15 Of The Most Ridiculous WWE Items For Sale

Merchandise remains a huge part of the WWE’s massive engine that continues to run steadily today. Who can forget some of the most classic items ever, like the iconic “Austin 3:16” t-shirt (which is still for sale on WWE Shop) or the classic Rock Brahma Bull t-shirt? These shirts not only broke records in sales, but also left a lasting imprint in the minds of wrestling fans.

I wish I could say the same about the merchandise today, but the amount of items for sale on the WWE Shop is ridiculous. There are so many items, from shirts to pendants to flip flops to jewelry to even socks (yes, they sell Brie Mode socks). But "Brie Mode" socks isn’t the only ridiculous item up for sale, there are many, many more. Here’s 15 other ridiculous items available on the WWE Shop. Enjoy!

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15 Bo Dallas Wallet


For the price of $17.99 this wallet can be yours! Seriously though, a Bo Dallas wallet, my one question: why? Just why? I highly doubt the WWE Shop has sold a whole lot of these. The back of the wallet says, “that’s all you have to do”, in case some of you are interested in purchasing this masterpiece. They also have a SAWFT wallet for sale, which I can imagine has more sales than Bo’s wallet. I seriously don’t even think this item would sell at half the price.

14 SAWFT Pendant


This item can be yours for the price of $11.99. According to the product description, by purchasing this item you’ll be the “realest” person in the room. All jokes aside, Enzo and Cassady have items selling in pretty much every single category; the duo must be a draw considering they have all this merchandise and still haven’t stepped foot in a WWE ring just yet. The future looks pretty bright for this tag team, especially merchandise wise (I’ll still pass on the pendant).

13 Roman Reigns Santa Hat


WWE Shop is clearly getting into the holiday spirit with their new line of wrestler Santa hats, which are already on special at just $12.99. I’m sure so many parents would be thrilled to see their child wear a Roman Reigns Santa Hat next to their grandmother that says, “hit hard, hit often”, along with a fist in the middle (you probably sense the sarcasm here). The Santa hat has a 5 out of 5 star rating, in case you were wondering.

12 Randy Orton Women’s Button Boots


Staying in the holiday spirit, the WWE Shop released a new line of women’s boots. For some reason they decided to add Randy Orton’s RKO initials to a pair of the women’s boots. According to the product description, you can feel “extreme” comfort and style with these RKO boots. You can also flip the top so it looks like you own not one, but TWO pairs of RKO women’s boots. According to the one product review, they are “perfect boots”. Get them while they last at the price of $29.99.

11 Gobbledy Gooker T-Shirt


Out of over 200 authentic WWE T-shirts, I wonder how many people actually stopped and said, "hey, I want the Gobbledy Gooker one". Now okay, you figure the WWE Shop put this item on sale as a joke, well it’s not so funny because the t-shirt is actually sold at the regular price of $24.99. So basically, you can have any other authentic WWE t-shirt on the website for the same price......oh boy. I wonder how many actually sold.

10 Mojo Rawley, Stay Hyped T-Shirt


The “Stay Hyped” shirt is once again on sale, this time selling for a mere $7.99. That's not surprising though, considering we've barely seen Mojo on NXT in the last couple of months. If you’re a size small, this shirt is certainly not for you with the only sizes remaining being 3xl, 4xl and 5xl. I'm pretty sure this product isn’t worse than the Zack Ryder DVD that the WWE released. The DVD is no longer available on the WWE Shop for those of you that wish to purchase the item.

9 Bellas Jewelry


It seems like everywhere I click on the WWE Shop, there is a Bellas item up for sale in that category. The accessories section is packed with Bella merchandise, with items such as a Bella phone cases, Bella gold, silver and bronze wire bracelets, Bella pendants, Bella wallets, Bella heart charms and loads and loads more of individual Brie and Nikki accessory items.

The most expensive jewelry item is a Bellas charm Bracelet Package which is quite pricey. The bracelet retails at $49.99, but luckily you’ll save $4.97 with the WWE shop’s discounted price!

8 Bull Fit Authentic T-Shirt


So it’s no secret by now, the Bull Dempsey repackaging by NXT is probably their most failed gimmick ever. The passionate NXT crowds simply haven’t responded well to the new gimmick (and we understand why). In addition, the “Bull-Fit” shirt is now on sale, selling for $15 for a “limited time”. Every size is available. It will be interesting to see what will go quicker; the gimmick or the "Bull-Fit" shirt?

7 Blue Pants T-Shirt


Yes, I understand the Blue Pants gimmick was quite popular amongst the NXT faithful, but let’s get serious here, a shirt with a blue pair of jogging pants on it? I’ve personally never even seen Blue pants wear blue sweat pants (which is totally inaccurate by the creators of this shirt).

The T-shirt is available in all sizes for men, women and children. It is now on special for a limited time at $15.

6 Brie Bella Flops


One of the many (oh so many) Brie Bella items available on the WWE Shop, the flip flops are actually quite pricey at $29.99. Believe it or not, the product is almost completely sold out with only 3 quantities of size 11s left in stock.

If you’re scared that your feet will be cold, don’t be. The Brie Bella “Brie Mode” socks are also on sale at $11.99. All jokes aside, props to the Bella twins for selling so many items on the WWE Shop. The Bella Army seems to be in full force.

5 Jack Swagger We the People Bracelet


Unfortunately, there is no product review for this item just yet, so you have to go with your instincts when you decide to buy it. As you might assume considering this is a silicone bracelet, the item is one of the cheapest ones available on the website, retailing at $3.99. The silicone bracelet is blue and says “we the people” written in red. In other news, where the hell is Jack Swagger?

4 Cameron Girl Bye! Women’s V-Neck


Never thought I’d see the day that a wrestler would get a shirt made because of her performance on the reality based WWE Divas show. Cameron’s shirt is now on sale for $15, this is a limited time special offer according to the WWE Shop. According to one review, the shirt is “cheap material”. But don’t get discouraged, one of the other reviewers claims she loves the fit. These product reviews are greatly appreciated.

3 Kevin Owens Holiday Sweatshirt


Now I understand the item is meant to be a joke as an ugly Christmas sweater item, but was it really necessary to print the words "Fight" and "KO" on a holiday sweatshirt? I’m sure not so many parents would be thrilled to see their child wear a shirt written "Fight in block letters. The shirt is not knitted but don’t worry, it was professionally screen printed to have the knitted look.

All jokes aside, props to Owens; other than this horrendous holiday shirt his items are all over the WWE Shop and selling quite well.

2 Sting “At the Plate” Legends T-Shirt


I truly don’t know where to begin with this t-shirt. This shirt is just wrong in so many ways. The t-shirt (as you can see) features Sting playing baseball, yes that’s right, face paint and everything, playing baseball. The randomness of this shirt actually makes me want to but it. The shirt is now on special and available for a limited time for $15. I would still love to know the logic behind this item though. "Hey guys, let's put Sting playing baseball on a shirt".

1 Tough Enough Items Everywhere


I’m not sure what type of hopes and plans the WWE had for Tough Enough, but I’m pretty sure those hopes didn’t turn out as expected. Everywhere you turn on the WWE Shop there is a Tough Enough item. The WWE Shop still carries 35 Tough Enough items; yes, 35! Items range from numerous t-shirts to Tough Enough backpacks to Tough Enough stringers to even Tough Enough towels. I’m not sure what the expectations for Tough Enough were, but judging by all the remaining items the expectations were pretty huge. As you can imagine, most items are now on sale. Not sure what the WWE was thinking with all these items.

Sources: shop.wwe.com

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