15 Smoking Hot Pictures Of WWE's Paige

It's pretty hard to find a Diva better than Paige at the moment; at still only 23 her fame continues to grow worldwide. Her life outside of the ring is being tracked by 2.7 million people on Instagram. Unlike other WWE stars who live a low profile life, Paige loves the glamour associated with being a WWE superstar. Keep in mind, despite all her recent fame, all Paige ever wanted to do was wrestle for a living. She made her debut at the age of 13 (if you can believe it), and by 14, the former Divas Champion was already travelling the world wrestling for various independent promotions.

Paige is certainly one of a kind. She is also regarded as a role model for millions of fans today. Her unique look sets her apart from all the other talent. This article will help to further the point of how different and beautiful Paige really is with these candid shots. So now, let’s get started. Here are 15 smoking hot candid pictures of Paige. Enjoy!


15 Mirror selfie with Foxy

As you probably already know, Paige is very popular amongst her fellow co-workers. As of right now, however, her go-to girl is WWE Diva, Alicia Fox. The two have many similarities. Like Paige, Alicia started wrestling at a very young age signing her first deal with the WWE in 2006 (she was only 20 years old, similar to Paige who made her debut at the age of 19). Alicia has been in the business for 10 years now, spending 3 years with the WWE’s developmental system in OVW and FCW. She serves as a perfect role model/ best friend for Paige. Not too difficult to see why these two hit it off so well.

14 Paige and Emma

Early on in their careers, these two Divas were able to form quite the bond, with Emma coming from Australia, while Paige came over from England. The two Divas both signed deals in 2011, and they were the final graduates from the WWE’s old developmental system in FCW. After they both spent some time finding their characters in NXT, the two Divas were called up in 2014. Paige rose to fame winning the championship on her very first match. Emma wasn’t so lucky, struggling to find a role on the main roster. In January of 2015, Emma was sent back down to NXT for some repackaging. She has since thrived in her new role and gimmick with the developmental brand. A call up is very likely in the near future.

13 Post Gym Snap

Since being signed to her first contract in September of 2011, Paige has been committed to putting in the work outside of the ring. Debuting at the age of 13, Paige certainly knows what it’s like to put in the work outside of the ring. Despite being only 23 years old, Paige is entering her 10th year as a pro wrestler, truly remarkable to think about. With such a great work ethic in and out of the ring, there truly is no limit to what this Diva can accomplish in the future.

12 Paige Gone Wild

They call her the WWE’s wild child for a reason. Even before her days as a WWE superstar, Paige loved the party life outside of the squared circle. Keep in mind, despite all her accomplishments she is still only 23 years old. Still being so young, the former Divas Champion enjoys the party life that comes with being a WWE superstar. At times though, she does tend to go over the edge, judging by various episodes of Paige living it up on Total Divas. This picture shows Paige getting wild at a Halloween party (we can only assume the girl she is kissing is a friend). The WWE Diva has admitted to hooking up with another woman in the past. WWE backstage personnel hope that Paige’s antics outside of the ring is only a phase. Surely she can’t keep this up her entire career. Or can she?

11 The calm before the storm

For Paige, being a WWE Diva is just a little more special in comparison to the other women on the roster. Her journey is quite remarkable; she started off working for her parents' wrestling promotion, and she then (at the age of 14) began touring the world wrestling in the countries like Scotland, France, Turkey, Belgium, Denmark, Wales, Germany and Norway. Her incredible journey was complete after her second tryout with the WWE was a success. To this day, Paige is grateful for every spectacular moment she has in the WWE.

10 Glamour Life

From Norwich to Orlando; as you can imagine, Paige is basking in her new life. Paige just recently moved into her new home in Orlando, Florida. Many of the WWE Divas and superstars live in the Florida area. Paige’s best friend in the business Alicia Fox, also lives in the Florida area residing in Ponte Vedra Beach. During her time away from the ring, Paige loves to spend time in the Florida area.

9 BTS Shoot

Just recently, Paige worked a photoshoot with a photographer residing out of Orlando, the location of her residence. With her popularity constantly increasing you can expect more shoots outside of the WWE in the future. Paige is currently regarded as the most popular Diva on the roster. Her exposure with Total Divas enabled Paige to gain even more exposure with a mainstream audience. Paige is also slowly starting to appear on shows outside of the WWE; she recently appeared on the MTV hit show Ridiculousness. She also made an appearance on Conan, in October of 2015. One thing’s for sure, this Divas has a bright future outside of the ring.


8 Empowering women movement

What you see is what you get with the former Divas Champion. So many teens today struggling with their image look up to Paige as a role model. Fans love the fact that Paige embraces who she is and doesn’t hide behind a fake character. Paige has unknowingly helped out so many people throughout her career. During an episode of Total Divas, a random fan approached Paige telling her she helped her battle against an eating disorder. In another instance, a fan contacted Paige for some help, and Paige actually met with the fan who was struggling to tell his parents that he was gay. Still only 23, Paige has become one of the best role models in all of the WWE.

7 Paige and Summer Rae

Fans love the fact that Paige has also a wild, fiery side to her. We’ve seen Paige get into it a number of times on Total Divas with the likes of Nikki Bella, Alicia Fox, Eva Marie and of course, Summer Rae. Paige is quick to call someone out and she certainly isn’t afraid to confront another Diva. In the past, Paige has had problems with Summer Rae calling her fake and only in the business for fame.

6 Ambrose and Paige

Had they still been together today, this certainly would have been the WWE’s mega couple. Rumors began to surface that these two WWE stars hooked up in the past. This would make sense, as they are also quite the party animals outside of the ring. After the two worked independently for several years, they were both brought into the WWE’s developmental territory of FCW, in 2011. Both stars signed deals just months apart, and after bonding together in FCW things got complicated after Ambrose was assigned to the main roster, while Paige stayed in developmental under the rebranded NXT. Paige would go onto make her debut on the main roster in April of 2014, capturing the Divas Championship in her very first match.

5 A groupie at heart

Paige still won’t admit it, but the NXT alumni has a soft spot for musicians. She has dated several band members in the past, including singer Bradley Walden from the band Emarosa, and guitarist Kevin Skaff from A Day to Remember. Even though both relationships did not work out, Paige still surrounds herself with an entourage of musicians (as you see in this picture). It remains to be seen if this trend will continue for the WWE’s wild child.

4 Paige and Natalya

Every now and then, the WWE Divas enjoy taking a quick trip down south. Even upper card talent does this every now and then just too really regroup and refresh. Natalya is another Diva that Paige has hit it off with. Despite being only 33, Natalya is looked up to as a motherly-type figure backstage. Like Paige, Nattie has wrestling in her blood, training to be a wrestler since the age of 18. After touring the world and wrestling independently for several years, Natalya signed her first deal with the WWE at the age of 25 in 2007. Today, she is most recognizable for her work alongside Paige on the reality show Total Divas.

3 Mirror Selfie

This picture generated over 100,000 likes on Instagram, Paige looking fantastic once again. In the picture, Paige writes “Wanna get back already....Missing the road”. It's obvious, Paige loves what she does and loves everything that surrounds it, and this is what makes her attitude so infectious amongst fans. She loves the travel, the training, the parting and most importantly, she loves all of her fans.

2 Travelling with Y2J

It is so fitting that the wildest party animals sit together on a 13 hour flight; this picture of the two wrestlers was taken on route to Japan. These superstars developed quite the relationship while working together on WWE’s reality series Tough Enough. Paige joked around saying that Chris Jericho was right about the fact that “Whiskey is our spirit animal”. One can only imagine how that 13 hour flight went.

1 When in Rome

Looking absolutely stunning, Paige just finished a red carpet event in Rome, Italy, a couple of months ago. The WWE Diva admits she loves the travel life, something that not many wrestlers particularly enjoy. Paige loves visiting different countries, seeing new things and most of all, meeting the fans. The Norwich native is easily one of the most sociable Divas on the main roster today. Her popularity continues to grow worldwide, and her Instagram following is closing in at 3 million followers, one of the highest numbers amongst her fellow co-workers.


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