15 Net Worths Of Former WCW Stars That Will Shock You

In 1988, Ted Turner would attempt to make some noise in the wrestling business, and after some initial bumps, Eric Bischoff was brought in as an attempt to boost the brand and potentially rival the WWE. With Eric’s aggressive business tactics, the WCW would go onto sign some mega stars, including Hulk Hogan. Bischoff pushed an edgier program, and this ultimately caused Vince McMahon to change his ways to a more modernized approach to wrestling. Bischoff excelled leading WCW to an 84 week win streak.

Despite its dominance, WCW eventually collapsed. Its ridiculous contracts mixed with a lack of young stars caused the company to close its doors for good in 2001. Its over-priced and guaranteed contract model also made some wrestlers filthy rich. The following article will take a look at some past WCW alumnis and their net worths that will surprise many of you. Let us know who you believe is the most undeserving of their net worth.

15 Chuck Palumbo: $4 million

14 Stacy Keibler: $4.5 million

13 Booker T: $5 million

At the age of 51, Booker is still going strong working with the WWE and taking care of his own wrestling promotion, Reality of Wrestling. It's ironic that the 5-time WCW champ has a net worth of $5 million. Booker’s earnings can be attributed to his hard work during the WCW’s invasion angle on WWE television. The 5-time WCW champion was one of the only WCW stars to stay with the company following the invasion storyline. This earned Booker a 6 year run with the company, and he would later serve as commentator. In 2012, the WWE put a stamp on Huffman’s legacy inducting him into the Hall of Fame.

12 Ric Flair: $5 million

11 Jimmy Hart: $5 million

10 James Storm: $5 million

9 Sting: $8 million

8 Diamond Dallas Page: $8 million

Crazy to think that Page began his career as a manger in 1991. At this point, DDP was already 35 years old (what's even crazier is that at the age of 42, Page would become one the company’s hottest breakout stars). Following the end of his pro wrestling career, the former WCW champion would receive some massive mainstream success with his new DDP Yoga practice. His client stories spread worldwide. Arthur Boorman, a disabled war veteran, was his first major story. Boorman lost over 140 pounds in 10 months. To make things even more remarkable, the war veteran regained his ability to walk and run without his crutches or braces. What a story. Today, Page is still keeping busy setting up live courses worldwide.

7 Kevin Nash: $8 million

After capturing his first ever WWE championship, Nash started to become very money driven. Kevin eventually left the company for a more lucrative deal with WCW. Ultimately, Nash would become one of the highest paid wrestlers in the company. Along with this, Kevin was a huge advocate in the WCW, giving out guaranteed contracts. This would eventually set Ted Turner’s company in the ground. To Kevin’s credit, he managed to make a lot of money as a wrestler (he also got paid an additional $500,000 for working with the WCW’s creative).

6 Hulk Hogan: $8 million

5 Rey Mysterio: $8.5 million

Standing in at 5’6, Mysterio redefined the potential of a cruiserweight wrestler. Mysterio broke this invisible barrier by claiming the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships on three different occasions. Today, you can find the master of the “619” working with Lucha Underground. The veteran is entering his 16th year as a professional wrestler. At the age of 41, the rumor mill believes Rey has one more run left in him with the WWE. No matter what the future holds, Mysterio has earned his spot as a future inductee into the WWE’s Hall of Fame.

4 Eric Bischoff: $12.5 million

Nobody could have ever predicted that a man with zero expertise in the wrestling business nearly took out Vince McMahon’s empire during the 90s. With his aggressive business style, Bischoff played a crucial role in revolutionizing the world of wrestling. Eric was very influential in bringing the “entertainment” aspect to the shows. This caused Vince McMahon to rethink his entire programming. Although Bischoff ultimately came up short, his legacy in the pro wrestling business will never be forgotten. Asides from being a New York Times Best Selling Author, today, Eric is the proud Co-founder of BHE TV.

3 Jeff Jarrett: $15 million

2 Torrie Wilson: $18 million

Not bad for someone who broke into the wrestling business by fluke. In 1999, Wilson began to attend WCW shows with her boyfriend at the time. While backstage, Torrie was spotted by Scott Steiner. The former WCW champion asked Wilson to walk him out during his entrance. After walking Scott to the ring, Torrie caught Kevin Nash’s eye. Before she knew it, Torrie was making her debut as “Samantha” for World Championship Wrestling. Wilson’s popularity would earn her a contract with the WWE, and she would later receive another huge break gracing the cover of Playboy magazine. The 40 year old is now residing out of Los Angeles, California, looking as good as she did 10 years ago.

1 Ted Turner: $2.2 billion

Despite the collapse of WCW, Ted Turner is still filthy rich with a net worth of over $2 billion. This is still a billion more than the WWE’s chairman Vince McMahon, who is worth $1.2 billion. Despite Turner’s insane net worth though, he still has some major regrets. One of them was getting kicked out of the network he helped to build, CNN. Despite some shortcomings, Turner is still going great at the age of 77.


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15 Net Worths Of Former WCW Stars That Will Shock You