15 Of The Most Unlikely WWE Title Holders

It’s fair to say that the WWE has had a bit of trouble in the past creating viable champions for their tittles. At one point, being a WWE champion wasn't as glamorous as it is today and as it should be. This list may surprise you, as it will take a look at current and past WWE Championships, which were held by unlikely former and current WWE Superstars. The list of Championships include the European Championship, Intercontinental Championship, Hardcore Championship, Tag team Championships, Cruiserweight Championship, ECW Championship and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Enjoy this list of the 15 most unlikely champions of all time!

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15 Mideon Wins The European Championship


Believe it or not, Mideon would end up winning the European title by finding it in Shane McMahon’s bag (you can’t make this stuff up). After Shane would defeat X-Pac in a tag match on Raw to capture the title, Shane would announce that he was going to retire as Champion. After 4 months of the title being disactivated, Mideon would go on to be rewarded with the title, after finding it in Shane’s bag. Mideon would hang to the title for a month after being defeated by D’Lo Brown at Fully Loaded. Brown would become the first ever wrestler to have both European and Intercontinental Championships.

14 Men On A Mission Win The Tag Team Championships


Men on a Mission was a tag team composed of Mabel and Mo. The team tagged together in wrestling matches, from 1993 to 1996. Believe it or not, during that period, despite a comedic gimmick which consisted of them acting like "Fresh Prince" characters, the two actually managed to capture the Tag titles during a live event in London. This title run however, as most would imagine, was short lived. The duo would drop the titles just 2 days later, losing to The Quebecers.

13 Charlie Haas & Rico Win The Tag Team Championships


After Shelton Benjamin was drafted to Raw in 2004, Charlie Haas changed his identity, joining forces with his real life wife Jackie Gayda, aka Miss Jackie and Rico (the two are still together today and have four children). The duo would turn into fan favorites and would later go on and defeat Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty, during a live episode of Smackdown, in April of 2004. The duo would surprisingly hang on to the belts for almost 2 months before being defeated by The Dudley Boyz, during an episode of Smackdown.

12 1-2-3 Kid & Bob Holly Win The Tag Team Championships

After Shawn Michaels and Diesel were forced to vacate their Tag Team Championships, a tournament was held to determine who the new Champions would be. 1-2-3 Kid and Bob Holly were massive underdogs, and in addition to that, they also didn't get along very well. Despite their differences though, the team reached the finals and went on to defeat Bam Bam Bigelow and Tatanka at the Royal Rumble. This title reign would unfortunately be short lived, as the duo would end up losing the belts on Raw the very next night, against the Smokin’ Guns.

11 Pete Gas, Joey Abs & Rodney Win The Hardcore Title


All 3 members of the “Mean Street Posse”at one time, held the Hardcore Title. Pete Gas was the first member to claim the title. He did so when the new rule was applied, that title would be a 24/7 title, as long as a ref was present. On Raw, Pete would cash-in by defeating the late Crash Holly in the Newark Airport. That same night, Crash would regain his title, by once again beating Pete in the airport. Later in the next month at Wrestlemania 2000, all 3 members of the Mean Street Posse would win the Hardcore Title during a 13 man Hardcore Battle Royal, at the very end of it all, after 10 title changes during the match, Hardcore Holly would walk out of Wrestlemania with the Championship.

10 Deuce ‘n Domino Win The Tag Team Championships


The team that consisted of Deuce Shade and Dice Domino would end up claiming the Tag Titles in Milan, Italy, during an episode of Smackdown, taping against Paul London and Brian Kendrick. The team would surprisingly hold the belts for 133 days before being defeated by another unlikely duo, featuring Matt Hardy and Montel Vontavious Porter, the title change also took place during a Smackdown taping.

9 The Spirit Squad Win The Tag Team Championships


Believe it or not, this odd group of all-male cheerleaders held the Tag Titles for 216 days. The team would go on to win the Tag Titles after defeating the duo of Kane and Big Show, following Wrestlemania 22. The Spirit Squad would finally lose their Tag Titles, after being defeated during Cyber Sunday against Ric Flair and Rowdy Rowdy Piper, who was chosen by the fans to tag with Flair. The Spirit Squad officially ended when DX, along with Flair, defeated the group during a 5 on 3 handicap match. The match took place later on in the night, and DX put all the members in a crate and stamped OVW onto the crate, referencing them being shipped back down to the minor leagues.

8 Jacqueline Wins The Cruiserweight Championship


The Cruiserweight Title never really caught steam during its time in the WWE, and Jacqueline winning the belt is a perfect example of this. During an episode of Smackdown, Chavo (the Champion at the time) offered an open challenge to anyone in the back, and Jacqueline would step up and beat Chavo. She would become the third and final women to capture the Cruiserweight Championship. However, her reign would be short lived, dropping the title 12 days later, against Chavo at Judgment Day, where Chavo was forced to wrestle with one arm tied behind his back.

7 Gerald Brisco & Pat Patterson Win The Hardcore Championship

This title was truly awesome, with its 24/7 rule, Brisco and Patterson would each cash in to have a run with the title. Brisco would actually end up winning the title twice, first by pinning Crash in his sleep during an episode of Smackdown, (after losing it to Crash) and he would once again claimed the title by defeating Crash while he was in a match with his cousin, Hardcore Holly. Brisco’s title run was short lived however, and Patterson would quickly take advantage of Brisco by pinning him backstage after he just won the title. Patterson would lose the belt a week later at the King of the Ring, while in a “Hardcore Evening Gown Match” against Gerald Brisco. Crash Holly would end up coming in during the match, and finally regain his title.

6 Hornswoggle Wins The Cruiserweight Championship


Hornswoggle’s unlikely reign as Champion would be the eventual death for the Cruiserweight Championship. After winning a “6 man Cruiserweight Open” at The Great American Bash, Hornswoggle would eventually be forced to drop the title after a 65 day run with the belt. During the September 25, 2007 edition of Smackdown, the acting GM at the time, Vickie Guerrero, would announce that because of his diminutive stature and being Mr. McMahon’s son, Hornswoggle would hurt the status and well being of the title, and this would officially deactivate the Championship.

5 Trish Stratus & Terri Runnels Win The Hardcore Championship

The two divas would be yet another couple of unusual names to add to this long list of Hardcore Title holders. Trish Stratus would steal a victory after Bubba would smoke Crash with a garbage can. When Bubba turned around, Trish would jump on Crash and get the victory to win the Title. Terri would also pull a massive shock and win the Hardcore Title during an interview with Steven Richards and Jacqueline. After Jacqueline would hit Richards with the microphone and attempt a pin, the Big Boss Man and Shawn Stasiak would come and interrupt the pin, trying to win the title themselves. While the 3 were still at it backstage, Richards was still down unconscious, and Runnels would then look around and go for the pin, winning the Championship.

4 Bob Backlund Wins The WWE World Heavyweight Championship For The Second Time


After his first incredible reign as champion in 1979, spanning over 1,470 days, Backlund would shock the world 15 years later by reclaiming the title against Bret Hart at Survivor Series. The match was a “Throw in the Towel” submission match. Ultimately, Owen (Bret’s brother) begged and pleaded for his parents to throw in the towel, after Bret was locked in Backlund’s finisher for over 8 minutes. Backlund’s Title reign would be short lived however, dropping the title 3 days later, at a House Show in New York against Diesel. This match would go down in the record books for two things: one, making it the last ever time the World Title changed hands during a non-televised event, and two, also tying a record which made it the shortest World Title match in WWE history (in a tie with Daniel Bryan cashing in his money in the bank against Randy Orton).

3 Ivan Koloff Wins The WWE World Heavyweight Championship


“The Russian Bear” shocked the world by ending Bruno Sammartino’s historical 2,803 day run with the World Title. Koloff ended the record breaking run in January of 1971, during a House Show live in Madison Square Garden. Koloff would end the 7 and 2/3 year run, via kneedrop off the top rope. The Russian Bear would ultimately be deemed as a transitional Champion, dropping the belt to Pedro Morales 3 weeks later. Morales would go on to have a lengthy run with the belt, spanning over 1,027 days.

2 Chyna Wins The Intercontinental Championship


Chyna would shock the world by becoming the first and only female to hold the Intercontinental Championship, after defeating Jeff Jarrett in a “Good Housekeeping Match” during the PPV, No Mercy. Chyna would go on to once again, win the Championship in August of 2000, during Summerslam. Chyna and Eddie Guerrero would defeat Val Venis and Trish Stratus during a mixed tag match. Chyna got the pin on Trish, deeming her as the second-time Champion. Her second run would only last 8 days, though, and Chyna would lose her belt on Raw during a Triple Threat match, which saw her partner, Eddie Guerrero win the championship.

1 Vince McMahon Wins The WWE World Heavyweight Championship


Mr. McMahon would shock the world September 16th, 1999, by claiming the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. McMahon picked up the shocking upset against Triple H during an episode of Smackdown. Stone Cold would end up being the game changer, by stunning Triple H and allowing Vince to pick up the improbable victory. McMahon would later go on to vacate the title, issuing a “Six Pack Challenge Match” for the Championship, where Triple H would once again reign victorious. McMahon would shock the world for a second time in 2007, by defeating Bobby Lashley during a "3 on 1 handicap match" for the ECW Championship. McMahon would end up dropping the title to Lashley during ECW’s One Night Stand PPV.

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