15 Things You Didn't Know About D-Generation X

Arguably the most popular faction the WWE has ever created, fans of DX might just think they know everything about their history. Read on friends and we’ll see if all of these arcane facts are new to you or if you know far more than the average wrestling fan.

We’ll be covering every incarnation of the so-called bad boys of wrestling. From the early days of the group where they really pushed the boundaries to the dying days of poop humor that made up the reunion of Michaels and Trips, we’ve got you covered. Without further ado, let’s begin our stroll down memory lane.

15 Hornswoggle


The history of little people in wrestling is an important one but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been pretty disgraceful at times. There have been far too many storylines where these adult men have been played for laughs, simply because their genetics resulted in them not growing as much as the rest of the world’s population.

14 The Voodoo Kin Mafia


If you’re a wrestling fan, we’re sure you are aware that at one point the second biggest wrestling company in North America, TNA, had an obsession with everything WWE. They have a long history of bringing in former employees of the company, even if they are far past they're prime or were never difference makers.

13 DX Joins the Corporation


Alright, that title is a little bit misleading but if we were going to be accurate it would be an awfully big mouthful. Alright, let’s try it: "five different members of DX who ended up joining The Corporation". Anyway, D-Generation X at its best was one of the most rebellious, edgy groups in wrestling history. That is why it is so surprising that so many of theirs members sold their souls to the devil.

12 Kane’s First Words

Kane is one of the longest tenured WWE employees of all time and he has undergone a lot of transformations over those years. First brought into the company as a silent menace who sought, above all else, to gain revenge on The Undertaker, he let Paul Bearer do all of his talking while his visage struck fear into the heart of his competition.

11 DX Reunite to Take on Who?


When Triple H took over leadership of DX from Shawn, he spoke publicly about how his former ally had dropped the ball. In the years that followed, it seemed like he truly believed it since the two men seemed incapable of coexisting. They feuded again and again and during the best of times, they ignored one another.

10 Imitating the Corporation

For years and years when clips of DX were played, the infamous and awfully racist promo where they came out and imitated The Nation of Domination was heavily featured. Appearing in full-on blackface and in X-Pac’s case, padding to make him look fatter, the highly offensive segment seems to be a point of pride for a PG corporation.

9 Kevin Nash, Honorary Member


D-Generation X and The nWo are two infamous groups in professional wrestling that will forever be intertwined due to The Clique taking a major role in the origins of both factions. Kevin Nash, one of the trio of men who made of The New World Order’s nucleus was never a member of DX but despite that fact, he clearly would have been if he was a WWE employee at the time.

8 Shawn Michaels Superkicks Little Girl

We’ve already mentioned how the DX reunion devolved fairly quickly into truly horrific and unfunny comedy. Little People’s Court was undoubtedly a low light but it may just have been outdone by the stupidity of the skits that took place on August 10th, 2009.

7 DX Invasions


Another case of a DX segment that has gone down in infamy, when DX “invaded” a WCW Monday Nitro taping, the segments that aired were unlike anything most wrestling fans had seen before. They mocked their competition, riled up WCW’s so-called fans and asked for their friends Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to come join them. It was revolutionary and unforgettable.

6 Feud for a Name


When Triple H and Chyna left the group that made them famous and joined The Corporation, the massive hole they left in DX was never filled. Kane, through his team with X-Pac, became associated with the group but never actually became a member due in part to his strained relationship with Billy Gunn.

5 Tori


Kane, as we’ve already mentioned, was a member of a short-term tag team with X-Pac, a long-time DX member. When the team imploded Kane made the mistake of agreeing to a stipulation where his girlfriend Tori (not to be confused with Torrie Wilson) would spend a weekend with his enemy if he lost. Obviously, he was defeated and his girl was forced to cohabitate with Sean Waltman for a few days.

4 McMahon-Helmsley Era


Any current WWE fan will likely know that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are married and have several daughters together. The fact they may not know, however, is that Steph became an official member of DX in late 1999, and they ran roughshod over the entire roster.

3 Origin of Name


What’s in a name? In the case of wrestling factions, names are pretty important. The nWo, Four Horseman, Road Warriors and The Shield are groups of great wrestlers with a cool name that won’t be forgotten. The Un-Americans, Dungeon of Doom, West Texas Rednecks, and The Alliance were wrestling groups that had terrible names, featured very famous wrestlers and are thought of as terrible. The stupid name isn’t the only factor that makes them remembered so poorly of course but it certainly didn’t help.

2 Jim Neidhart Teased as a Member 


Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart’s biggest claim to fame is as a member of The Hart Foundation. One-half of the tag team with Bret that first went by the name and a core member of the faction several years later, his loyalty in real life was with his brother in law and friend, Bret. When The Montreal Screwjob took place, the entire Hart family was purged into anarchy and before long Bret, The British Bulldog and Neidhart departed for WCW.

1 Rick Rude


Ravishing Rick Rude was one the biggest wrestling stars in the 1980s and he fully deserves to be a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, which doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. Many people may be shocked to learn that when D-Generation X is eventually chosen to be inducted, Rick could be included amongst those honored.

Most people seem to think that the group’s original lineup consisted of Hunter, Shawn, and Chyna but they’d be wrong by leaving out Rick. During Raw is War’s main event on August 11th, 1997, where Trips and Chyna interfered for Shawn, Rude returned to the WWF as his bodyguard. Taking on the role that Sid and Diesel had taken on before, he mainly stood silently in suits watching over his charge and his buddies as a DX founding member. When The Montreal Screwjob took place not long after, Rick, like Bret’s brother-in-laws left the WWF in protest, which led to his role in the group being mostly forgotten.

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15 Things You Didn't Know About D-Generation X