15 Of The Most Emotional WWE Pictures

Emotion and wrestling seems to go hand in hand, doesn’t it? No matter what happens, the world of pro wrestling is great at making us, the fans, feel a certain emotion. I’ll be honest, my emotions when watching today’s product are usually confusion and anger, though from time to time, situations do arise that leave wrestling fans very emotional; the recent announcement of Daniel Bryan's retirement is certainly one of those situations.

Whether you want to admit it or not, wrestling certainly does play with its fans' emotions. The following article will take a look down memory lane at some moments that tugged on our heart strings. Whether it was a memorable match, a tribute or an inspirational figure, these moments got the best of us wrestling fans. So without further ado, here are 15 of the most emotional WWE pictures.

15 The Streak Is Over

14 Benoit Loses His Best Friend

13 9/11 Tribute

12 Edge Bids A Farewell To His Co-Workers

11 Pat Patterson Comes Out

10 The Warrior’s Chilling Promo

On April 7th, 2014, The Warrior would make his final appearance on RAW before his passing the next day. Here is the chilling transcript of what The Warrior said before passing away the next day:

9 Honoring Owen

8 NXT Pays Tribute To Dusty

7 Lawler Suffers A Heart Attack Live On RAW

6 Flair’s Final Match

5 Mr. WrestleMania Takes His Final Bow

4 Connor Steals The Hearts Of Wrestling Fans

3 The End Of An Era

2 Vince And The Undertaker Get Emotional Before The Streak Ends

1 WrestleMania XX

WrestleMania XX concluded with a very emotional ending. The show closed with the two journeymen finally realizing their dreams on the biggest stage of them in Madison Square Garden. Sadly, these two wrestlers would both pass away by 2007, three years after this event.


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15 Of The Most Emotional WWE Pictures