15 Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Andre The Giant

When it comes to men that were larger the life, is there anyone that fits the saying more than Andre the Giant? At 7 feet tall and nearly 500 pounds, it was clear that no matter where he went, all eyes were going to be on the Giant.

Andre made the most of his size, having a successful career not only in the wrestling ring, but also making some fantastic acting appearances and inspired countless individuals with his larger than life personality.

For all of the accomplishments that Andre achieved in life, there may be none that is more fun than his outstanding tolerance for alcohol. Shockingly, being the size that he was also enabled him to drink more than perhaps anyone in history. And if you don’t believe me, make it to the end of this list and then try and convince me that he is well deserving of a spot as one of the all-time greatest drinkers.

Doctors told Andre at a young age that he would not make it past the age of 40, so should it really come as a shock that he did everything he could to live life to the fullest?

Even if you have never watched Andre in the wrestling ring, you owe it to the sport that you love to take some time out of your day to learn more about one of its pioneers.

Here are only 15 of the amazing things that you may not have known about Andre.

15 Andre Had To Poop In Interesting Places


When you are the size of Andre, everyday life may cause some serious problems. This can be even worse when you are travelling to Japan, where the typical person is smaller than average, and thus has smaller than average accommodations. In Hulk Hogan’s autobiography, he discusses how Andre would sometimes have to poop in a bathtub, because he literally could not fit into the washrooms. Hogan recalls a specific time where Andre beckoned him to come to his room where “he had taken the morning newspaper and spread it all over his bed. And since he could’t fit on the toilet in that place, and his ass was too big to hang over the tub, he just took a huge dumb on the bed. It looked like a three-foot pile of horse manure.”

14 What Happened When He Passed Out In A Lobby

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What are you going to do if you come across a 500 pound man, passed out in your hotel lobby? That was the question that staff had to answer after Andre got intoxicated to the point of passing out cold in the lobby of a hotel. Despite a few attempts from staff, they quickly found that it was going to be impossible to move him, and that there was also nothing they could do to wake him.

13 He Could Drink A LOT In One Sitting


12 His Bar Tab At The Hyatt


11 He Threw Chuck Wepner Out Of The Ring


10 Vince McMahon Convinced Him To Do WrestleMania 3 

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9 How They Determined How Much Anesthesia To Give Him


8 Andre Inspired A Movie


7 The Circumstances Surrounding His Death 

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6 His Life At Age 12


5 How He Got His Start


When you are the size of Andre, no matter how hard you try, you are always going to be looked at as a spectacle. Nobody could possibly consider someone would be a credible threat for the giant, so the start of Andre’s career had him wrestling in Europe, Japan and Canada while he tried to find a home.

4 What Happened When He Was Pissed Off In A Bar


3 He Made Sure He Paid The Bill


2 His Struggles With His Size


1 What "The American Pitcher" Was


You can only imagine that if Andre the Giant could eat like nobody's business, he was also able to drink with the best of them. Cary Elwes, who worked with Andre on the set of The Princess Bride recalled how at dinner, Andre would drink out of a beer pitcher instead of a regular glass. The cup was allegedly nicknamed “The American” and was “usually some combination of hard and soft liquor and whatever else he felt like mixing in that day,” and while that sounds repulsive, Elwes stated that he never saw any indication of Andre being impacted by the alcohol.


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15 Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Andre The Giant