15 Of Wrestling's Biggest One Hit Wonders: Where Are They Now?

Oh, those ever so famous one hit wonders; it seems as though there are more one hit wonders in the wrestling business than there are of actual success stories. The curious case for many of these former wrestlers is what to do when your 30 seconds of fame are finally up. Do you either look for another job in the wrestling business? Or do you look elsewhere for a new career path? In this article, the decisions made by these former wrestlers are quite mixed. Some former stars have found success staying in the wrestling business by either wrestling in Mexico or operating their own wrestling training facility. Some however, decided to leave the business altogether. The jobs these former wrestlers turned to vary from professional strength and conditioning coach in the MLB, to even a soap opera star. As you can see, former wrestlers keep their options wide open! Let us now begin to see what these former one hit wonders are up to today. Enjoy!


15 Eugene: Owner of Midwest All Pro Wrestling Training Center

Remember at one point when Eugene almost won the World Title? That would have certainly been interesting. After parting ways with the WWE, Nick Dinsmore (aka Eugene) continued to wrestle independently. Dinsmore worked for various independent promotions around the world, including Juggalo Championship Wrestling. He also made a brief return to the WWE in 2013 as a trainer for NXT. He was later released in 2014. Dinsmore still wrestles today on a part time basis. He appeared in January of 2015 with the British Promotion International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom. In addition to this, Nick is also the proud owner of his very own wrestling school, Midwest All Pro. The training center is growing and is currently looking to expand to a location for its first show. New enrollment for the school just took place this past September.

14 Luther Reigns: Actor

Matthew Wiese decided to leave the wrestling business on his own terms in 2005, claiming creative differences with Paul Heyman as the reason for his departure. He initially set out to become a real estate salesman. After his plans didn’t work, he decided to return to the wrestling business and work independently. Wiese later caught a big break and started working on some TV shows, such as CSI and The Jenny Jones Show. He later made a jump to film, acting in some popular comedies such as The Girl Next Door and Let’s Be Cops. Wiese also recently made headlines, as the former WWE wrestler was involved in a lawsuit against the WWE on behalf of former and current wrestlers that suffered serious brain injuries while working for the company. The case is still ongoing.

13 Sylvain Grenier: French Language Commentator for TNA Wrestling

Oh Sylvain Grenier, or what I like to call the Quebec version of The Miz. After leaving the WWE, Grenier worked for TNA, and he later hit the independent circuit where he still is today on a part time basis. Sylvain spends most of his time wrestling locally in the Quebec area. You can still find the former WWE tag team champion on television weekly. He is the current color commentator for TNA wrestling on the French Canadian network RDS.

12 Kenzo Suzuki: Wrestler For All Japan Pro

At the age of 41, Kenzo Suzuki is still going strong wrestling for All Japan Pro Wrestling. After gaining some momentum with the WWE, Kenzo was the subject of a collapsed lung. After taking some time off, Suzuki later returned to the main roster, but before he could step foot in the ring he was traded to SmackDown (he was released before fighting a single match for the brand). Suzuki then returned back to Japan and later to AAA in Mexico, where he still wrestles today. After dropping the All Japan Pro Wrestling Championship in June, Suzuki signed a freelance contract with the promotion allowing him to work for other independent circuits such as AAA wrestling in Mexico.

11 Trevor Murdoch: Installs Fibre Optic Cables For Equipment Company and Wrestles Independently

During an interview with, Trevor Murdoch talked about just recently selling his long time family bar and grill. He is currently working for a heavy equipment company installing fiber optic cable. In addition, Murdoch made a return to the ring in 2015 wrestling for an independent promotion. The former wrestler also spent time with Ring Ka King, a TNA based promotion out of India.

10 Bart Gunn: Electrician and Home Construction

Who can forget the former member of “The Smokin’ Gunns” getting knocked out cold by Butterbean? Man oh man, what a brutal knockout that was. Today, Bart Gunn is enjoying a more quiet life working as an electrician. He is also working in home construction renovating houses. Gunn admits that getting used to his new life was very difficult, but claims that sleeping in his own bed every night makes things much easier than they used to be.

9 Rosey: Owner of Restaurant, “Island Boi BBQ”

Asides for being the real life brother of Roman Reigns, Rosey is also the owner of his own restaurant in Cincinnati. After departing from the WWE, Rosey hit the independent circuit, and later competed in Japan. A year after, Rosey returned home with new ambitions to open up his on BBQ restaurant. The former wrestler did exactly that, opening up “Island Boi BBQ” in his current hometown of Cincinnati. Last year Rosey received a scare after he was hospitalized due to a congestive heart failure. Thankfully, Rosey was ok and recovered from the scare.


8 Rob Conway: Wrestler for the National Wrestling Alliance

After parting ways with the WWE, Rob Conway kept his dream alive working independently. Conway was very active, working at least 3 days a week. He later found something more permanent working for the National Wrestling Alliance. Rob is enjoying some serious success with the company, winning the World Heavyweight Championship on two different occasions. He currently goes by the name of “Ironman” Rob Conway.

7 Glacier: Gym Teacher and Actor

After deciding to leave WCW for good, Glacier (aka Ray Lloyd) decided to go back to his normal life. Lloyd had a masters degree in education at Valdosta State University in Georgia. In addition to this, the former WCW wrestler appeared in several TV Shows and movies. Most notably, Lloyd took on the role of a stuntman at Disney’s-MGM Studios in Orlando, playing the part of a German engineer in the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.

6 Rico Constantino: Police Officer

After being released by the WWE, Rico Constantino hit the independent scene wrestling predominantly in Japan. He later realized that the constant back and forth was all too much for him to handle, so he decided the best thing for him was to become a police officer again. Although he made this career change, Rico also works independently as a wrestling from time to time, and helps young wrestlers in various independent promotions.

5 Kiss Demon: Conditioning Coordinator for the Chicago White Sox

Poor Kiss Demon; that gimmick died as soon as it stepped foot in a WCW ring. After WWE bought WCW, Torborg switched career paths working with the Montreal Expos as a strength coach. He later bounced around with a couple of teams before he began working for the White Sox. Torborg was fortunate enough to be on two championship teams; in 2003 with the Marlins and in 2005 with the White Sox. Torborg also played some minor roles appearing in the film Transporter 2. He also had other minor roles alongside Tom Selleck and Madonna. Pretty good bounce back since his WCW days I must say!

4 Mark Jindrak: Wrestles with CMLL and Soap Opera Actor


We have to feel sorry for the guy who was moments away from changing his career forever. Jindrak was initially slated to join Evolution, but he was later replaced just before show time by Batista. Jindrak claims he simply wasn’t ready and that Batista deserved to take his place. We can all agree that was quite the humble response. Despite this difficult situation, Jindrak bounced back outside of the WWE. While wrestling for CMLL in Mexico, Jindrak also earned a spot on the soap opera porque el amor manda. The show is watched by over 4 millions viewers Monday to Friday night. Kudos to Mark for this turn around.

3 Rene Dupree: Collects Interest from Investments

At the young age of 31, Rene Dupree is currently retired after suffering from numerous concussions throughout his career. Dupree has made many controversial remarks in shoot interviews, blaming the WWE and certain wrestlers for cutting his career short. One person in particular Rene blames is Bubba Ray Dudley. Dupree claims he took many liberties with young wrestlers throughout his career. Dupree went as far as saying that Bubba was responsible For Chris Nowinski ending his career so early. In a recent shoot interview, Dupree wasn’t shy to admit that he just stays home and collects interest. Rene claims he was very smart with his money and made the proper investments in order to ensure his well being.

2 Matt Morgan: Men’s Physique Competitor

Many were confused to see Matt Morgan back in the ring with TNA after he decided to retire. Following his match, Morgan made it clear it was only a one time thing. He stepped foot in the ring one more time so his son could get an opportunity to watch his dad in the ring, something he had never experienced before. Just recently, Morgan took a rather unexpected career turn, competing in the Men’s Physique competition at the Daytona Beach Classic.

1 Orlando Jordan: Actor/Fitness Guru/ Openly Bisexual

Orlando Jordan surprised a lot of people when he announced that he was openly bisexual. In 2013, Jordan announced that he was getting married to a woman in Australia. Jordan wrestled for TNA until 2011, and he later worked on the independent scene till 2013. Today, Jordan is open for bookings. He also claims to be an actor and fitness guru on his Instagram page. Jordan is also proud to be bisexual and was happy to use his real life persona while a member of TNA wrestling.



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