15 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Cesaro

Cesaro is generally accepted as one of the most talented wrestlers in WWE today. He is a former WWE United States Champion and has held the WWE World Tag Team titles twice, not to mention holding a great deal of tag and singles titles in independent promotions around the world before he signed with WWE in 2011. Cesaro’s incredible strength and natural charisma have made him a huge hit with the WWE Universe, but for whatever reason, he hasn’t quite broken through and become the main event superstar many of his fans believe he has the potential to be.

Today Cesaro speaks fluent English, but he was born in Lucerne, Switzerland, which both adds to his uniqueness and unfortunately starts to explain what the problem might be. Cesaro is supremely skilled, but there are a few pieces to the puzzle Vince McMahon feels are a little bit off, which is preventing Cesaro from the success fans think he deserves. Cesaro’s struggle to be accepted as a main eventer may one day become part of a WWE storyline, but there are certain things about him they probably won’t tell you on TV. Things like…

15 He's A Star Wars Nerd


14 He Speaks Several Languages

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13 His Real Name Is Claudio Castagnoli

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12 His Character's First Name Is Antonio

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11 He Was Trained By A Former WWE and WCW Wrestler

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10 He Teamed With Daniel Bryan

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9 He Was A Member of Swiss Money Holding

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8 He Was One Of The Kings of Wrestling

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7 He's Dating Sara Del Rey


6 He Was In The Wrestler

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5 He Wrestled In Japan

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4 He Was A Real American

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3 He's A Paul Heyman Guy


2 He Won The First Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal


1 Vince McMahon Admitted He Doesn't Know What To Do With Him

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Above all else, Cesaro has a reputation as being hands down the most underrated wrestler currently on the WWE roster. Obviously, fans, critics, and his high profile previous tag team partners like him, and it doesn’t end there. WWE Hall of Famers Ric Flair, Mick Foley, and Steve Austin have all gone on record to say the biggest problem in WWE today is their refusal to turn Cesaro into the massive star everyone believes he could be. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has voted Cesaro the Most Underrated Wrestler every year since 2013. Unfortunately for Cesaro, there’s at least one person who just doesn’t get what all the fuss is about, and he’s the guy who’s opinion matters the most: Vince McMahon.

When McMahon was a guest on Steve Austin’s podcast in December of 2014, Austin told McMahon everything that everyone has been saying about Cesaro, and McMahon responded that he flat-out didn’t know what to do about it. In spite of his biggest star in history telling him otherwise, McMahon alleged Cesaro lacked charisma and didn’t have the “it” factor necessary to really make a name for himself in WWE. This is the same guy who pushes Roman Reigns down the fans throats. McMahon also said, however, that he wasn’t giving up on Cesaro. Perhaps this is why fans aren’t giving up on Vince one day simply opening his eyes and seeing the superstar he already has.

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15 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Cesaro