15 Of The Most Outrageous Rumors In Wrestling History

Oh the rumors; this simply drives wrestling enthusiasts completely nuts. As wrestling fans, we love to know what truly goes on behind the scenes. Now it’s important to determine what’s true and what’s not. Over the last couple of decades some outrageous rumors have surfaced; some are false, while others are unbelievably true.

Some of the rumors on this list will absolutely stun you (Steve Austin style) when you find out that these situations actually took place. The rumors on this list range from Vince McMahon sending seeds into WCW, to Randy Savage sleeping with the bosses daughter, to Yokozuna eating a bar filled with ex-lax, to the Montreal Screwjob being a work. As you can see this article's go it all! Let’s now enjoy 15 of the most outrageous rumors in wrestling history.


15 McMahon and Heyman Working Together During Paul’s ECW Days

Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon were in fact working together during the 90’s. McMahon used ECW as a brand to develop some if his talent with Heyman’s approval. McMahon also rented wrestlers from Heyman (Terry Gordy and 2 Cold Scorpio were a couple of wrestlers McMahon rented for a $1,000 per week). The two formed this alliance all the way back in 1996. Just weeks after WCW was sold, Heyman decided to shut ECW down filing the company for bankruptcy. Many were irate, including Tommy Dreamer who believed ECW did not have to close its doors and only did so because of a secret agreement between McMahon and Heyman. Paul did not show up to ECW’s final show and was later employed with the WWE.

14 Orton Goes Number 2 In Rochelle Loewen’s Bag


There are so many different sides to this rumor. Did Randy Orton actually s**t in Loewen’s bag? According to some rumors, he did. Rochelle claims Orton merely covered her bag up with tanning lotion and baby oil, saying that he did so because he was jealous of the attention that she was giving to his best friend at the time, Mark Jindrak. Orton simply couldn’t stand the fact that his travelling partner was hanging around with her, as opposed to the Viper. Other rumors claim that Orton was infuriated when Rochelle didn’t even know who Orton was. It remains to be seen if Orton actually did drop in her bag, but knowing his past antics, it’s a strong possibility that this rumor was true.

13 Michael Cole’s Disastrous Debut

Michael Cole confirmed the fact that this rumor was true. During a live event, Cole waited nervously as he was about to interview Owen Hart, and this was especially significant because it was Michael’s first ever on-air interview. Cole recalls being extremely nervous and shaky minutes before the live interview took place. Just before the interview went live, Owen and The British Bulldog decided to pull a little joke on the new employee, and poured a liter of coke down the tuxedo pants of Michael Cole. Not having any time to react, Cole conducted the interview as if nothing happened. Believe it or not, he kept a straight face the entire interview. Certainly a moment Michael Cole will never forget.

12 X-Pac Urinates In Sable’s Bag


Not sure what it is with wrestlers and dropping bombs in their co-workers' bags. Waltman was one of the first wrestlers to do so, and he unbelievably confirmed the story was actually true. During a shoot interview, Waltman revealed that Sable was very disliked amongst her peers, and claimed she was one of the most unpopular Superstars backstage in wrestling history. This was in large part due to the fact that Sable took credit as being the reason RAW would get such high ratings. During her final show in Wembley Stadium, along with Marc Mero, wrestlers backstage decided to make the two leave with a parting gift. An undisclosed wrestler would let out their “waste” in a cup and put it in Sables’ traveling bag. X-Pac would add to the parting gift, just seconds before his music hit against Shane McMahon and urinate on the bag.

Jim Ross would later find out about the prank and question X-Pac, telling him Sable was considering doing a DNA sample on the waste. X-Pac burst into laughter thinking of that scenario. Waltman did regret the entire situation and claimed he wasn’t in the right state of mind during that era. Clearly.

11 The Not-So-Perfect Chocolate Bar

It was best to steer clear of Mr. Perfect during the 90’s, as this guy was quite the prankster backstage. According to several rumors, Yokozuna got it the worst with a laced chocolate bar with Ex-Lax added into it. According to the rumors, after eating the bar, Yoko began to feel ill and needed to use the washroom instantly. The unfortunate factor was that a man of Yoko’s size did not fit into the airplane bathrooms. After a bit of panic, a stewardess on the plane allowed Yokozuna to release in the back of the plane on newspapers, and to make matters worse, the stewardess had to stand there the entire time holding up a blanket. Man, it’s hard to make up a story like this one!

10 Mark Henry Eats Sh*t


During Henry’s early stages with the WWE, he was wildly unpopular backstage. Mark carried himself very seriously and rarely spoke to anyone. It took a talk from The Undertaker to finally calm the big man down. Before his talk with Taker, Henry was a ticking time bomb. In one instance, a wrestler jokingly hid Henry’s crutches, but instead of laughing it off, Mark threatened some wrestlers, and this ultimately was a big mistake. While Henry left the lunch table, X-Pac decided to leave a little gift in Mark’s sandwich. Witnesses claim that Henry later bit into the sandwich without even noticing the “gift” inside of it. Henry immediately ran to the bathroom and vomited. Once he came back, his crutches were gone (once again). Before Henry would have the time to go crazy and scream at the wrestlers, Owen told him Vince needed to see him immediately. Poor Henry walked across the entire arena with a banged up leg only to find out that McMahon had not been there all day. Talk about a tough day at the office.

9 Harley Race Uses Taser On Owen Hart Backstage

Things were a little different backstage in the 90s compared to what they are today (as you can probably tell so far in this article). Owen was a huge prankster backstage, and his antics actually continued in some of his co-workers' homes. During a supper at the home of WWE legend Harley Race, Owen decided to put loads of hot sauce into the chilli. After the prank, Harley realized Owen was one of the only people that did not eat the chilli. The following night on RAW, Race extended his hand to Owen for the good prank. As Owen went in for the shake he got tased by Race. The taser was so strong that Owen dropped to the floor and was unconscious.


8 The Napkin Knockout


This rumor was confirmed to be true by the victim of the prank, Edge. Owen Hart was once again at the heart of this prank in front of a live audience. The situation took place during a tag team match between the two. Throughout the match, Owen repeatedly kept hitting Edge with a foreign object. Edge could not make out what it was because Owen was always quick to hide it under his armpit after he used it. Not knowing what it was, Edge would sell that he was hit badly with “the illegal object”. Later in the match, after using it again, the ref would ask Owen to raise his arm and show the ref what he was using. Much to the shock of Edge, it was a napkin (yes, a napkin). Poor Edge was selling the fact that he had gotten hit repeatedly with a napkin. Edge learned early on in his career that he had to be ready to expect the unexpected at all times.

7 The Coach Gets Arrested During RAW

The prank all began with Jerry Brisco telling the Coach to start a fantasy football pool. Brisco told Coachman to pick up $10 from those who wanted to participate. After starting the pool, two cops came into Jonathan’s dressing room and claimed that the Coach was running a gambling pool, which is a very serious offense. The cops proceeded to tell the Coach that they needed to take him in. Before they left, the cops stopped in front of McMahon’s office telling him about the situation. McMahon (who was in on the prank) began yelling at Coachman in front of the likes of Triple H, Stephanie, the Rock, Kevin Dunn and Jerry Brisco, who were all in on the joke. After nearly an hour of this mayhem, McMahon turned down the demand to bail out the Coach. After the Coach attempted to plead with Vince, the cops proceeded to take Coachman away. After driving a mile down the road, the cops turned around and said they forgot something. After they headed back and went back to McMahon’s office, everyone was laughing hysterically. It was at that moment that the Coach realized he had been part of one the best backstage pranks in wrestling history.

6 Rey Mysterio Dating Jennifer Aniston

The National Enquirer ran a story in the mid 90s claiming that popular actress Jen Aniston was dating a mysterious masked wrestler who was identified as Rey Mysterio. This all came at the peak of Jennifer’s career, while staring in the hit TV show, Friends. In his autobiography though, Mysterio admitted these allegations were completely false. Mysterio had a big laugh about the situation, and he also bought a copy of the paper to show his wife. Mysterio has no clue how this rumor ever came about.

5 The Plane Ride From Hell

One of the biggest rumors in wrestling history still stems back from the infamous plane ride from hell. Wrestling fans are salivating to know exactly what happened on this flight. So many different stories have come out on what exactly went down during the flight. According to rumors, the flight from Great Britain to the United States had it all. Here are some claims of what went down on this flight: A fight between Lesnar and Hennig which almost broke an aircraft door (Hennig was later released because of this situation), Bradshaw knocking out Michael Hayes, Sean Waltman cutting off Michael Hayes’ ponytail, Ric Flair flashing a stewardess and wrestlers consuming severe amounts of drugs and alcohol. So many stories, but what’s true and what’s not? We will never really know. This plane ride from hell remains one of the most infamous stories outside of the ring in wrestling history.

4 McMahon Sends Russo To Kill WCW

After the fall of WCW, rumors surfaced that Vince McMahon sent Vince Russo to WCW in an attempt to destroy the company once in for all. WCW superstar Goldberg, believes this rumor is actually true. Goldberg claims Russo was a “plant” that was meant to throw WCW downhill in a hurry. Goldberg furthered his claims by saying Russo’s ideas were “asinine and ridiculous”. Russo claims he left the WWE because he felt like he was under-appreciated with the company. Many wrestling enthusiasts find it hard to believe that a man that came up with some of the greatest gimmicks in wrestling history could have hit a wall that badly creatively with WCW.

3 The Montreal ScrewJob Was All A Work

There are so many conspiracy claims out there surrounding the infamous Montreal Screwjob. Some believe this whole situation was one of the biggest works in wrestling history. Some believe that this was all done as a ratings ploy. When Bret left the WWE, ratings skyrocketed following the situation. McMahon used the story to develop his character as the ruthless boss which later transmitted into a storyline with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Some also believe that the fact that there was a camera crew documenting the entire situation backstage was quite bizarre. Some went as far as to speculate that McMahon’s black was done with makeup and that Vince never really got punched. One thing’s for sure, the story certainly flipped The Monday Night Wars upside down.

2 Hulk’s Black Eye

The debate still wages on till this day; was it a Jet Ski accident or was it the Macho Man’s fist that truly caused Hogan’s black eye from WrestleMania 9? Rumors began to come out that Randy Savage socked Hogan in the face after he found out that Miss Elizabeth had cheated on Randy while she was away with Hulk. Rumors indicated that Hogan introduced Elizabeth to one of his friends. Macho Man was none too pleased and apparently hit Hogan right in the face. When asked about the situation, Hogan claimed he got into a huge Jet Ski accident the day before WrestleMania 9. His eye was so bad that McMahon didn’t even want Hogan to wrestle that night. Ultimately, not only did Hogan wrestle, but he fought twice that night winning the WWE Championship from Yokozuna.

1 Randy Savage and Stephanie’s Affair

This remains one of the most unsolvable rumors in wrestling history; did Macho Man have an affair with McMahon's daughter? Some signs point to yes, while others, like Lanny Poffo (Randy’s brother) claims the allegations were false. There is reason to believe the rumor is true, however. McMahon has held a grudge with the Macho Man for a very long time. Some go as far as to claim that McMahon made Hogan induct the last Macho Man into the Hall of Fame as one final rib to Randy Savage. Macho Man also made some sarcastic comments about Stephanie in the past. During a shoot video, Savage told Triple H that he would steal his girlfriend from him. Many believe the lack of attention Macho Man got from the WWE, and how all his past great accomplishments were pretty unacknowledged by the WWE, was because of his affair with Stephanie. This remains one of the most controversial stories in wrestling history.



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