15 Of The Worst Divas In Pro Wrestling History

It finally looks like today, the Divas Division is on an upswing. Triple H began the revolution down in NXT, when WWE officials finally realized it was time for less sex appeal and more women pro wrestlers. Triple H’s revolution quickly caught heat, and Sasha Banks and Bayley took it to another level after their encounter in Brooklyn. The match is regarded as the match of the year for 2015 based on numerous wrestling magazines and websites. The WWE is hopeful that they can translate this success onto the main roster. It’ll take some time but the future certainly looks promising for the Divas Division. It is rumored that the next project will be to resurface the Cruiser-weight Division down in NXT; quite exciting.

With all this excitement taking place, we can’t forget that things were quite disastrous at one point and it seemed like Divas were in and out of the company every other show. There was no game plan and lack of talent in the Women’s Division. Let's now go back down memory lane and take a look at some of the worst Divas to ever step into a ring. Here are 15 of the worst Divas in pro wrestling history. Enjoy!

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15 Kelly Kelly


Kelly Kelly had all the right things going for her that could have made her a top line Diva with the company; she broke into the wrestling business at 19 years of age, she was beautiful and had a background in gymnastics. Unfortunately, her in-ring work never ended up catching on with the WWE personnel or the fans. However, she did manage to capture the Divas Championship. On September 28th, 2012, it was revealed that Kelly was released by the WWE. In an interview, Kelly discussed that her release was because she needed some time off nursing a neck injury. So much potential gone to waste.

14 Cameron


Yet another current WWE Diva that was brought up way too fast and it showed, big time. When Cameron joined the 2011 season of Tough Enough, she was the first competitor eliminated from the reality show. She however, still managed to sign a deal with the WWE. After spending some time with the WWE’s developmental system of FCW, Cameron was called up to the main roster as a part of the Funkadactyls, where she made her debut as dancer and manager for Brodus Clay, alongside Naomi. After her failed stint, Cameron chose to be sent back down to improve her wrestling skills. She is currently still with the WWE’s developmental brand NXT, and a call up seems very unlikely at this point.

13 Stacy Carter (aka “The Kat”)


"The Kat" may go down as the worst WWE Women’s Champion in history. She captured the championship in a Four Corners Evening Gown Pool match at Armageddon in December of 1999. "The Kat" flashed her breast during the match, and it was the first time the WWE had an intentional nude angle. She would appear in the nude several times in the future. After her release in 2001, her ex-husband Jerry Lawler, also left the company. They later divorced and Jerry returned to the WWE full-time.

12 Eva Marie


Eva’s run with the company has been quite forgettable since she made her debut on the main roster in 2013. Eva’s lack of experience was apparent early on, as fans jeered her for being disastrous in the ring. The fiery Diva later decided it was time to get additional help, and she would get sent back down to NXT where she would get some one on one help with former WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Kendrick. After relaunching her gimmick in NXT, it just seems to be the same Eva with a slightly more aggressive demeanor in the ring. She still has so many uncomfortable moments during her matches where she seems confused. Eva has now been placed with future Diva star Nia Jax. It’ll be interesting to see if she can finally find her way under this new role.

11 Rosa Mendes


Rosa Mendes was signed to a deal with the company following her elimination from the WWE Diva Search competition. Rosa spent a total of 5 years in development (believe it or not), 2 years with OVW, followed be 3 more years more with FCW. After making her debut with the main roster, Rosa was mainly used as a manager. Her in ring skills are still lacking despite a long five year run in developmental. With Rosa on maternity leave, it may be the last we see of this former WWE Diva.

10 Ashley Massaro


The future looked very bright for this WWE Diva after she took home the $250,000 grand prize and title of the WWE Diva Search in 2005. Unfortunately for Ashley, she was not sent down, instead she was immediately used on the main roster despite her limited wrestling skills. In 2008, Massaro was released from her contract after her daughter fell ill according to the former Diva Search winner. She was remembered during her time with the WWE for posing with Playboy.

9 Joy Giovanni


Joy Giovanni had a promising start to her career, winning the first and only award for Rookie Diva of the year. Joy made her debut as a “massage therapist” on Smackdown, where she was later given a more important role with the company feuding with another former WWE alumni Diva, Amy Weber. How were her in ring skills? Well, she didn’t really have any. Giovanni was mostly used as a pretty face in the company, something we probably won’t see anymore with the new school WWE Divas being as talented as ever. On July 6th, 2005, Giovanni was released by the company due to budget cuts. She is currently working in Los Angeles as a chiropractor.

8 Aksana


This former Lithuanian WWE Diva never lived up to her potential during the time she spent with the WWE. Despite a very profitable look, Aksana was never pushed by the WWE’s creative staff. This later lead to her release, and according to some rumors that started circulating backstage, Kevin Dunn was the only backstage executive pulling for Aksana. Ultimately the numbers game caught up to Dunn and Aksana when she was released by the company on June 12th, 2014.

7 Jackie Gayda


Jackie Gayda rose to fame after winning the WWE’s reality television show Tough Enough. After Gayda finally started working on solo vignettes for the company, Jackie was released from the company on July 5th, 2005, along with her husband Charlie Haas, due to budget cuts (many other wrestlers were also released during these budget cuts). Jackie was yet another victim of being rushed into the WWE's mix way too soon. Gayda’s in ring skills were terrible and truly uncomfortable to watch. She shouldn’t be totally blamed for this though, as she never got the proper amount of time to gain experience. Thankfully today, NXT is an absolute must for new talent, both recent Tough Enough winners are currently still in the WWE’s developmental system yet to debut. Looks like the WWE is learning from their past mistakes.

6 Jillian Hall


Jillian Hall actually spent 5 years working on the independent circuit before finally signing a deal with the WWE. She also spent two additional years with the WWE’s former developmental system down in OVW. Despite all her experience though, Jillian never really caught on with the WWE universe. She was mostly remembered for her comedic gimmick as a terrible singer. After the WWE didn’t offer Hall a new deal, she went on to join TNA wrestling from 2011 to 2013. She later announced her retirement from pro wrestling.

5 Tylene Buck (aka Major Gunns)


Tylene Buck started her wrestling career as an “nWo girl”. She was later asked to join the stable of the Misfits In Action. Tylene was mostly used a manager, as her in ring skills were basically unbearable to watch. Just before the blockbuster sale between the WWE and WCW was made final, Tylene was released from the company in February 2001. Following her release, Buck joined the world of adult entertainment.

4 Amy Weber


Amy Weber had a brief career with the WWE, which lasted a little over one year. Amy was used as JBL’s image consultant in The Cabinet. Unfortunately, her role was just plain useless at the end of the day. She had one match during her entire stay with the company, which she won by forfeit (believe it or not). Weber claims she quit the company because of harassment from wrestlers and the fact that it was ran like a “frat house”.

In 2012, Weber actually came out with a hit music CD entitled Let it Rain, and the lead album single actually stayed a top of the US Billboard Charts for over a month. She has also been involved in several films and TV shows since her departure from the WWE.

3 Christy Hemme


Christy Hemme's wrestling career got off to a promising start after she won the WWE’s Diva Search in 2004. Christy was awarded with a $250,000 contract, but after a complete fail and uneventful in-ring career, Hemme was sent down to OVW for some repackaging, as it was obvious that she desperately needed some help in the ring. Unfortunately for Hemme, it was too little too late, and the WWE claimed to have released her because of a lack of creative for her. Hemme denied the statement claiming she left on her own terms. Today, Hemme is still with TNA Wrestling, and she has been there since 2006. Last year, Christy gave birth to her first daughter, Charlie Rose.

2 Nicole Bass


Bass was another wrestler that proved that sometimes bodybuilders are not cut out to be pro wrestlers, despite their look. Bass won numerous titles during her run as a pro bodybuilder. She later tried to translate her success from bodybuilding into the world of pro wrestling. As you can imagine, she failed miserably. Bass eventually left the company after she claimed she was being sexually assaulted backstage by Steve Lombardi (aka "The Brooklyn Brawler"). Her charges were later dismissed. In 2006, Bass was hospitalized due to steroid influenced pancreatitis.

1 Rochelle Loewen


Despite her tremendous look, Rochelle Loewen's run with the WWE was quite forgettable. The only memory wrestling fans probably have of her was when a story surfaced that claimed Randy Orton had urinated in her bag because she claimed not to know who Orton was. Loewen was basically used a prop for the WWE, working backstage segments and appearing during promos as an invited guest. Following her only match at No Way Out, Rochelle was released by the company.

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