15 Rare Pictures The WWE Would Never Want Fans To See

There are some things the WWE just doesn’t want you to see. Most of the pictures on this list look at the lives of pro wrestlers away from the squared circle and without any gimmicks covering up who they truly are. What’s made the engine of the WWE run for so long is that fact that business has been kept a secret for so many years. Nowadays though, with technology and social media, this has become almost impossible. So, what can the WWE do to not leak kayfabe pictures out? Nothing. All they can really do is hope that their fans do not see them or share them.

This article will take a look at various types of pictures, including wrestlers partying it up together, top stars hanging out with rival faces and some of our favorite wrestlers breaking character. Enough with the talk though, here are 15 more shocking pictures every WWE fan needs to see.

15 The Hardys Love to Party

14 Charlotte, Strowman and Mojo Breaking Character

13 Jericho and Kelly Kelly Partying It Up

12 Jericho and Kelly Kelly Arrive Together

11 Maryse and Jack Swagger

10 Batista and Flair “Stylin and Profilin”

9 A Young Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella Partying It Up

8 Matt, Nikki, Punk and Eve

7 Sheamus All Dressed Up

6 Austin and Goldberg Enjoying A Cold One

5 The Undertaker Breaks Character

4 Kane Breaks Character

3 Roman Before The Madness

2 Brock Lesnar and Dana White

1 Party Boy John

It’s no secret, John loved to have fun during his time on the road. This ultimately cost him his marriage with his high school sweetheart, Elizabeth Huberdeau. According to a number of former wrestlers, Cena cheated on his wife during his time on the road with the company. According to other sources, the two got a divorce after a dispute over a home they purchased. Following their split, Cena began to date WWE Diva Nikki Bella. Since the two began to date, Cena cut his partying time and became much more of a professional away from the camera.


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15 Rare Pictures The WWE Would Never Want Fans To See