15 Of The Best Brock Lesnar Moments In The WWE

What a path of destruction it’s been for Brock Lesnar since returning to the WWE. Following his departure in 2004, many truly believed we’d never see Lesnar in a WWE ring again. After leaving the company Lesnar kept real busy trying out for the Minnesota Vikings and later pursuing a career in the UFC.

Lesnar rose to stardom with the UFC becoming the Heavyweight Champion rather quickly. Brock became must see TV. He later shocked the wrestling world making his long anticipated return in 2012. Brock would quickly realize that being a sports entertainer is really who he is at heart. Lesnar began to get immense reactions by the WWE universe. Along the way there were many tremendous memories that Brock created before and after he returned to the WWE. Let’s take a look at some of Lesnar’s best moments throughout his WWE career.

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15 His First Ever WWE Television Debut


It didn’t take very long for the newly named “Next Big Thing” to make an impact. Lesnar made his television debut alongside his manager/agent Paul Heyman. Brock made his debut on March 18, 2002 during an episode of RAW. Lesnar came out of the crowd and brutally attacked Al Snow, Maven and Spike Dudley during their match. This was a sign of things to come. Lesnar was later drafted to RAW, and this would make way for his first ever feud and match in the WWE.

14 Makes His Ring Debut


Following the brand extension, Lesnar began his first ever feud in the WWE with the Hardy Boyz. The next big thing would go on to fight his first ever match in the WWE against Jeff Hardy at Backlash. Lesnar would end up picking up the victory in his debut after it was deemed that Jeff Hardy had been knocked out. The very next night on RAW, Lesnar would defeat Jeff’s brother Matt, in the same way. This was a huge push for Brock who had defeated two significant stars in only his first two matches with the company.

13 Wins the King of the Ring


After tearing through the competition in a short amount of time, Lesnar was once again given a massive push. This time, Lesnar was chosen to win the 'King of The Ring Tournament'. In June of 2002, Lesnar would go on to defeat Rob Van Dam in the finals of the tournament. This victory would give Lesnar the opportunity to fight for his first ever WWE Championship at SummerSlam. That championship opportunity would end up becoming one of the most significant moments in the career of Brock Lesnar (as you will see later on in this article).

12 Wins The Royal Rumble


In January of 2003, Brock Lesnar fought at the Royal Rumble just for an opportunity to enter the match. Lesnar would go on to defeat The Big Show, and he would later enter the Rumble in the number 29 slot. The rumble match would come down to Lesnar and The Undertaker and well once again, Taker would job to Lesnar (a theme we would see later on in his career) making Brock the winner of the 2003 Royal Rumble match.

11 Main Eventing WrestleMania For The First Ever Time


Had Lesnar hit the shooting star, this moment would have definitely been in the top 5 of his career highlights. Unfortunately, it all went wrong for Brock who not only missed the shooting star, but to make matters worse, landed on his head. Following the match Lesnar was diagnosed with a concussion. This really took away from the fact that Lesnar was participating in his first ever WrestleMania main event. Not to mention, Lesnar won the match and claimed his second WWE Championship; such a bittersweet moment for the beast.

10 Lands Video Game Cover


It was certainly quite the accomplishment for Brock Lesnar who landed the cover and title for the new WWE video game which was released in 2003, SmackDown: Here Comes the Pain. What made this even more significant was the fact that this was the first ever SmackDown video game to not have a catchphrase by The Rock on the cover. The game itself also got tremendous reviews and is still considered one of the best wrestling games of all time.

9 Beast In The East Event


It really showed how popular Lesnar had really become when the WWE decided to name an event after him, which took place in Tokyo. Lesnar was the main attraction of the night taking on Kofi Kingston. After destroying Kingston, Lesnar would go on to eliminate the other members of the New Day which included Xavier Woods and Big E. This event really showed how much of a draw Lesnar had really become in the world of sports and entertainment.

8 The Night After WrestleMania


Man oh man did the WWE ever get this angle right. The WWE’s creative team did an excellent job in writing Lesnar off of television during this RAW segment (which was one of the best segments of the entire year). After dropping the title the night before, Lesnar was kicked off RAW demanding a rematch immediately, and the crowd went nuts. After Rollins came out and it looked like the match was actually going to happen, Rollins backed out claiming he wasn’t ready yet. This lead to a Brock Lesnar rampage, where Lesnar proceeded to F5 everything in sight including the cameramen and commentators. Stephanie would later come out and suspend Lesnar indefinitely. The scene Lesnar left was certainly one of the best highlights of his career.

7 Return to the WWE


Some were not very sure how Lesnar would be received following his stint with the UFC. On April 2nd, 2012 Lesnar made his long awaited return with the WWE, and the crowd exploded when his music hit to confront John Cena. Brock would go on to F5 Cena in the middle of the ring, and it was later revealed that Lesnar was coming back for good in an attempt to bring “legitimacy” back to the WWE. His return would end up becoming the best thing that ever happened to the WWE until this very day. There is still no gimmick that can rival the one of the conqueror, Broooock Lesnarrrrrr!

6 Defeating The Undertaker at Hell in a Cell


This match would end up being the final chapter in the story between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker. The final matchup would take place inside of The Undertaker's famous playground, Hell in a Cell. Lesnar would ultimately prevail after hitting his third F5 of the match putting an end to a tremendous feud. Brock has been away from WWE TV since this encounter in late October.

5 Destroying John Cena at SummerSlam


It’s not very often you get to see the face of the WWE get absolutely destroyed in a WWE Championship match. Well at SummerSlam in 2014, this is exactly what happened. Brock absolutely destroyed Cena, hitting 16 suplexes in the match! Not to mention the two F5s. John Cena generated no offense what so ever during the match and was ultimately pinned by Lesnar who captured the championship. This match went down as one of Lesnar’s most dominating main event victories of his career.

4 Breaking The Ring


A scene that will truly live forever. Not many wrestlers can say that they broke a ring during a match. During a feud between the Big Show and Lesnar, the two fought against one another during an episode of SmackDown. The two wrestlers would try and hit a top rope superplex which ended up causing the ring to collapse. It was one the wildest endings to a SmackDown show in the history of the program. This was certainly one of Brock’s most memorable moments in the company.

3 Suplex City is Born


During last year’s WrestleMania main event, the term “Suplex City” was born. After delivering several suplexes during the match, Lesnar was heard saying “suplex city b*tch”. This quote went viral all over the internet in minutes, becoming the number one trend on Twitter. The crowd in attendance later caught on to this term and began to chant it during the match. The quote would ultimately become a huge attraction merchandise-wise as well. Long live suplex city!

2 Lesnar Defeats The Rock


As I discussed earlier in this article, Lesnar winning the King of the Ring had huge significance. Winning the tournament would put Lesnar in the main event match at SummerSlam, taking on one of the WWE’s greatest stars of all time, The Rock. Lesnar would go on to win the match capturing his first ever WWE Championship at the age of 25. Lesnar would also set a record becoming the second fastest wrestler to win the title since his debut at 126 days. Only Ric Flair has done better than Lesnar winning the Championship in 113 days. Lesnar’s victory against The Rock cemented Lesnar’s legacy as a top dog early on in his career.

1 Brock Conquered The Streak


This truly was a day wrestling fans will never forget; the streak was somehow finally over. It still sends chills down my spine when I think of the silence from the crowd after the pin fall, which was proceeded by the bell ringing indicating the match was over, and more importantly, the streak was over. The crowd was in shock, as no match in WrestleMania history has ever left more fans in disbelief. Following the match, the big screen in the Mercedes-Benz SuperDome indicated an eerie 21-1 record, which just did not feel right. WrestleMania XXX will go down in history as the end of one of the greatest streaks in wrestling history.

As a wrestling fan, you live for moments that will forever be remembered, and this moment is certainly one that will live in WWE history for a long time; the streak was beat. There isn’t a bigger match anyone could have won than this one, a memory Brock will have forever.

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