15 Must See Pictures Of Former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler

Whenever people come into money they are typically advised to diversify their funds and not put all of their eggs into one basket, so when it came to building her career, diversification is exactly what Stacy Keibler did and it paid off nicely. For seven years, she built a huge following in the pro wrestling world, thanks in part to her forty-two inch legs that were in a league of their own. Working for both WCW and WWE, Stacy was the go-to valet, whenever a wrestler just needed that extra bump to get over with the crowd.

Outside of wrestling Stacy was an NFL cheerleader, college student, dancer, model, and actress, among other things, so, it was fair to say she did as much as possible to stay in the public eye. From 2006 until 2012 she was included in Maxim’s “Hot 100” list reaching up as high as number five, clearly showing that her reach was outside the pro wrestling bubble, which is a tough feat to achieve.

Over the years, Stacy has had plenty of memorable pictures showing off her assets in everything from short skirts and lingerie to bikinis and even a superhero costume. So, let’s get right to the finest Stacy Keibler has to offer in her own must-see collection of pictures!

15 Cheering On The Baltimore Ravens


Going back to 1997, Stacy tried her hand at acting and some smaller modeling gigs, while also finding her way into the Baltimore Ravens cheerleading squad at only eighteen. Every week for the next few years she got to cheer on favorite team, eventually getting her own season tickets to their home games, when she hung up the pompoms.

14 Miss Hancock


After beating out over 300 other women for a chance to join up with the Nitro Girls, she danced her way into pro wrestling fan’s hearts, soon evolving into the ever-popular Miss Hancock. Moving away from the Nitro Girls, Stacy became a manager, wearing business suits and glasses, while still never getting away from the dancing thing, she would typically dance for the crowd in the ring or on the announcer table.

13 Out Goes WCW, In Comes WWE


After Miss Hancock was written off of TV, Stacy Keibler went by her real name on-screen when she eventually made her return to WCW. Shortly after they were purchased by WWE, as was Stacy’s contract that moved over to the new promotion.

12 The Duchess Of Dudleyville


If the Dudley Boys weren't already popular enough, they had Stacy join up, giving them not only more recognition with the fans, but an added distraction to their matches. As a heel team, Stacy would do all she could to bother the other team, which typically involved jumping on the apron and giving them a little dance, usually hiking up her skirt or wrestling tights along the way.

11 Championship Aspirations


Making her WrestleMania debut at WrestleMania 18, Stacy’s time with the Dudleys came to a stop when they decided to put her through a table (years later, Stacy says she still feels the effects of that) for costing them their match against The Hardys, APA, and Billy & Chuck.

10 Test and Scott Steiner


Getting back to her storyline, Stacy became Test’s manager, eventually building a relationship (which she actually did have off-screen) with the former Intercontinental Champion. Test became a jerk and Scott Steiner came to Stacy’s rescue, eventually taking over her managerial services. The two men feuded over her and along the way Steiner turned heel on Stacy by actually attacking her (performing a belly-to-belly suplex) after she unintentionally cost him a match.

9 Showing What You Got


You’ve probably noticed the last few entries have shown off Stacy’s modeling chops; easily one of the more popular women in WWE, Stacy had a knack for this type of thing. In fantastic shape and with a 5’11” frame, she had physical attributes others simply couldn’t compete with. Plus, with a picture-perfect face, she came off as very endearing to wrestling fans.

8 Ring Entrance


Thanks to her above average height, Stacy was one of the few women who could easily go in between the second and third ropes. This was her time to shine as the camera would get a close-up of her legs and backside. She was never one to rush, pausing for fans to snap pictures and howl at the moon.

7 It’s All About The Legs


You’re probably getting the point, but Stacy’s legs were a huge part of her gimmicks throughout the years, whether she was dancing, simply walking, or wrestling. Her finisher was initially a roundhouse kick to the face, which was change to a “Keibler Kick” or spinning heel kick.

6 Super Stacy


After being RKO’d by her then on-screen boyfriend, Randy Orton (she really didn’t have good luck with guys), Stacy joined up with The Hurricane and Rosey to become “Super Stacy.” Here she cheered on the tag champs, coming to ringside and getting them over nicely with the crowd.

5 Post-WWE Career


Starting with Dancing with the Stars, Stacy received a lot of attention outside of the pro wrestling bubble; she was able to place third in the competition. From the next few years she went on to play in a bunch of TV roles, trying to steer her career toward Hollywood along the way.

4 Back To Modeling


Around the time Stacy was looking to move on from WWE, she became the Fitness Editor at Stuff Magazine, allowing her to talk and model about all things “fit.” From 2006 all the way until 2012, she was included in Maxim’s “Hot 100” with her highest spot at number five in 2006.

3 Hanging Out With George Clooney

via Millennials.Today

The two began dating around July of 2011 as Stacy started showing up with George at all of his events, of course catching the eye of the paparazzi. Clooney was eighteen years her senior and the two lasted for about two years, breaking up in 2013.

2 Staying Fit


Here’s a picture of Stacy from the last year or so, obviously still looking as awesome as ever at 36-ish years old. In an interview, Stacy was asked if she would ever return to the WWE and it was a pretty solid “no.” She seems to be big on “new beginnings” and while that was an important phase of her life, it’s over with and she’s moved on to other ventures.

1 Leggy Legacy


To pro wrestling fans, Stacy will be remembered as a fun valet that would do whatever was necessary to help get the story over. She was put in some pretty awkward situations, whether it was fooling around with Vince or wrestling in lingerie, Stacy always found a way to make it work.

While never winning a title or revolutionizing the industry, Stacy’s dancing skills, angelic face, and unbelievably long legs will always remain in the hearts and minds of wrestling fans for years to come.



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15 Must See Pictures Of Former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler