15 Things WWE Fans Hate About John Cena

Since his debut in WWE back in 2002, John Cena has become the superstar that many fans love to hate. He is adored by children all over the world, but it seems that Cena just isn’t what the older members of the WWE Universe are looking for.

Cena came through the ranks in WWE following the end of their infamous Attitude Era and he has become one of the biggest stars in the WWE since. This was done so fast that many members of the WWE Universe reacted by aiming a large amounts of hate towards the former Doctor Of Thugonomics' direction.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that John Cena is the current face of WWE. People who are not fans of wrestling are aware of him because Cena is not only a wrestler, he is an actor, a musician and a former bodybuilder. Overall, he is a very talented man who hasn’t been pushed to the top in WWE in a very effective way.

WWE have overused John Cena and handed him 15 World Title reigns, which is why many fans are ultimately bored of him, and the fact that he is a main event caliber superstar (but a lot of this is not Cena’s fault). The creative team does make the decisions; Cena just does as he is told. The following is a list of 15 reasons why WWE fans have developed a hatred for John Cena over the past 14 years:

15 His Ring Attire


John Cena appeals to the younger generation of the WWE Universe; they think of him as a version of superman and WWE manages to pander to many fans with this. The issue is the fact that he has a new shirt around seven or eight times a year, many fans of John Cena are still in school - so they are forced to ask their parents to buy these and many can’t afford them.

14 His Entrance Music


John Cena is one of only a few superstars who sings his own entrance music. His “The Time is Now” track has been his trademark for almost a decade, and fans have even decided to add their own twist on his music instead.

13 The Nikki Bella Rumour


Nikki Bella is now the longest reigning Divas Champion after holding the title for 301 days - six more than former champion AJ Lee. But rumors suggest that the only reason Nikki was allowed to hold the title long enough to break the record is because John Cena talked to WWE officials and asked them not to take the title from Nikki.

12 The Mickie James Triangle


John Cena debuted in the WWE as a superstar who seemed to have it all, but he also had a loyal girlfriend whom he had been dating for many years. The two married shortly after his debut, and seemed to be considerably happy, until time on the road finally got to Cena.

11 He Feeds Off The Attention Of Other Superstars


There was a time when John Cena would be cheered regardless of what he would say. He was liked by more than half of the WWE Universe and fans were happy when he would interfere in a match, but those days are over. John just can’t get used to it.

10 His Rap Career


John Cena released his first and only album back in 2004 entitled You Can’t See Me, which was an album that he created along with ThaTradmarc.

9 No Selling


Before he won the United States Championship at WrestleMania 31 and managed to bring some prestige back to the belt with his United States Open Challenge, Cena was one of the worst wrestlers for putting over new superstars.

8 He Won’t Turn Heel


Every wrestler has to be trained to adopt both face and heel personalities within the company. It is believed that no superstar is considered a success until they have done so, but still after 14 years with WWE, John Cena hasn't turned heel yet.

7 He Never Changes


John Cena has been the same CeNation-leading, ChainGang soldier that he was a decade ago. He is still the same character that thinks he is Superman and that he can always defy the odds.

6 His Attempt At Portraying A Rebel


John Cena vs The Authority at Survivor Series 2014 was one of the worst story lines WWE officials could have gone for ahead of the event.

5 His Sense of Humor


Cena has had the same sense of humour since he made his debut in WWE, and it hasn’t changed in 14 years. He still makes jokes that would only be laughed at by children, and he still laughs at his own jokes.

4 His In-Ring Ability


John Cena and his “five moves of doom” have changed somewhat over the past few months. Somehow, he has managed to add at least five more moves to his arsenal. He was berated by WWE fans for always following the same moveset and always delivering the same moves in many of his matches. But this is still something he's managed to continue for the better part of a decade.

3 His Attitude


Cena’s "never say die" or "never give up" attitude is something he has become famous for, and it is something that has helped him become a big part of many anti-bullying campaigns.

2 He Always “Kicks Out At Two”


There was once a joke about John Cena and the fact that he would always kick out at two. This stems from many of his pay-per-view matches, where he would shockingly kick out of superstars finishing moves and in the process, devalue the move itself.

1 He’s A 15-Time World Champion


Some fans still find it hard to stomach the fact that after just 14 years in the business, John Cena is a 15-time World Champion. This means that he is just one title win away from tying the record that is held by Ric Flair, who has been in the business a lot longer.

This in no way justifies that John Cena is a talented wrestler - this just further shows that Cena has always been WWE’s “go-to guy.” With that said, whenever they have had a problem, they decided that giving the title to Cena was their only solution.

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