former Divas Champion made her in-ring debut during an FCW television taping on February 26th,2012, a day she will certainly never forget.

5 NXT Legend


Once FCW was re-branded to NXT, Paige thrived under the new brand. The NXT faithful at Full Sail University loved Paige, and her popularity took to new heights with her brand defeating literally every single Divas on the roster. Her title reign lasted a whopping 308 days before she was forced to vacate the Championship after winning the title on her debut against AJ Lee in her debut match on the main roster. Paige, along with Seth Rollins, are regarded as the role models for all future NXT wrestlers.

4 Breaking Records and Winning Championships


By the age of 21, Paige had already accomplished what women hope to do in their entire careers. After beating AJ Lee in her debut match, Paige became the youngest Divas Champion in WWE history. In addition to this, she became the first ever woman to hold both NXT and Women’s Championships at one time. What make this so remarkable is that she was able to pull all of this off by the young age of 21. Still only 23 years old, the future is brighter than ever for this Diva (and with reason).

3 All About The Rebellious Characters


It is pretty evident judging by her character in and out of the ring, that Paige is quite a rebellious young girl. In fact, growing up she idolized some of the most rebellious in ring characters of all time, including Stone Cold Steve Austin, Alundra Blayze and Lita (is this really surprising?). You can definitely see little elements of all these former wrestling stars in her popular gimmick today, as they certainly helped her shape the person she is today.

2 She Has Been With Another Women


During an episode of Total Divas, Paige admitted to once hooking up with a female in her past. When asked by WWE Diva Rosa Mendes, Paige responded by saying “well yes, it’s the twenty-first century”. This later sparked Rosa to want to explore Paige’s wild side. Things didn’t turn out so well for Rosa however, despite the two awkwardly kissing, the situation did not go any further following that event.

1 She Owns A Coffee Company


Just recently in September of 2015, Paige proudly co-launched a coffee company with Bobby Schubenski and Jim Somers, and the company is called The Dark Gypsy. The official website is now up and running with coffee, T-shirts and mugs for sale. The various coffee types include 'death before decaf', 'crystal ball' and my personal favorite (based on its name) 'better than blood'. You can check out the website for more information on the company at thedarkgypsy.com.

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