Top 15 Most Despicable Things Vince McMahon Has Ever Done

Love him or hate him, you have to respect this man’s accomplishments with a net worth of $1.2 billion. What makes this mark that much more impressive is the fact that he’s been able to stay at the very top for years now. As of this new era, Vince McMahon is expanding his empire worldwide, more so than ever before with the PG rating in place which allows more companies the opportunity to be involved with the product. The WWE Network has also furthered the company’s horizons, making access to wrestling not only easy but affordable at the cheap price of $9.99. For all these things, we applaud him.

With the good comes a lot of bad though, and these situations pertain more so towards the 90s and early 2000s, as he has in fact cleaned up his act since. Though, we will still shed some light on some terrible things Vince has done over the years; whether it be his treatment of women, his overuse of power and his terrible on-air decision-making with some of the most horrific content on television. With this in mind, we present to you 15 of the most despicable things Vince McMahon has ever done. Enjoy!

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15 Makeouts, Makeouts And More Makeouts


Vince's handling of women hasn’t been the greatest until only recently, as Stephanie and Hunter have played a huge role in making the female talent finally look like actual in-ring performers, as opposed to Vince’s old motto as glorified eye candy.

Particularly during the Attitude Era, Vince spent a majority of his time putting his female talents in gimmick situations pertaining to sexuality. Not only that, but he has also engaged with his employees several times in past. The list of wrestlers Vince made out with live on television include Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle, Sable and Trish Stratus.

His treatment of women also got him into some hot water backstage. Former WWE referee Rita Marie, who was the first ever female referee for the company, pressed charges due to sexual harassment by Vince McMahon. A similar story came out in 2006, this time a sexual harassment charge was declared by a worker at a tanning bar claiming McMahon sexually harassed her in Boca Raton, Florida. As you can see here, his track record with women isn’t the greatest and quite despicable judging by his previous encounters and allegations.

14 I Quit Match Against His Daughter


When it comes to his family, Vince has never shied away from involving them in literally any type of storyline. Stephanie has fallen victim to several of those (this won’t be the last time you see her name on this list).

For this instance, we flash back to Stephanie’s run as the SmackDown General Manager. After refusing to step down from her position as acting GM, Vince would invoke a match against his very own daughter. To make matters even worse, he declared it to be one of the most brutal WWE match types, an “I Quit Match”.

The entire concept was mind blowing; a father taking on his daughter in one of the most brutal match concepts. The encounter took place at No Mercy and ended when Linda threw in the towel protecting her daughter. Yes folks, even the mother was involved. For what it's worth, the match lasted a mere 9 minutes, thankfully.

13 Creating A God Character


We’ve seen it in the past, no matter how controversial of a subject it is, chances are Vince has exploited it to a certain extent. Religion was yet another topic Vince added a checkmark next to when he decided to use the almighty power in a match.

Poking fun at HBK’s new found faith in God as a Born Again Christian, McMahon decided to put “God” as Shawn’s Tag Team partner in a match at Backlash against himself and son Shane. The “God” character ended up being a spotlight, which basically meant that Shawn ended up fighting the bout in a handicap match.

This despicable match-type was actually quite long and in fact was the longest match on the card going 20 minutes, if you can believe it. The bout was not well received and met with a lot of controversy on various social media accounts. The only good that came about from the angle was the return of Degeneration-X (which was rather poor, but hey).

12 The CM Punk Fax


Behind the scenes, McMahon has also been involved in various despicable acts, some in which took place with his employees and how he treated them. The CM Punk situation was one which was handled extremely poorly.

With Punk being fed up of his character development and constantly being unheard behind the scenes, he decided to walk out of the company claiming he lost the passion for it all.

Vince would only make things worse and end it all on such a sour note when he would send Punk his termination papers on his wedding day. Ouch. On the Stone Cold Podcast, McMahon officially apologized to Punk claiming the timing of it all was a terrible coincidence and something that should have never happened.

Ultimately, Punk responded to Vince’s comments during his shoot on the Art of Wrestling Podcast, rejecting McMahon’s apology claiming it was not truthful and basically something for his public image. Punk later stated that he never got a personal apology. The entire situation was truly terrible.

11 Approving The Katie Vick Angle


Still to this very day, McMahon foresees all final creative decisions. Basically everything we see is approved by Vince before going on the air. This includes countless baffling and disturbing storylines, with one of the worst pertaining to a story back in October of 2002 when the WWE brought up a past relationship of Kane to the deceased Katie Vick. Things went from bad to worse when Hunter claimed that Kane r*ped her once she died and threatened to show the video of it. For some disturbing reason, McMahon approved the angle and brought it a step further when Triple H dressed like Kane and sexually assaulted a mannequin in the casket...

The angle was met with horrible reactions and took away from a match that fans were actually excited for prior to all of the disturbing content.

Still to this day, the story is being talked about and regarded as one of the most despicable angles in WWE history. Vince can only blame himself for such a failure.

10 More Making Out... This Time In Front Of Wife


It wasn’t bad enough that Vince made out with countless women and involved his family numerous times, in this instance, he decided to combine both elements with a terrible twist, just as you might expect Vince to do.

The despicable story saw his wife Linda, in a wheelchair after Vince filed for divorce and started engaging in weekly R-rated acts with Trish. The story took a terrible turn when McMahon made out with Trish while his wife watched (yes, while in a wheelchair). I bet Trish was thinking, “what the hell did I get myself into?” at that point.

The disturbing angle came to an end following WrestleMania X-Seven when Shane defeated his father with the help of his mother Linda, who finally snapped. Not to worry though, Vince had the last laugh that night aiding Steve Austin in the main event and setting up an unlikely alliance between the two.

9 Making Trish Bark Like A Dog


Before we tackle this disturbing entry, let’s give Trish a round of applause for enduring some horrifying acts in the past. Thankfully, her in-ring career blossomed to the point that most fans remember her for the great things she did as an in-ring performer, and not for some of these disturbing antics.

Another one of them took place on Raw when Stephanie started to hate on Trish for her involvement with her father. On a February edition of Raw, the situation reached its boiling point when Vince and Stephanie absolutely humiliated Stratus by making her strip, bark like a dog and if that wasn’t enough, dump sewage all over her. Vince ended the angle by telling Stephanie she was always “daddy’s little girl”, while Trish was “daddy’s little toy”.

The degrading of Trish on live TV was horrifying and an absolute embarrassment for everyone involved (which includes Vince for the most part). How this made television, we will never understand. Don’t expect to see anything of the sorts anytime soon.

8 Faking His Own Death


Fakes his own death: check.

McMahon added to his twisted web of despicable ideas when he decided to fake his own death during an episode of Monday Night Raw on June 11th, 2007. At the end of the show, Vince walked to his limo which blew up in dramatic fashion when he “entered it”.

Following the show, the WWE social media pages claimed the death was in fact legitimate and that the boss had passed away. His goal in all of this was to basically kill of his character.

The following episode was meant to serve as a three-hour memorial show, although that never happened and the entire idea was nixed following the actual death of Chris Benoit. McMahon went on the air during the tribute show claiming his passing was all an act and that the episode would instead be a Chris Benoit tribute show. The WWE would later stop acknowledging the Benoit death once details were revealed on how his passing came about.

7 The Owen Situation


May 23rd, 1999, will forever be known as a dark day in the world of professional wrestling. It was on that very day, during the WWE PPV Over The Edge, where Owen Hart fell to his death after a terrible freak accident.

Owen was scheduled to enter from the rafters like a superhero. It was tested earlier in the day and seemed to work just fine. During the show, the rope failed Owen and he fell to his death. The show stopped for over 15 minutes as those in attendance and behind the scenes were extremely startled.

The decision to continue the show by Vince was met with huge criticisms following the show. Fans were enraged at how the WWE proceeded with everything following such a horrific act.

McMahon’s choice was terrible looking back, and should have definitely come to an end at that point. Hart’s family would later receive $18 million for the malfunction, but the entire angle was a dark cloud that still follows the company to this very day.

6 The Montreal Screwjob


Fans and former WWE stars call this situation one of the most despicable acts in WWE history.

At the 1997 Survivor Series in Montreal, Canada, the WWE decided to improvise the finish to Bret Hart’s final match without him knowing about it. Once Michaels put Hart in his finishing maneuver, McMahon called for the bell and gave Shawn the Championship, claiming he won the match.

The angle was met with extreme backlash from not only fans who protested the situation decades after it went down, but amongst the talent as well, including Mick Foley who decided to stay home the next night on Raw as a sign of protest to the classless decision.

What made Vince’s decision so much worse was the fact that he did it to Bret, the most undeserving guy to pull something like that on in the entire locker room. Hart was a workhorse for the company and would fight even when he was feeling ill. He was a constant pro. The act is regarded as one of the most despicable in pro wrestling history.

5 Crucifying His Own Daughter


Yup, add another Stephanie situation to the list and ironically, it is not the last one to make this article of disturbing events, but stay tuned for that a little later.

For this one we flashback to the Attitude Era which featured some of the most mind blowing, “what the hell were they thinking?” types of storylines and angles. Vince Russo was actually the catalyst for the idea (another disturbing wrestling mind), pitching Stephanie’s on-air involvement.

Her debut story began with The Undertaker stalking her and later abducting Vince’s daughter at Backlash. Austin would end up rescuing Stephanie from the crucifixion, although it was later revealed that her own father was in on it, aligning with The Undertaker. This later paved the way for the Corporate Ministry stable.

Following the terrible story, Stephanie got involved with Test and later began her run as a mega heel when she joined forces with Triple H back in December of 1999, at Armageddon. Crazy to think she’s playing a similar role almost two decades later.

4 Kiss My A*s Club


If you’re not familiar with the club, it’s basically exactly what it’s called, a club that kisses Vince’s ass.

Following the WCW Invasion angle, Vince launched the club forcing William Regal to kiss his behind in order to remain a member of the WWE. Regal cemented his place in the club live on Raw during the November 19th, 2001 program by puckering up.

He wasn’t the only member though, as several others would later join the ranks usually being threatened to be fired if they did not perform the act. Others simply joined as an act of embarrassment by the boss.

The other members included a variety of performers such as the legendary commentator Jim Ross, Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels & Mick Foley, his own son Shane and the final member Hornswoggle, which took place on Raw on February 4th, 2008.

Thankfully, we'll never see Vince’s butt again. Although, never say never...

3 Dropping The N Bomb

He even dropped an "N" bomb on live television, so you can add a check to that column.

During a backstage segment on Raw from Detroit, Michigan, Vince dropped the N word during a segment with John Cena, telling him to “keep it up my n****”. After he walked away in Vince-like fashion, McMahon was met by Booker T, who looked on lost for words.

By no means is Vince McMahon racist, nor has there been any sign of him performing any racist acts, although the skit was received very negatively by several fans. Vince meant for the angle to be comical, though many were very upset and disturbed as to why a man with so much power would drop such a word.

2 Admitting To Cheating On Howard Stern

Some will call it classless, while others will appreciate Vince for actually being honest and speaking the truth pertaining to his faithfulness to his wife, Linda McMahon.

Vince admitted on The Howard Stern Show in 2002, that he had in fact cheated on Linda several times (although he hadn’t any longer six years prior to the interview, which was in 02’ as we stated). During the interview Vince discussed that he is an open book and did in fact tell his wife about all the affairs. He also talked about the fact that Linda knew what she was getting herself into when the two decided to tie the knot.

McMahon ended the interview by claiming that was something of the past and is not important any longer, although as we discussed earlier, there were several other allegations of Vince being sexual with several others (which included a tanning salon employee).

You appreciate his honesty, but the act is still despicable at the end of the day.

1 Pitching An Incest Angle


We promised yet another family angle pitched by Vince, this one thankfully did not make the airwaves though, as Stephanie turned the idea down without hesitation.

In Vince’s DVD, the chairman admitted he was pushing an incest angle which would see himself as the father of Stephanie’s child. When Steph turned it down, Vince tried to involve Shane-O as the father instead, but Stephanie once again shot down that possibility rather quickly.

Thankfully for fans this did not make television. Quite disturbing to bring Stephanie’s baby into play with such a terrible idea (which would scar the family deeply even if the entire thing was a work). The idea was one of McMahon’s very worst and absolutely despicable any way you think about it. Just imagine McMahon being labelled as the father, what good could possibly come from such a storyline? The answer is none. We applaud Stephanie for finally ending the madness.

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