15 Things WWE Fans Would Like to Forget About Sheamus

Sheamus is a polarizing figure in the world of pro wrestling. Many fans believe that Sheamus is unsafe in the ring, and cite the last injury of Daniel Bryan’s career (suffered in a match with Sheamus) as proof. Other fans simply do not like Sheamus because they feel he has been unjustly pushed to the moon, either due to a perceived friendship with Triple H, or because of Vince McMahon’s proud Irish background and propensity for pushing anything Irish.

Other fans don’t like Sheamus just because they see him on TV and the first thoughts that creep into their mind are “Man, I hate that guy” with no tangible reasons needed.

Sheamus’ most recent storyline is quite possibly the worst he has ever been involved in as well. The League of Nations (whose name is based on the pre-cursor organization to the United Nations) is a hodge podge of non-American talent that decided to bond together, well, just because.

Sheamus won the WWE Championship in his rookie year on the main roster, defeating John Cena in a Tables match at the 2009 TLC PPV. He is also a former Royal Rumble winner, a King of the Ring tournament winner, he won the Money in the Bank briefcase in 2015 (and cashed it in successfully), and is a former US Champion.

There isn’t much that Sheamus hasn’t done in the WWE, and that might be part of the reason fans love to hate on him so much.

Now 38 years old, and quite possibly on the downside of his career, Sheamus has racked up a long resume of WWE moments that fans would love to forget.


15 Worked as Security on RAW/Got Beat Up by DX


On November 13th 2006, nearly 3 years before he would debut on WWE’s main roster, Sheamus portrayed a member of the Raw security team.

Raw was in Manchester that night, and both Sheamus and the future Wade Barrett were some of the local wrestlers chosen to portray security personnel that rushed the ring in an attempt to kick DX out of the building.

This was during the PG-era version of DX where Hunter and Shawn Michaels blatantly spent the majority of their promo time pleading with fans to buy as much of their merchandise as they could.

Sheamus had already started with Florida Championship Wrestling the previous month, and Barrett would sign a developmental deal with the company the following year.

14 Backstage Fight with Sin Cara


Sheamus is billed as being 6'4" and 267 lbs, meaning the Celtic Warrior would have to cut 2 lbs to qualify as a UFC Heavyweight, so he is not a small man at all. That’s why fans might want to forget that Sheamus reportedly lost a backstage fight with the much smaller Sin Cara.

The story, as reported by Konnan on his MLW Radio podcast, is that Sin Cara apparently rubbed Sheamus and Drew McIntyre the wrong way by commenting on McIntyre shaking hands with some people in the back and not others. Later Sheamus was walking by Sin Cara and insisted Sin Cara move so that he could sit down. One thing led to another and after Sheamus threw the first punch Sin Cara took him down, and had it not been broken up the much smaller Sin Cara would have handed Sheamus a beating.

Several weeks after the incident the two were said to have squashed their beef.

13 Reign as King


King Sheamus had a nice ring to it and a very unique look. The 2010 King of the Ring tournament concluded in late November, with Sheamus defeating John Morrison in the finals. Sheamus had also defeated R-Truth and Kofi Kingston earlier in the tournament.

His reign as the King of the WWE was not all it was cracked up to be however. After debuting a Celtic-style royal crown and robe Sheamus began losing matches at an alarming rate, falling out of the main event picture altogether.

His first PPV match after winning the King of the Ring was a ladder match against John Morrison, with the winner being awarded a WWE Championship opportunity. Sheamus would lose that match, and by WrestleMania that year was so far out of the main event picture that his WrestleMania match with Daniel Bryan was relegated to the pre-show.

12 Fan Hit Him with a Bottle


Sheamus is the reason that WWE has increased security at live events recently, or at least he is partly to blame. Anti-Sheamus sentiment was high in the WWE at the time, as Sheamus had just recently cashed in the MITB briefcase to become the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

In late 2015 one fan in West Virginia, who evidently takes wrestling very seriously, had all he could take of Sheamus’ no-good heelish tactics. After Sheamus had lost to Roman Reigns but retained his title (the match concluded via DQ), a fan launched an empty bottle that smacked Sheamus right in the head. Security caught the bottle-thrower, and Sheamus was not injured but future Money in the Bank winners might treat this as a cautionary tale.

11 Training Partner with Triple H Rumor


Sheamus was pushed heavily ever since his first debut in the WWE and many people believed this was because Triple H was very high on the Irishman. A rumor began to spread on the internet that Triple H and Sheamus were “workout buddies” or training partners, and that they would frequently go to gyms together.

More websites began to report that the reason why Sheamus was being pushed so heavily was because he and Triple H were friends.

For years it was reported that Sheamus was only being placed in a high-profile position because of nepotism, until 2014 when Sheamus tweeted out that he and Hunter had worked out together maybe 3 times in total. Turns out Sheamus wasn’t being pushed because of a friendship with Triple H at all.

10 Plays a Rhino in Ninja Turtles 2


Sheamus has a role in the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, playing the role of “Rocksteady”, who is sort of like a run-in buddy for Shredder, with Shredder being the leader of the stable.

In what won’t do much to help diminish the “You Look Stupid” chants, Sheamus’ character is morphed into a rhinoceros in the movie.

Sheamus isn’t the first wrestler to appear in a Ninja Turtles movie; Kevin Nash portrayed the role of “Super Shredder” in a 1991 movie starring the same characters.

The movie also stars Steven Amell, who has been feuding on and off with Stardust for some time now. Amell even participated in a match against Stardust at SummerSlam!

9 Leprechaun Wrestling Federation


Rumors are that Sheamus scoffed at the idea of incorporating too many Irish stereotypes into his character, such as four-leaf clovers and leprechauns, which is why it’s interesting to note that Sheamus once participated in the “Leprechaun Wrestling Federation”.

The LWF was actually just a skit on an Irish television show The Podge and Rodge Show, but Sheamus does portray an overgrown leprechaun that wants to wrestle another leprechaun because he stole his pot of gold.

Why the WWE has not bought the rights to air re-runs of Leprechaun Wrestling Federation is still a mystery.

Somehow his “wresting” match with the other leprechaun turned into an arm-wrestling contest, which Sheamus lost.


8 Slammy Awards


Sheamus has won plenty of titles and awards in his career. He received the Slammy for the “Breakthrough Superstar” in 2009, his rookie year on the main roster. He also received the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s award for the “Most Improved” the following year in 2010.

But it’s probably two of his less than impressive Slammy Awards that fans want to forget the most.

In 2010 Sheamus won the Slammy for the “Superstar or Diva Most in Need of Make-Up”, because of the paleness of his appearance. The following year Sheamus won another Slammy award for “Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Muppet Resemblance”.

Sheamus has spoken out against bullying as part of the WWE’s “Be a Star” anti-bullying campaign, stating that he was bullied as a kid. Considering he has won two derogatory awards from the WWE based on his appearance, Sheamus can safely say that he has been bullied as an adult as well.

7 Heat for Winning the Title Early in his Career


Sheamus first debuted on WWE television as a part of the ECW brand in June of 2009, he didn’t debut on Raw until late October the same year, but by December he would be the WWE Champion.

Years later Sheamus would state in interviews that he had some heat in the back as a result of his winning the title just months after debuting on TV. Sheamus would later describe the reaction he received from the locker room as ghostly silent at the TLC PPV in 2009 when he walked backstage after having beaten Cena for the title.

Many were reporting at the time that the only reason Sheamus was given the title so early on in his career is that he was either friends with Triple H, or a perceived suck-up to Triple H.

6 Defeated Daniel Bryan in 18 Seconds


At WrestleMania 28 Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship in just 18 seconds.

As the bell rang to start the match Bryan opted to give AJ Lee a kiss before turning to face his opponent. When Bryan did turn around Sheamus kicked him in the face and pinned him.

The quick victory unexpectedly led to Daniel Bryan turning into a good guy. At the time Bryan was a heel based on how poorly he treated AJ, and his over-celebrations after winning the World Title by cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase. The WrestleMania 28 crowd loved Bryan however, because of how good a worker he was. The crowd continued to chant for Bryan throughout WrestleMania 28 and the following night on Raw, giving Bryan’s signature “Yes!” finger pointing gesture.

The match was supposed to get Sheamus over, but ended up having the opposite effect.

5 Record Low Ratings as Champ


The ratings tanked in late 2015 with Sheamus as the WWE Champion, and they set a brand new low on Dec. 7th, the last show before the TLC PPV.

The ratings late in the year are often negatively impacted by Monday Night Football, but they had never been this low before.

This was during his feud with Reigns over the title, and during a period where the WWE was heavily scripting a lot of dialogue (and bad dialogue at that) for Roman.

In the course of this feud Roman once referred to Sheamus’ testicles as “tator tots”, so certainly Sheamus can’t be the only one blamed for the bad television at the time.

Still though, Sheamus was the WWE Champion on a Monday Night Raw that hit a record low rating.

4 Got Slapped in the Face by Yoshi Tatsu


Yoshi Tatsu recently returned to New Japan Pro Wrestling, winning the NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team titles along with Hiroshi Tanahashi and Michael Elgin. It was a long time coming for Tatsu, who had left Japan to try and make it in the WWE, only to be rarely used.

During this period Yoshi Tatsu and Sheamus were both in WWE developmental together, and according to Konnan on the MLW Radio podcast Sheamus borrowed some money from Tatsu. Evidently Sheamus was a little slow in paying the money back to Tatsu, leading Tatsu to slap the big Irishman across the face backstage. Tatsu got his money back shortly after.

3 Money in the Bank Cash-In on Roman Reigns


In late 2015 Champion Seth Rollins went down with an injury so the Authority set up a tournament to decide a new Champion. The tournament was set to conclude with the final four at that year’s Survivor Series PPV. Roman Reigns would defeat Alberto Del Rio and then Dean Ambrose to win the title, only for Sheamus to cash in the MITB briefcase after the final match of the tournament to steal the title away from Roman.

The reaction to the PPV’s conclusion was almost universally negative, with many feeling that the finish resembled too closely what had happened to Daniel Bryan years earlier when Randy Orton cashed in on him.

The following night’s Monday Night Raw was the lowest rated show (for a non-holiday) since 97, and would set a new record low two weeks later.

2 Daniel Bryan’s Last Injury


Sheamus took a lot of heat in the back for possibly causing the last injury of Daniel Bryan’s career.

On a SmackDown taping in March of 2015 Sheamus was said to have wrestled too recklessly against Daniel Bryan, with Bryan getting busted open and requiring 7 stitches. It would later be reported that Bryan suffered a concussion in that match. Bryan did wrestle again after suffering the concussion in the match with Sheamus, but would be pulled off the tour shortly after the injury became known.

It would be the last injury of Daniel Bryan’s in-ring career, as he would never again be given medical clearance to wrestle.

There would be debate amongst doctors for close to a year afterwards regarding if Daniel Bryan would ever be able to wrestle again, but after extensive testing in early 2016 Bryan announced his retirement officially.

1 “You Look Stupid” Chants


Sheamus had been sidelines for nearly 5 months when he returned to WWE television the night after WrestleMania 31. Sporting a new Mohawk, braided beard, and nose piercing Sheamus attacked Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler, turning heel for the first time in several years.

The new look and dramatic return was supposed to be the beginning of a new and more serious tone for Sheamus, but the post-WrestleMania crowd opted to start chanting “You Look Stupid” at him. As of this writing those chants are now over a year old and still going strong.

Despite the heel-turn and the updated look the WWE wasn’t quick to push Sheamus, even having him lose a “Kiss Me Arse” match to Ziggler at the next PPV, although Sheamus would not adhere to the match’s stipulation.

Despite the chants, Sheamus has continued with the braided beard and Mohawk.


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