15 Of The Greatest Crowd Chants In WWE History

Oh, the power of a wrestling chant. The audience is everything when it comes to the WWE, as it’s all about how the crowd reacts to a given scenario or superstar. In some rare instances a crowd reaction or chant has actually elevated a superstar into main event territory. Take Daniel Bryan for example; the “Yes!” chants directed towards Bryan turned into a movement of sorts. The love the WWE universe had for Bryan eventually propelled him into the main event of WrestleMania XXX, where he would go onto capture the WWE Championship. Without the support of the crowd, the probability of Bryan being something higher than a mid-level wrestler was extremely unlikely. The crowd powered him to the top.

Chants can also serve a variety of other purposes, whether it's the WWE universe voicing their displeasure or just being absolutely random. The world of wrestling has truly created some of the greatest chants. Here are 15 of the greatest crowd chants in WWE history. Let us know what your favorite chant of all time is.


A couple of weeks ago RAW took place in Nashville, Tennessee. When WrestleMania is right around the corner crowds usually get hotter as the weeks go by. With this being said, the excitement turns into sheer entertainment for those watching at home when a crowd is hot, and it certainly helps the value of the product. This particular crowd tried to start a bit of a controversial chant while Stephanie McMahon was accepting her “Legacy of Excellence” Award. While Stephanie spoke you could hear the crowd slowly build a “Randy Savage” chant. With RAW being live, the chants were not edited. It seemed to startle Stephanie as she began to talk louder trying to overpower the chant.

14 “You Deserve It”

If you’re a wrestler, I’m not sure you could receive a better chant than this one. Just imagine all your hard work being acknowledged by an arena full of wrestling fans. When looking back at the legacy of Daniel Bryan, this post WrestleMania XXX moment stands alone as one of Bryan’s most memorable career highlights. Just standing in that ring the following night on RAW and being serenaded by the Seattle crowd chanting “You Deserve It”.



Give props to Cena, because despite so many terrible chants thrown his way, he’s managed to stay professional and take it with class. The “let’s go Cena, Cena sucks” chant is an absolute classic. Wrestling fans mock John over this because during the chants you can hear women and little children chanting the, “let’s go Cena” while the grown older wrestling fans chant “Cena Sucks”. This chant pretty much sums up John's popularity demographic with the company. Although most of the time, the fans that chant he sucks are really just having fun.





7 “NXT”



4 “HOLY S**T”


2 “WHAT!?”

1 “YES!”

The “YES!” chant turned out to be so much more than it should have been. The chant turned into a freedom of speech format for the WWE universe. The chant was not only used to spring Bryan into the main event picture, but is also used as a way for wrestling fans to express their agreement or joy with a certain storyline or matchup. The crowd erupted with a huge YES! chant recently on RAW after Shane declared that he was taking over the company from his father. The sight was absolutely surreal. Like the WOOOO chant, “YES!” has found its way into various pro sports arenas including the NBA, NHL and NFL.


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15 Of The Greatest Crowd Chants In WWE History