15 Of The Youngest Wrestlers Currently In The WWE

With the new era in full swing, the WWE has made it a priority of theirs to promote exciting young new faces in both NXT and WWE. With the announcement of the Cruiserweight Division resurfacing on Raw, we can expect a number of young stars to infuse the main roster even further. Since it is still yet to be announced which Superstars will join the division, those wrestlers will not be named in this article.

Instead we will focus on everyone else; the article will take a look at the youngest faces in the company, most of which are down in developmental with NXT, though some of the biggest main roster stars crack the list. Can you guess who?

Ages start in the 20s with the youngest being 21, believe it or not. This article proves that the WWE is set on bringing in young faces to the mix. Enough of the talk and let’s get to it. Here are 15 of the youngest Superstars that are currently employed by the WWE. Enjoy!


15 Buddy Murphy: 27 Years Old

He now goes by the name of Murphy, in search of a possible run as a single's star. The Australian native made his NXT debut back in 2013. He was immediately put in a Tag Team (a role he has experience in), before joining the WWE ranks in development with NXT.

His most noteworthy role thus far was as a Tag Team wrestler winning the championships alongside his former partner Blake; the team defeated the Lucha Dragons capturing the titles. Murphy made a little history with the win, becoming the first ever Australian to hold a WWE Championship. Quite the accomplishment for the youngster.

He is now off on his own looking to find an identity. He’s spiraled as of late losing matches to both Tye Dillinger and Nakamura, although those are noteworthy opponents to face off against, win or lose. Still very young, the company has time to develop Murphy even further. It’ll be interesting to see whether he continues to compete as a single's star, or if he’ll eventually be put back in a Tag Team role.

14 Jason Jordan: 27 Years Old

In terms of male youth on this list, nobody holds a candle to the future this guy has with the WWE, as his potential seems unlimited at this point. Though, this wasn’t always the case for Jordan who admits himself he lost his way early on with the WWE struggling to find a gimmick. His talent and amateur wrestling background set him apart in the ring, though he struggled to develop a persona and a certain connection with the crowd, a factor that has plagued so many talents in the past.

Enter Chad Gable; the addition of Gable gave Jordan an unlikely role as a Tag Team wrestler, which immediately caught some serious heat with the WWE universe down in the development. Their matches are a pleasure to watch and they have set the bar sky high for not only future talents in NXT, but the WWE as well. As a team, their future will be full of potential once they crack the main roster. Though, even when Jordan branches out as a single's star, his entire demeanor speaks future WWE Champion.

13 Dana Brooke: 27 Years Old

Major props go to Dana Brooke for making this list, becoming one of only four talents on this list to be a part of the active WWE main roster. Her work ethic eventually landed her the early call up. Triple H and the entire NXT staff was thrilled with her work ethic in and out of the ring, and her professionalism was at an all time high down in developmental. Her work certainly paid off as she is now a member of the main roster, playing a pivotal role as Charlotte’s protégée, a huge role for her and the biggest since her debut.

With a brand split on the horizon, we hope to see this young gem continue her work alongside Charlotte, as doing so will only improve her in-ring work. Charisma-wise, Brooke seems to be on point at the moment and is certainly not shying away from the moment; just a little more overall in-ring experience is needed, which she seems to be getting plenty of lately. Look for her to be a big future player in the Women’s Division.

12 Bayley: 27 Years Old

So the cat is pretty much out of the bag with Bayley, as it’s rather obvious that she is going to be the future face of the Women’s Division and a prominent player for a long time. The only thing that seems to be holding Bayley back at this point seems to be her age and timing. Still so young, the WWE has the luxury to keep her down in NXT knowing she will flourish whenever she gets the call.

Secondly, timing-wise, the WWE is very sensitive with Bayley. We’ve seen the company drop the ball with so many past NXT stars like Neville, Tyler Breeze and the latest Apollo Crews, who just seem to be lost in the shuffle. The company wants to strongly avoid this similar formula with Bayley, thus waiting for the proper time and opportunity, similar to Finn Balor who just recently finally got a call up.

11 Billie Kay: 27 Years Old

With the recent brand extension set to have women on both shows, you can expect the WWE to start aggressively booking various new female stars down in NXT, and one of them is Australia native Billie Kay, who looks to take a similar role that Bayley had as a mega babyface for the developmental brand.

She certainly has the credentials; despite her young age and lack of sustainable experience on NXT programming, Kay made her pro wrestling debut almost a decade ago in 2007 with Pro Wrestling Alliance Australia. She later improved her in-ring work with Shimmer Women Athletes and on the indie circuit. We can expect some big things coming up. She made a brief SmackDown debut against Dana Brooke, and despite the loss she certainly did not look out of place playing a perfect babyface in the matchup. Her performance certainly caught the eye of WWE officials, so look for a big future push.

10 Andrade Almas: 26 Years Old

Known as La Sombra to hardcore wrestling fans, Almas is still relatively green in the realm of the WWE, but not in terms of experience outside of the company having wrestled for years already. Triple H and the NXT staff have high hopes for the young star who has tremendous Lucha Libre experience from his days in CMLL. He furthered his wrestling background working with New Japan for quite some time; his career accomplishment with the promotion was claiming the IWGP Intercontinental Championship.

Since his NXT TakeOver: The End debut on June 8th defeating Tye Dillinger, we haven’t seen much of La Sombra on NXT. In large part because of the fact that the company is planning to rebuild the brand with so many faces called up. With this in mind, the developmental brand has been putting more of a focus on final storylines for Superstars like Finn Balor. Though, once the dust finally settles, and the NXT stars leave, you can expect Almas to receive a big push and become a prominent player for the shower sooner rather than later.

9 Bo Dallas: 26 Years Old

Kudos to Bo for being the only male on the active main WWE roster to crack this list of youngest WWE wrestlers employed by the company. Despite his young age, the company instantly had high hopes for Bo, and this was very apparent when he became the youngest champion in NXT history, a record that he still holds today.

His NXT success has unfortunately not yet transcended onto a WWE stage. He became the first of many failures from developmental that enjoyed NXT success but failed to make an impact on the main roster. Like so many others, Bo started off with some success but was later forgotten about and would be lost in the shuffle. Thankfully, he’s still extremely young. Some believe that sending him down to NXT is the best solution at the moment, which would resurface his brand. Interesting to see how it will all play out for him.


8 Mandy Rose: 25 Years Old

You probably remember Mandy from her WWE Tough Enough days. Despite not winning the competition the company signed her because of her work ethic in and out of the ring, not to mention her “heel” like features which also enticed the WWE staff.

She’s only 25, which is absolutely crazy when you see how the New York native handles herself (similar to Dana Brooke) in terms of professionalism. With her age in mind, the company is being very cautious with the way they build her up. She has yet to debut on-screen and has only worked one match thus far at a live NXT event which was a six-Diva Women’s Tag match. She has also been featured on Total Divas, as a replacement for Naomi.

You can expect some big things from her in the future. Creatively, rumors surfaced that thus far the company has her labelled as a Tag Team wrestler alongside struggling Superstar Eva Marie, under the team name of Red & Gold. For now, we eagerly await her NXT television debut.

7 Angelo Dawkins: 25 Years Old

Before entering the pro wrestling field, Dawkins was a highly coveted athlete that won Championships in several sports, including wrestling, track and football. As we know with the WWE, they love to explore the realm of pro athletes (initially the purpose of NXT was to cater and build around these types of Superstars).

Angelo was actually signed a while ago. He made his debut in a losing effort to Sami Zayn way back in 2013. He finally caught some heat as a Tag Team wrestler alongside Sawyer Fulton, who is also very young at 26. After some losing efforts to The Vaudevillans, the group disbanded. Dawkins re-debuted as a single's wrestler, only to lose again, this time to WWE cast off Bull Dempsey.

Age and talent is certainly on his side, though it’s quite disheartening that Angelo has failed to sustain any type of permanent television time since signing back in 2012. With spaces opening up down in NXT, it seems like a now or never type of affair for Dawkins.

6 Alexa Bliss: 24 Years Old

In terms of potential down in NXT, Alexa Bliss may be the strongest contender in the Women’s Division at the moment. Her rise is truly remarkable; she made her television debut barely into her 20s as a loveable babyface with no persona whatsoever, and she even spent some time as a ring announcer.

Oh, how everything changed for Alexa. Playing the role of a heel valet for Blake and Murphy, Bliss took her performance to another level. She out-shined her Tag Team and was later bumped to a single's career which she is currently thriving in at the moment. With call-ups from the Women’s Division set to take place, we can expect big things for Bliss down in NXT. Look for a future title reign or a call-up in the near future, as her work certainly merits one or the other. What a future the Ohio native has in both NXT and WWE ranks. Expect her to play a similar role to Chris Jericho, becoming a vicious heel that wins by any means necessary.

5 Sasha Banks: 24 Years Old

Not only does she represent the future of the WWE, but she is currently the second youngest star on the active WWE roster. It’s safe to say you’ll be seeing a lot of Sasha in the next decade plus. Insane to think that she’s only 24, and thankfully she has yet to scratch the surface on the main WWE program. Her dream is to main event a WrestleMania and if there is anyone that can accomplish such a feat, it’s Sasha.

Her work rate and quality speaks for itself; Banks’ true coming out party took place at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn taking on Bayley. Not only did the match steal the show (which included a ladder match between Finn Balor and Kevin Owens), but it was also remembered as the match of the year. Wrestlers like Seth Rollins were brought to tears from such an epic display. We look forward to seeing more moments like that in the future. I think I speak for most fans when I say, "I can’t wait".

4 Paige: 23 Years Old

She’s 23, started wrestling in 2005 and won her first WWE Championship in 2014. Now, I’m no mathematician, but that seems absolutely remarkable to say the least. She was a star since her NXT days and it quickly transpired onto WWE television when she won the Championship in her debut. Though, some believe that this hurt Paige to a degree, as she’s been Omni-present from the WWE television as of late.

Some believe that WWE did so to slow her down, and rightfully so. Still 23, Paige has over a decade of work still to give. Though, with her most notable appearance is being on Total Divas as of late, I speak for most WWE fans when I say the time is now to restart Paige. Whether she’s a heel or babyface, doesn’t really matter, all that does at this point is getting the Norwich native back in the ring on a regular basis. We hope to see her once again resurface as a prominent player for many years to come.

3 Liv Morgan: 22 Years Old

We are finally starting to see more of the feisty 22 year old New Jersey native who seems to have natural talent and charisma to make it far in the WWE. The former cheerleader/model was actually discovered by Joe DeFranco, Triple H’s trainer, the same person that first laid eyes on Enzo Amore and boy, was he ever spot on.

Morgan, who has a similar background to Amore with both wrestlers being from Jersey, was signed to a deal back in 2014 when she was barely into her 20s. She is currently being used as an enhancement talent (nice way to say she’s a “jobber”), although she has already shown flashes of brilliance in her little time wrestling on the NXT program.

The WWE has made it clear when it comes to the Women’s Division, that age is just a number and talent speaks for itself. With the division expected to be revamped with new talent, look for Morgan to become a big player in the future.

2 Gzim Selmani: 22 Years Old

Who? Probably the words uttered by most WWE fans when reading this entry. Gzim, is one half of the newest NXT Tag Team, the Authors of Pain managed by Paul Ellering. Selmani is actually a former MMA star who at one point competed with Bellator MMA. He held a record of four wins and two losses during his stint.

In 2015, the WWE signed the ex-MMA man to a developmental deal. He was paired to train with head trainer and former WWE star Matt Bloom. After a couple of live event matches, Gzim made his debut under the umbrella of an overpowering Tag Team. Remarkable to thing that a guy of his stature is 22 years old.

He’s still extremely green, so expect his matches to be quick and right to the point for the time being. The Huizen native still has a very long way to go. It remains to be seen if he’ll make an impact in the company with his massive frame that still has yet to be filled out fully. Potential or bust? What does The Richest nation think?

1 Aliyah: 21 Years Old

We saw a glimpse of Aliyah behind the scenes during the WWE’s reality show Breaking Ground. The company is taking their time with the Toronto native and rightfully so, as she’s the youngest WWE competitor at 21 years old.

Despite her age, the Canadian already has lots of experience under her belt. Similar to Paige, Aliyah began to wrestle back in 2013 for Squared Circle Wrestling. She also wrestled the indie scene in Canada and the United States. In March of 2015, Nhooph singed her first WWE deal. She made her debut as a part of Tyler Breeze’s entrance, believe it or not. As of now, the WWE has been very cautious with her booking. She worked the Women’s Battle Royal and later in a losing effort to Carmella on an episode of NXT. Progress will be slow but look out for her name in the future as a potential face up on the main roster.


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