15 Outrageous WWE Memes Created By Fans

With the boom of social media over the past 5-10 years, the massive usage of the meme (pronounced meem) came about.  A meme is a photo accompanied by words.  The word meme was first seen in 1976 in a

With the boom of social media over the past 5-10 years, the massive usage of the meme (pronounced meem) came about.  A meme is a photo accompanied by words.  The word meme was first seen in 1976 in a book written by Richard Dawkins, but was not a part of our common lexicon until the past few years.  Most memes can be found shared on Facebook or Twitter, and there are websites that are solely dedicated to a meme of a specific subject.

While it is up for debate, the first subject in the social media age where the meme really took off was silly pictures of cats.  So many people were sharing these hilarious pictures of their feline friends, someone decided to take it upon themselves to add words to the picture to make it even more hilarious.  This would help launch the very popular website I Can Haz Cheeseburger?

Now a days you can see memes for almost everything from popular television shows to professional sports.  Creating these memes is very simple now a days.  Before you'd have to jump through a lot of hoops to create and share them.  Now there are great mobile apps that enable you to create your own from any picture, save it to your phone, and share it everywhere possible.

Over the past few years, pro wrestling has seen a big boom in the creation of memes. When the camera catches that right moment, you can paint your own picture as to what is happening inside or outside that ring.  Let's take a look at 15 great fan-made memes for the WWE.

15 Developing New Stars From Game Of Thrones

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This past August, the Wyatt Family got much bigger with the addition of Braun Strowman. He is one imposing dude and has been booked as such lately. Prior to joining the Wyatt Family, he was actually a Rosebud for Adam Rose. Before his professional wrestling career, he was a very successful competitor in the Strongman competitions.

14 John Cena's Hitlist Of The Prospects

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The Internet Wrestling Community (or the IWC) definitely has their heroes and their villains. The meme above definitely has five of their heroes and one of their most hated villains. The heroes are known as The Leaders Of The New School with Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Neville, Sami Zayn, and Hideo Itami.

The greatest villain (maybe of all-time) from the IWC is definitely John Cena. He's hated due to the level of invincibility he's had for the past two years. He defeated Kevin Owens in a feud, Sami Zayn and Neville in a U.S. Open Challenge. Though Owens has beaten Cena, John won the feud, along with the matches against Zayn and Neville.

13 Nerd Lesnar

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Ever since the dawn of the Internet, readers have always been fascinated with pictures of celebrities before they were stars. For some of those celebrities, they have their awkward phases before they were in the spotlight. In this instance, we see the powerhouse Brock Lesnar in high school wearing a dapper suit and some glasses. He looks like he's about to do your taxes.

12 Can You Imagine Cody Rhodes As Cinderella?

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In the world of professional wrestling, the facial expressions are magnified and overdone. This is called selling, and it is a way to get over how painful a hold can be to the audience in the arena and those watching at home.  When that happens and it's captured at a particular moment on film (digitally now a days), it can create some pretty funny moments.

11 For Those Expecting A Cena Heel Turn...


Back in 1996 when Hulk Hogan did the unthinkable and turned heel, we all were in amazement that a wrestler who was such a good guy during his time in WWE and WCW could be such an evil character.  What would happen after was the birth of the nWo, which was one of the greatest faction in pro wrestling history.  As fans never thought the moment would happen, it revitalized Hogan's career and it was played out very well.

10 A Tag Title Push Up In Smoke...

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The person that created this meme combined two different events in the WWE and made it into something hilarious.  With the top two pictures of Daniel Bryan and Kane, they were a dysfunctional tag team called Team Hell No from September 2012 to June 2013.  Part of the dysfunction was when they captured the WWE Tag Team Championship and would proclaim that "I" am the tag team champion.

9 A Very Odd Paperweight For The Office

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Just a few months ago on NXT, Tyler Breeze was taking on some jobbers after failing to capture the NXT Championship in a contenders match.  He would badger the General Manager of NXT, William Regal, to get him some competition.  One of those moments was the meme shown above.  Regal was on the phone "conducting business" when he turned around and there was Tyler Breeze in his famous pose right on the General Manager's furniture.

8 Dolph Ziggler Gets Around!

via Lost In The Midcard

Some of the ladies who are fans of the WWE would say that Dolph Ziggler is one of the heartthrobs of the company, and Dolph would probably agree with them.  His first "on screen" flame would be with AJ Lee during the winter of 2012, which lasted for quite a while.

After taking a break from on-screen relationships, Dolph sure found his fair share of them throughout this past year.  Dolph would be paired up with Lana after she turned on Rusev for a few months before TMZ broke the story that Lana and Rusev got engaged.  There was also a teased relationship with Summer Rae who sided with Rusev as well.

7 Ryback's Hungry For A Baconator


In the few years that Ryback has been in the WWE, he has captivated the WWE Universe with his display of power and intensity.  His drive and dedication to professional wrestling is something that has to be applauded.  One of his most popular phrases that the WWE Universe loves to chant along with Ryback is "FEED ME MORE."

6 Sheamus & Randy Orton, Fashion Experts

via Buzzfeed

Great facial expressions are key for a wrestler to have to be able to convey their emotions to those in attendance in the arena and those watching at home.  The great thing about photography is if you can catch those expressions at the right time, you will capture a moment that you can take completely out of context.  Throw in a meme, and you have a masterpiece.

5 Valley Girl Undertaker

via Bleacher Report

Just like with the picture of Randy Orton and Sheamus, if you photograph a moment at just the right time, you can completely take it out of context.  As for what really happened in this picture, referee Scott Armstrong made the Undertaker mad for some reason, so Taker decided that Armstrong needed to eat a chokeslam for his troubles.  It was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time with a pissed off Deadman.

4 No One Is Safe From An RKO Out Of Nowhere


This meme is brilliant.  It takes two viral items, combines them, and then a wonderful meme is created.  The top picture has been used as a famous GIF in forums and comment threads for years now when two people get into an Internet slap fight argument.  Basically Michael Jackson represents a bystander witnessing the argument and eating popcorn while being entertained.

3 The Difference Between Impact Wrestling & WWE

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In the world of professional wrestling, history loves to repeat itself.  At the turn of the millennium, we saw the McMahon-Helmsley era where Triple H and Stephanie McMahon took over the WWE.  The on-screen relationship would turn into a real life marriage in 2003, and now Triple H is the Chief Operating Officer of a $1 billion company.

2 Erasing Hulk Hogan From History

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This past July, Hulk Hogan came under fire after audio was released from several years ago where Hogan would make insensitively racial remarks about how the men his daughter Brooke was dating were African-Americans.  Though the remarks were from several years ago, the WWE promptly let him go and pretty much erased him from history as if he never existed.

1 A Moment Too Good To Not Be A Meme


Earlier we had the Undertaker acting like a Valley Girl with a high five and a "you go girlfriend" for one of the referees.  With this meme, we head to this year's SummerSlam and get one of most completely odd facial expressions we have ever seen in professional wrestling.

Both men were laid out on the mat after a grueling battle. Brock Lesnar would imitate The Undertaker's famous sit up with a laugh on his face.  The Undertaker would then do his trademark sit-up and then proceed to mock Lesnar's laugh.  Putting these two moments

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15 Outrageous WWE Memes Created By Fans