15 Ridiculous Sitcoms That Dedicated Full Episodes To Wrestling

WWE and Vince McMahon have a long history of attempting to wrestle with comedy, and to put it lightly, their efforts have a tendency to be hit or miss. To be more specific, WWE has proven time and time again that wrestling writers don’t exactly jive with most people’s definition of comedy, and in fact relatable versions of the concept might not even be in their wavelength. In all fairness, when things get flipped around and comedy writers have tried their hands at wrestling, the results have also been hit and miss—but those hits have often been far greater than any comedy WWE could ever contrive.

Sitcoms and sports go hand in hand, since a good comedy show is a reflection of modern times, and people of all eras love watching sports. Wrestling and sports entertainment are a fringier part of society, but it’s definitely popular enough that colorful sitcom characters could find themselves a proud part of the WWE Universe. Plenty of wrestlers have tried their hand at acting, but this isn’t just about wrestlers popping up on Baywatch, this is about times wrestling walked into a primetime sitcom and stole the show. Read on and discover the 15 most ridiculous sitcoms episodes entirely about professional wrestling.

15 South Park - W.T.F. Champions

Via South Park Digital Studios, LLC.

14 City Guys - Prove Their Street Cred With RVD

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13 Married...with Children - Bundy Family Secrets

Via Columbia Pictures Television

12 The Munsters - The Original Big Bad Monster

Via Universal Television

11 The League - Redefining The Freedom Of Lucha Libre

Via FX Productions

10 The Beverly Hillbillies - Granny Predicts Mae Young

Via CBS Films

9 Night Court - A Different Type of Wrestler's Court

Via Warner Bros. Television

8 Trailer Park Boys - The Green Bastard Takes Over The Park

Via Trailer Park Productions

7 It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - The Maniac Loves Wrestling

Via RCG Productions

6 The Drew Carey Show - Triple H Proves His Discipline

Via Mohawk Productions

5 That 70s Show - The Most Electrifying Role In Sports Entertainment History

Via Carsey-Werner Productions

4 Dexter's Laboratory - Monkey vs. Rasslor

Via Cartoon Network Studios

3 Boy Meets World - Vader Interrupts Topanga's Birthday

Via Michael Jacobs Productions

2 Nikki - Kevin Nash Beats Up A Crybaby

Via Mohawk Productions

1 Learning The Ropes - Entire Sitcom Based On Wrestling

Via Cineplex Odeon Television

While the other shows on this list used wrestling as a plot device for one episode or one character, one short-lived program took things to the next level. Learning The Ropes was a Canadian-produced sitcom that aired for one year in syndication in the United States. The series starred former NFL star Lyle Alzado as a teacher who moonlights as a professional wrestler, predating Matt Striker by decades. The show was produced with the cooperation of the NWA, and wrestlers like Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, and Ronnie Garvin would regularly make appearances to grapple with The Masked Maniac, who was in turn played by Steve Williams acting as Alzado’s double. The show mostly received negative reviews, but wrestling fans would no doubt appreciate the cavalcade of 80’s superstars who appeared in every episode.


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15 Ridiculous Sitcoms That Dedicated Full Episodes To Wrestling