15 Shocking Net Worths The WWE Wants You To Forget About

Only a select few have "the honors" of being blacklisted by the WWE. The entries on this list have been neglected by the WWE for various reasons which we will discuss in this article. The final entry will certainly shock you the most as it features the price the WWE paid for WCW when they purchased it in 2001. The price turned out to be so low that wrestlers like Chris Jericho claimed that had they known it was that low, they might have bought the company themselves.

This article also looks at the net worths of some controversial figures that are pretty much blacklisted from the WWE. This list includes Chris Benoit, Chyna, Jeff Jarrett, Vince Russo and CM Punk. The list also includes wrestlers that made most of their earnings away from the WWE. Here are 15 shocking net worths the WWE wants you to forget about. Let us know which entry shocked you the most. Enjoy!

15 Chris Benoit: $500,000

14 Macho Man: $8 million

13 The Ultimate Warrior: $1.5 million

12 Ted Turner: $2.2 billion

11 Vince Russo: $350,000 in 1999 with the WWE

10 Kurt Angle: $20 million

9 Jeff Jarrett: $15 million

His net worth may shock many of you, but believe it or not Jeff Jarrett holds the 12th highest net worth in pro wrestling history. 30 years after his pro wrestling debut, Jeff is still active in the world of pro wrestling, this time taking a corporate role. Jarrett is famously remembered for allegedly blackmailing Vince into giving him $300,000 after the WWE had forgotten about his contract expiration. To this day, the former WWE star still claims it wasn’t done with bad intent.

8 Goldberg: $14 million

7 Torrie Wilson: $18 million

6 Stacy Keibler: $4.5 million

5 Brock Lesnar with the UFC: $5.3 million in 2010

4 Hulk Hogan with WCW: 1998 contract details

3 Chyna: $1.5 million

2 CM Punk: $7.5 million

1 WCW: Sold for around $2 million

The amount is yet to be confirmed, but according to rumors the WCW was sold for $2 million. This shocked so many former wrestlers, including Chris Jericho who said in an interview that had he known it was such a low price, he’d put in an offer. Many other wrestlers have said the same thing, as its sale price was absolutely shocking. With a net worth of $1.12 billion, buying WCW was a joke for the WWE’s CEO. WCW’s video library sold for an additional $1.7 million. What a purchase this was changing the landscape of pro wrestling forever.


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15 Shocking Net Worths The WWE Wants You To Forget About