15 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon is the prodigal son of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, but he is also one of the hardest working wrestlers to ever be a part of WWE.

Shane had to fight through the stereotype of being the son of the owner of the company and proved that he deserved his place in WWE. He was one of the most fearless wrestlers that WWE had during the early 2000s, and some of his crazy stunts include being thrown through a glass pane by Kurt Angle (the second time after Kurt failed to break the glass the first time and dropped Shane on his neck).

Even though Shane left WWE five years ago to prove that he had what it takes to be a successful businessman outside of wrestling, he became the president of You On Demand, something he retained for many years before he was called back to the company this year.

The following is a list of 15 things Shane McMahon has managed to do during his time in the spotlight that WWE fans would like to forget.

15 Steve Austin Screwjob?


Back at Survivor Series in 1998, Shane McMahon was back on WWE TV and had been given back his referee shirt.

14 17 Years at WrestleMania


As already stated, Shane McMahon faced The Undertaker at this year’s WrestleMania with both the company and Undertaker’s WrestleMania career on the line. (The Undertaker won the match).

13 ECW Manager


Back in 2005, WWE revived ECW after they found that their “One Night Stand” event was actually a success. There was talk about the show making an online return and Shane McMahon being at the helm.

12 Shane Wanted UFC


When he was much younger, Shane used to pester his father into buying him promotions to play with. One that caught his eye was UFC back in the early 2000s.

11 Commentator Shane


Much like his father before him, Shane was given the WWE microphone and allowed to commentate on WWF’s Sunday Night Heat episodes.

10 Shane Fluffed His Lines


Shane McMahon is considered a WWE veteran. He made his WWE debut back in the early 1990s and even though he has left the company many times, he has also returned many times as well.

9 Kiss My Ass Club


Another McMahon story that perhaps isn’t talked about during family parties, Shane McMahon is actually a member of one of WWE’s most exclusive clubs.

8 Shane Left Because of Vince


Shane McMahon walked out of WWE in 2010 because he claims his father refused to promote him. At the time Shane was the Executive Vice President of WWE Global Media, which meant that he was handling live event bookings, digital media, consumer products and publishing. He was very good at his job.

7 WCW Manager


It was one of the biggest wrestling stories in WWE history when Shane McMahon defied his father and "bought" WCW. But it seems that Shane was actually set to run the company at one point as well.

6 When Kane Electrocuted His Testicles


WWE hasn’t always been PG - there was a time when the company could deliver rather explicit storylines and no one battled an eye. Back in 2003, one of these story lines was tested.

5 King of the Ring Spot


Back at King of the Ring in 2001, Shane McMahon proved beyond any doubt that he was destined to be a part of WWE when he and Kurt Angle stole the show.

4 Shane Stevens


Back in the early 1990s, a young, shy Shane McMahon was set to learn the wrestling business from the inside in an unusual way.

Vince decided to give Shane the job as a referee on WWE TV, but because Vince was a regular commentator at the time, he didn’t want WWE fans to know that Shane was his son. So he gave him the name Shane Stevens.

3 First Time Running WWE


It was rumoured that Shane was given the opportunity to run WWE once before and it was a complete failure. Fans are speculating this since Shane made his WWE return in February 2016 and has made it clear that he wants to run WWE.

2 Coast to Coast Wasn’t Original


One of Shane’s most famous moves is his Coast to Coast, which sees him jump the length of the ring and usually collide with a trashcan that would be propped up against a seated opponent's face.

1 Personal Affairs?


Vince McMahon is one of the most creative wrestling minds in the history of the business, but sometimes even Vince has some bad ideas. This one is probably his worst.

Vince had the idea that his daughter Stephanie would become pregnant and at some point, he then could be revealed as the father in an incest story line angle that would shock the WWE Universe. Stephanie refused, so Vince then pushed for Shane to be the father and both McMahon children turned down the idea. And rightly so, that would not be a great topic at family parties.

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15 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Shane McMahon