15 Real Backstage Brawls Involving Former WWE Stars

As you might assume, backstage brawls are quite common in the wrestling industry; after all, these guys are very passionate about what they do. Today though, the atmosphere is very different and the e

As you might assume, backstage brawls are quite common in the wrestling industry; after all, these guys are very passionate about what they do. Today though, the atmosphere is very different and the environment backstage is much more business-like, as opposed to the way it used to be.

Back in the day, even the greatest stars would get into it, we're talking about the likes of Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart for example, who have gotten into a hair pulling matchup in the past only to see it broken up by a half naked Jerry Lawler. Other huge stars were also involved in backstage brawls, names like Lesnar and Angle and The Rock and John Cena which sent shockwaves throughout the WWE Universe.

So as you can see fights are pretty common, even amongst the very best. Let’s now take a look at 15 other rare real life backstage brawls featuring former WWE superstars and legends from the past. Enjoy!

15 Scott Seiner and DDP: The Vince Russo Era

Many are aware that Scott Steiner is quite the hot head, being involved in numerous encounters backstage during his career. He even most recently got into it with a fan during an independent event.

Steiner’s fuse was pretty much set to burst in this particular situation. Not only did Steiner have beef with DDP, but in addition to that, WCW was a sinking ship being led by Vince Russo (the atmosphere at the time wasn’t very good as you can imagine). Russo pitched an idea to have Kimberly (DDP’s wife at the time) flash Steiner during a match. Kimberly was not on board and refused. That's when an enraged Steiner blew up on Page’s ex-wife calling her the “c” word. It was reported that Kimberly quit the company on the spot following this encounter.

Later on, the news broke to Diamond Dallas Page, where he proceeded to confront Steiner about the situation. Scott however, had no intentions of talking as the situation turned physical rather quickly. After security pulled the two aside, Steiner turned into the Hulk throwing off security and mounting Page who literally went into fetal position. Page recalls Steiner literally trying to pull his eyes out of his socket, and DDP admits to being terrified during the brawl. Despite this heat though, the two are good friends today. Talk about tough times.

14 Sheamus and Yoshi Tatsu: Tatsu gets his “money’s” worth

Evan Bourne finally confirmed the story was in fact true during a shoot interview with Kayfabe Commentaries. Bourne discussed that Tatsu did in fact knock Sheamus out. The details of the incident are still not confirmed but rumor has it that the dispute over the two wrestlers was over money. According to reports, while the two wrestlers were in developmental, Tatsu lent Sheamus some money. After constantly confronting Sheamus it was quite clear that Yoshi wasn’t getting his money back. Knowing this, Tatsu decided to get his money’s worth in another way by dropping Sheamus with one punch.

This wasn’t the first time Sheamus was involved in a brawl, as it was reported that he also got into it with Sin Cara backstage. According to reports, Sheamus was once again on the wrong end of this one.

13 Sid Vicious and Arn Anderson: The stabbing incident

Both wrestlers discussed the incident and both deeply regret what happened. The dangerous brawl took place in October 1993, in the United Kingdom during a WCW tour. Following the event, the wrestlers went to a bar, and the situation began when Anderson described Sid as not being Horseman material. The two went back and forth, but after leaving the bar the situation escalated into one of the wildest fights in pro wrestling history. It all started with Sid going to Anderson’s hotel room. The alleged story was that Sid was equipped with a “foreign object”. The story goes that Sid almost knocked Arn out with the object, and a desperate Anderson grabbed a pair of scissors and attempted to stab Sid several times. Anderson was also stabbed with the scissors, and according to reports the two had over 30 stab wounds combined. Thankfully, wrestler 2 Cold Scorpio separated the two, and they were later rushed to the hospital. Many believe the name “Psycho” Sid actually came about from this situation.

12 Ken Shamrock and The Nasty Boys: The “No DQ” Handicap Match

The situation began like most of the other situations: in a bar. The Nasty Boys were quite the drinkers during their run in the pro wrestling business. One night, Brian Knobbs was heavily intoxicated at the bar, and Shamrock was extremely displeased with Knobbs because of the way he was treating one of his friends’ fiance. When Shamrock confronted Knobbs about the situation, Brian told Ken to beat it and actually put a hand in his face. As you can imagine, this wasn’t the last of it. Later that night Shamrock went to the hotel room where the Nasty Boy’s were staying. According to reports, Shamrock did not do any talking and began to pummel Knobs. Ken then claims that following this he blacked out because of an attack by Jerry Sags with a weapon from behind. Shamrock was left unconscious and rushed to the hospital. Believe it or not, years later the situation was not over. It is reported that Shamrock challenged the Nasty Boy to a one on one battle in an airport, but Sags declined to fight the former MMA star.

11 JBL and Michael Hayes: The Plane Ride from Hell

Oh, the infamous “plane ride from hell” which took place in 2002. This plane ride had it all; from lawsuits to a naked Ric Flair to haircutting to alcohol abuse to aircraft doors almost being busted open. In addition to all of this, it also saw JBL knockout WWE’s senior road agent Michael Hayes. The situation began when Hayes (who was heavily intoxicated) kept hitting Bradshaw in the face. What made this even worse was that Bradshaw had already been cut open from a match. So due to the repeated shots to the face by Hayes, JBL’s cut wound opened up and he began to bleed all over his suit. According to rumors an irate JBL got up and punched Hayes, knocking him out cold. To make matters even worse, Sean Waltman (aka X-Pac) later cut off Hayes’ ponytail while he fell asleep. It was a trip to forget for the WWE’s long time road agent.

10 Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero: Takedowns and headlocks

During the later stages of Eddie’s career, Guerrero just didn’t seem right in and out of the ring according to his long time friend Kurt Angle.

The encounter between the two built up from months before. Angle started becoming frustrated with the matches that the two had been putting on. The situation boiled over one night after Guerrero lost it on Angle, Luther Reigns and Marc Jindrak. Eddie was very upset claiming the wrestlers were taking liberties with him in the ring. Angle then exploded telling Eddie he’d been carrying him through matches for the last couple of months. Cooler heads did not prevail in the situation, and the two began to fight. Angle put Eddie in a headlock almost choking him out. Thankfully Big Show was able to separate the two.

During a shoot interview, Angle discussed regretting the situation when looking back at it and is upset that he, or anyone close to Eddie, didn’t help the late great Superstar, who was evidentially unfit and unhealthy.

9 The Ultimate Warrior and Rick Rude: Warrior gets a “rude” awakening

According to many who previously worked with The Ultimate Warrior, he wasn’t the easiest to work with in the ring and also behind the scenes. The late Rick Rude had enough of this and unleashed on the Warrior.

Following a match between the two, Rude wasn’t too happy with how stiff the Warrior was with him. Rude told Warrior to lighten up in the ring. Warrior took exception to these comments telling Rude that he didn’t care for what he thought. According to Ric Flair, Rude proceeded to punch the Warrior in the face.

8 Ric Flair and Mick Foley: I’ll sign with my fist

Flair certainly had his fair share of backstage incidents throughout his career. One of them escalated backstage with long time foe Mick Foley. The altercation began after Mick Foley refused to shake Ric Flair’s hand at a live event because of past bashings by Flair towards Foley, calling him a “glorified stunt man”. Following this, Mick asked Flair to sign a copy of his book so he can auction it off for charity. Flair allegedly socked Foley straight in the mouth. Rhyno and other members of the WWE personnel proceeded to separate the two legends.

Years later the two were able to share a big laugh about the situation during a podcast interview. Flair apologized for hitting Foley, however Foley claimed he deserved the punch for being so stupid.

7 Kamala and Andre The Giant: Gun Point

Now this situation certainly got way out of hand. The two wrestlers were at one point not only feuding in the ring, but out of it as well. The situation boiled over after the two were overly physical with one another during a match. Following the matchup, Kamala reportedly pulled a gun out on Andre. Thankfully cooler heads prevailed, and Kamala himself admitted that bringing the gun was over the top. Believe it or not though, Kamala continued to bring the gun with him as protection against Andre following the encounter. You really can’t make this stuff up.

6 Chris Jericho and Goldberg: This isn’t WCW

This was not the first time Bill Goldberg was involved in some sort of backstage dispute. This altercation dates back all the way to the days of WCW, and as you can probably imagine the two had a lot of built up hate for one another. Things were bound to boil over and they eventually did, but not in WCW, instead years later in the WWE.

The hatred between the two began in WCW when Goldberg refused to work with Jericho. Despite Jericho’s uprising popularity with the WCW crowds, Goldberg just had no interest in working with Chris because of his size. Ultimately the two would work together with Goldberg squashing Jericho. This led Y2J to leave WCW and rise to stardom with the WWE. Once Goldberg got the WWE, the problems between the two continued.

One night the situation finally escalated physically between the two after Goldberg told Kevin Nash that Jericho never wanted to sell for anyone. An angered Jericho confronted Goldberg. Bill claimed that Jericho had been bashing him all over the internet for years. The confrontation ended up turning physical with Y2J putting the former WCW star in a headlock. The two were then quickly separated by officials backstage. Jericho stated on his podcast that he never wants to work with Goldberg again, and I’m guessing he’ll probably get his wish with Goldberg ending off on terrible terms with the WWE.

5 Big Show and The Great Khali: Godzilla versus King Kong

Eye witness Chris Jericho said it best: “It was like watching Godzilla against King Kong”. The story goes that Big Show was frustrated with Khali constantly taking moves from Big Show’s repertoire. The situation then later escalated even further following a match between the two. Big show was reportedly disgusted with Khali’s performance and decided to tell him backstage following the match. If you can believe it, the conversation escalated into a brawl. Big Show recalls the two monsters swinging wildly at each other across a table full of bags. Thankfully that table saved the situation from getting out of hand. Big Show discussed that although the fight was “the worst fight in history”, it apparently helped blow of a lot of steam between the two.

4 Batista and Booker T: Bad Moodtista

I was very surprised to hear that this encounter took place, since Batista is generally seen as a harmless teddy bear-like figure backstage. The situation occurred in May of 2006, during a photoshoot for the WWE. The apparent story has it that Batista was in a bad mood looking for a fight all day, and Booker T finally had enough of Batista and challenged him in an empty locker room. Sources claim that Booker gave Batista a pretty bad beat down. During a shoot interview, Booker discussed the fact that Batista didn’t realize that he had a history of fighting. In fact, Booker claims he was a fighter his entire life. Looks like Batista picked the wrong guy to fight with that day.

3 Vince McMahon and Nailz: Fight Your Boss Day

This one could have been really ugly for Vince had it not been for several employees breaking things up. Following his match against Virgil at SummerSlam, Nailz received a pay check worth approximately $8,000 to 9,000 for the short match (not bad, right?). Well, apparently it wasn't enough. Following the match, Wacholz stormed into McMahon’s office demanding more. The situation then turned physical with Wacholz choking Vince, but thankfully employees ran into the room and separated Nailz apart from McMahon. As you can imagine, Nailz was later released from the company.

2 Jose Gonzalez and Bruiser Brody: Tragic Encounter

This will forever be regarded as one of the most controversial encounters in pro wrestling history. Former WWE wrestler Savio Vega still remembers the story which took place in 1988, as if it happened yesterday. Vega recalls Gonzalez and Brody hitting the showers together to discuss their finish during a show in Puerto Rico. Vega recalls a bloody Bruiser Brody bleeding profusely after being stabbed by Gonzalez. Some believed Jose stabbed Brody because of the amount of money Americans were making in comparison to everyone else.

Following this tragic event, Gonzalez would plead guilty for first degree murder, only to see it change and be deemed as an act of self-defense. To this day, people are still shocked that no further investigation has ever taken place calling the entire situation a cover up.

1 Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff: WCW Revenge

When it was announced that Bischoff would be joining the WWE, Flair had one thing in mind: revenge. While the two were in WCW, they quite frankly hated each other, and Flair desperately wanted to get his hands on Bischoff for several years but couldn’t because of Bischoff’s status with the company. Eric also disliked Flair, so much so that he said he wanted to see Ric go bankrupt.

Years later Flair would finally get his chance to get some revenge in the WWE with Bischoff no longer holding any power. On March 17th, 2003, during a Raw broadcast, Flair entered Bischoff’s locker room with Arn Anderson guarding the door. Bischoff initially did not even acknowledge Flair, he instead put his hand up and told Ric to wait while he was on the phone. Flair had waited long enough and slapped Bischoff across the face. Flair recalls Bischoff’s phone flying across the room. The Nature Boy then threw Bischoff onto the couch and began to strike him repeatedly. Despite being pummelled though, Bischoff refused Ric’s invitation to fight back. The beat down finally ended when Sergeant Slaughter entered the room and broke things up. According to Flair, he told Slaughter he was just repaying a debt. Following the brawl, the two made up and are surprisingly on talking terms today (according to Bischoff).


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15 Real Backstage Brawls Involving Former WWE Stars