15 Pics Of Wrestlers Partying The WWE Never Wants You To See

When it comes to the lives of pro wrestlers outside of the ring, times have certainly changed. During the late 80’s and 90’s, Vince McMahon and the WWE did its very best to not expose the business outside of the WWE. This factor intrigued wrestling fans, and ultimately wrestling rumor pages ran wild all over the internet exposing the wrestling business. Today, the WWE uses the lives of wrestlers outside of the ring as leverage, and countless shows like Total Divas and Breaking Ground expose the lives of wrestlers outside of the ring.

Despite this kind of exposure, there are still many things the WWE doesn’t want you to know about their talent. Some of these pictures included on this list are probably frowned upon by the WWE. Despite this, wrestling fans just love to see the lives wrestlers live without hiding behind a gimmick. So for your entertainment, here are 15 rare pictures of wrestling stars partying that the WWE would never want you to see. Let us know which picture you enjoyed the most!

15 Still keeping the party going

14 Baby faced Barrett

13 Jeff and Candice getting close

12 Nikki, Dolph and the crew

11 Wedding Crashers

10 CM Player?

9 A Pit-Stop at Hooters

8 LA Party Life

7 Partying with Lord Stanley

6 Paige Uncensored

5 Swagger gone wild

4 Chris Jericho and Kelly Kelly

3 Stone Cold and Goldberg share a cold one

2 Paige and Ambrose dating?

1 John the party animal?

Love him or hate him, John Cena looks like one of the most down to earth human beings outside of the ring. He was also quite the party animal before he met Nikki, and according to rumors, this caused a split up between Cena and his high school sweetheart, Elizabeth Huberdeau. Jericho also confirmed that Cena is a strong drinker, during the Y2J podcast. Chris and John discussed stories from the past, and one of them was a story of Cena and Y2J getting heavily intoxicated. The two WWE stars began the night at a hotel bar, but they later continued the party in their room (a bartender from the bar gave the wrestlers a cooler filled with drinks to add to the evening). Jericho recalls passing out and waking up perfectly tucked into bed as Cena continued to pound down some beers by himself. Doesn’t get any better than that, does it?


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15 Pics Of Wrestlers Partying The WWE Never Wants You To See