15 Things You Didn't Know About Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is a 4-time WWE World Champion and is quite possibly the most dominant force in professional wrestling history. Paul Heyman gets on television at least once a month to tell everyone all the ways in which Brock has dominated the WWE unlike anyone else, but there are some things about the Beast Incarnate fans may have forgot.

Lesnar’s WWE career technically began in the year 2000, although he didn’t debut on TV until 2002. Prior to going pro, Lesnar was one of the most accomplished amateur wrestlers in NCAA history. He’s been a wrestler, a football player, and a mixed martial artist, and he’s had unprecedented success almost everywhere he’s gone.

When Brock debuted people called him The Next Big Thing, and Tazz always warned, “Here comes the pain!” as he made his entrance. Read on to learn 15 facts about the Conqueror who brought that pain you may have never known.

15 He Joined the National Guard When He Was 17

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14 He's Color Blind


13 He Was Trained By His First Tag Partner, Shelton Benjamin

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12 He's An NCAA Champion


11 He Was The Youngest Undisputed Champion Ever


10 He's Wrestling's Youngest Royalty


9 He Almost Died At WrestleMania XIX


8 He's The Reason Stone Cold Left WWE

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7 He's No Beast At Football

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6 He Is A Beast In The East

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5 He Lost His First UFC Fight


4 He's A Former UFC Champion

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3 He Suffered A Serious Disease At His Peak

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2 He's Married To Sable


1 He's A Former Addict


It’s easy to picture sports heroes as immortal and indestructible, but that’s unfortunately often not the case. Brock, like many before him, had his difficulties dealing with the pressures of constantly being on the road with WWE, not to mention the problems caused by nagging injuries including a torn MCL. According to the Beast himself, during his first few years in WWE, he was heavily addicted to alcohol and painkillers, drinking a full bottle of vodka every day. It got to such a constant point, Brock claims he barely remembers his first two years of unrivaled success in WWE. Brock isn’t the only person in WWE history to have suffered a drug problem, although his demons do seem to get glossed over, opposed to certain other wrestlers whose problems were extremely well known. Some might expect Brock to have been more public with his struggles, especially considering celebrity stories of recovery can be helpful to addicts, but given his private nature, it’s not terribly surprising he’s kept this one quiet.

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15 Things You Didn't Know About Brock Lesnar