15 Reasons Why Chris Jericho Is Still The Best Wrestler In The World

On November 9th, 1970, the legend of Christopher Irvine, known to wrestling fans as Chris Jericho, was born. After over 25 years of experience, Y2J is still competing at the highest of levels, this time focusing on upbringing some of the younger stars like Dean Ambrose, who he is currently involved with. Unlike so many former faces, Jericho seems to be getting better with age. Fans should be chanting “please don’t retire” for this guy. Week in and week out, Jericho is still dazzling crowds, whether it’s during an opening segment or midway through the card, Chris is fully engaged on entertaining the crowd. Since coming back, Y2J has made it his mission to work around the PG-rating, as opposed to other former veteran Superstars. Jericho has thrived in the situation managing to recreate himself in an era full of restrictions. This is what makes this guy so spectacular to watch on a weekly basis.

Sit back, relax and “drink in” these 15 reasons why Jericho remains the best wrestler in the world at the age of 45. Once he finally sails off into the sunset, we will never forget the legacy he left behind since his WWE debut, back in August of 1999. Enough of the talk and let’s begin; here are 15 reasons why Chris Jericho is still the best wrestler in the world. Enjoy “the gift” of Jericho!

15 His Knowledge for the Wrestling Business

Jericho isn’t the kind of guy that clocks in and clocks out, as Y2J’s knowledge for the business is on another level in comparison to his co-workers. Since his days way back in WCW, it was quite evident that Chris just seemed to be a step ahead of everyone else. Despite his in-ring misuse, Jericho still managed to gain a huge following because of his gimmick and in-ring prowess back in WCW. Jericho used his wisdom way back in the 90s, knowing WCW was a sinking ship. Chris was a wrestler who used his heart and loved the business, and it was becoming increasingly obvious that those who identified with Jericho were all in the WWE. On August 9th, 1999, Y2J would make his WWE debut in Chicago, Illinois, and to this day, his debut is regarded as the most memorable in WWE history.

14 Finds Ways To Be Great In The PG-Era

13 Works Long Term Storylines

12 Can play heel or face with ease

11 He Still Uses Catchphrases

10 Best Heel in the Company

9 Puts over Younger Talent

8 Can Work as a Host

7 Can put him anywhere on the Card

6 Reminds us of The Attitude Era

5 If he’s a heel on TV, he’s a heel in real life

4 His Experience

3 His Promos

2 His Matches Tell a Story

1 He’s Like Fine Wine

Like fine wine, he just seems to get better with age. Particularly in the wrestling business, this is a rarity. Time and time again, we’ve seen numerous examples of wrestlers who just seem to extend their stay, and it is rather obvious especially when we see their performances start to drop. Jericho on the other hand seems to be getting better with age. In an era of PG, Jericho has thrived becoming one of the best story tellers in the entire business. All we can do is really enjoy it while it lasts, because unlike other wrestlers who announce their retirements, Jericho says that when he leaves for good he’ll ride off into the sunset without anyone even knowing. A fitting ending to the type of career he’s been in the WWE and around the world.


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15 Reasons Why Chris Jericho Is Still The Best Wrestler In The World