15 Smoking Hot Pictures Of WWE's Paige

It's pretty hard to find a Diva better than Paige at the moment; at still only 23 her fame continues to grow worldwide. Her life outside of the ring is being tracked by 2.7 million people on Instagram. Unlike other WWE stars who live a low profile life, Paige loves the glamour associated with being a WWE superstar. Keep in mind, despite all her recent fame, all Paige ever wanted to do was wrestle for a living. She made her debut at the age of 13 (if you can believe it), and by 14, the former Divas Champion was already travelling the world wrestling for various independent promotions.

Paige is certainly one of a kind. She is also regarded as a role model for millions of fans today. Her unique look sets her apart from all the other talent. This article will help to further the point of how different and beautiful Paige really is with these candid shots. So now, let’s get started. Here are 15 smoking hot candid pictures of Paige. Enjoy!

15 Mirror selfie with Foxy

14 Paige and Emma

13 Post Gym Snap

12 Paige Gone Wild

11 The calm before the storm

10 Glamour Life

9 BTS Shoot

8 Empowering women movement

7 Paige and Summer Rae

6 Ambrose and Paige

5 A groupie at heart

4 Paige and Natalya

3 Mirror Selfie

2 Travelling with Y2J

1 When in Rome

Looking absolutely stunning, Paige just finished a red carpet event in Rome, Italy, a couple of months ago. The WWE Diva admits she loves the travel life, something that not many wrestlers particularly enjoy. Paige loves visiting different countries, seeing new things and most of all, meeting the fans. The Norwich native is easily one of the most sociable Divas on the main roster today. Her popularity continues to grow worldwide, and her Instagram following is closing in at 3 million followers, one of the highest numbers amongst her fellow co-workers.


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15 Smoking Hot Pictures Of WWE's Paige