15 Things WWE Won't Tell You About Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura made his much anticipated debut at NXT TakeOver: Dallas, and immediately stole the show like many people predicted he would. The 36-year-old wrestler has already had a storied career in his native Japan, and in fact, that career has expanded into the United States and plenty of other countries around the world well before he signed with NXT. There’s no denying the move has lead to Nakamura receiving his biggest audience yet, and WWE clearly sees the star he could become, so there’s a good chance they’ll keep talking about his many accomplishments as he builds his star in the WWE Universe.

Whether Dallas was your first exposure to The King of Strong Style or you’ve been a fan for years, fans agree that in his one NXT match, Nakamura displayed a level of showmanship, charisma, and wrestling talent far beyond that of a mere rookie. In fact, Nakamura’s natural ability to steal the camera’s attention has been flourishing since he made his wrestling debut at 22 years old. WWE will be telling us a whole bunch about Shinsuke over the next few weeks, months, and years, but here are 15 facts about Nakamura we think they might leave out.

15 His Career Began in MMA

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14 He Formed A Tag Team With Another NJPW Legend

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13 He Trained With Brock Lesnar

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12 WWE Were First Interested In Him In 2006

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11 He Lead A Group of Past and Present WWE Superstars

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10 He Wrestled Kurt Angle


9 He Won the 2011 G1 Tournament

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8 The Original Bomaye

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7 He Legitimized The IWGP Intercontinental Championship

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6 He Threw The First Pitch At An MLB Game


5 He Was In The Japanese Music Video For "Happy"

4 He Was The Star of a Tempura Kidz Video

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3 He Wrestled Kevin Owens for Ring of Honor

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2 His Last Singles Match In Japan Was Against AJ Styles

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1 He's Already Everybody's Favorite Wrestler

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WrestleMania 32 will go down as one of the biggest events in WWE and wrestling history, if only for the fact it broke their previous attendance record with an alleged 100,000+ on hand. Diehard wrestling fans don’t even care, though, since the real talk of the weekend was Nakamura’s debut. His theme song has already hit number 1 on the iTunes Soundtrack Chart, and wrestling critics have almost been unanimous in calling his match with Sami Zayn the best of the weekend, if not the entire year thus far. Most tellingly, during the WrestleMania 32 main event between Triple H and Roman Reigns, neither of those superstars seemed to endear themselves to the crowd, who instead chose to chant for Nakamura at least twice during their encounter.

Before ever entering WWE, Nakamura was already called the Wrestler of the Year and Most Charismatic Wrestler of the Year by the Wrestling Observer, winning the first accolade in 2014 and the second in both 2014 and 2015. Now that The King of Strong Style is poised to take over NXT, WWE, and the world, we can only imagine how many more people will be saying this about him by the end of 2016.

Sources: WWE, NJPW

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15 Things WWE Won't Tell You About Shinsuke Nakamura