15 More Pictures The WWE Doesn’t Want You To See

Kayfabe storylines are a huge hit with the WWE universe. The WWE loves showing the viewers what goes on behind the scenes. Although this is a great experience, it should be noted that it’s all done by the WWE, so ultimately they are choosing the content of what you get to see.

Sometimes pictures or videos emerge that expose the business or a certain superstar, and this sometimes does not sit well with the company. Take Hulk Hogan for example, after his disturbing racial remarks were made public Hulk was immediately fired. There are just some things the WWE simply can’t control for the audience to see.

You may remember checking out an article displaying 15 photos that the WWE would prefer their fans not to see, and this article will take a look at 15 more pictures that the WWE doesn’t want you to see. The pictures range from Roman Strowman breaking character to the WWE’s current golden boy behind bars. Enjoy.


15 John and Nikki Hit The Apple Store

It’s very rare that you get to see the face of the business out in public with his girlfriend, WWE Diva Nikki Bella. The two in this picture were spotted together at the Apple Store. You can see an uncomfortable look on John Cena's face in the picture, and surely the two didn’t go unnoticed in the store. As the face of the WWE you are constantly in the spotlight under a microscope, so going out in public must not be very easy for Cena.

14 Edge, Matt Hardy and Lita All In One Picture

Yes, it’s indeed true, Matt and Edge were in fact the best of friends before the love triangle fiasco. As you can see in this picture, the two were very close outside of the ring. The two tag teams of Edge and Christian and the Hardy Boyz would travel everywhere together. The four were extremely tight. Matt and Edge in particular were very close. Lita also spent a lot of time travelling with the four of them.

In 2004, when Matt was sidelined with an injury, Lita allegedly cheated on Matt with his best friend Edge. Matt would later return to the WWE, and this story was later used as a kayfabe storyline. The situation ultimately rebooted Matt’s career leading him to a United States and ECW Championship.

13 Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas

Believe (bolieve) it or not, Bray and Bo are actually brothers in real life. Despite their polar opposite gimmicks in the ring the two are related by blood. You can see them together in this picture during Bray’s wedding. Windham Rotunda (Bray) is the older brother at 28, while Taylor Rotunda (Bo) is 25. The two are third generation wrestlers following in the footsteps of their grandfather Blackjack Mulligan, and their father Mike Rotunda. Their uncles also wrestled, one of them was former WWE star Barry Windham. It’ll be interesting to see if Bo at some point will jump ship and join the dark side with his brother.

12 Triple H Behind The Scenes With A Supporting Staff

One big misconception when it comes to Triple H’s role backstage is the fact that he is often being helped out by many very creative people. As you see in this picture, Paul Heyman is also helping Triple H out. But along with Heyman, there are many other influential and creative minds helping Hunter out, he is most certainly not alone. Sara Amato is another name that’s had a huge hand in resurfacing the Divas division alongside Triple H.

11 CM Punk Sign

For the time being, it seems like CM Punk has been swept under a rug by the WWE universe. As much as Vince McMahon doesn’t want to admit to it, losing a talented wrestler to MMA certainly has to hurt. UFC will profit even more out of this situation because of Punk’s popularity in the WWE. Don’t expect to see Punk get any sort of recognition come time for his first fight with the UFC. The WWE strongly discourages mentioning CM Punk during any of their telecasts. Signs of Punk have also been confiscated in the past.

10 Pre WWE Steve Austin

This is certainly a picture that the WWE didn’t want you (or anyone) to see, particularly during the Attitude Era. Steve Austin is seen sporting his blonde hair which is waving in the wind, looking far from being the bada** Texas Rattlesnake that he became known as. This picture was taken during Austin’s days in WCW, days he certainly wants to forget. Also in this picture are Ricky Steamboat, Kevin Sullivan, Arn Anderson and William Regal.

9 Braun Strowman Breaks Character

This candid picture of Braun Strowman shows a much lighter side of Strowman, one that the WWE certainly doesn’t want you to see or become familiar with. Strowman is seen eating some chips while going to his next destination (is it just me or does he look like Eugene?). Strowman was a former strong man having competed in the Arnold Strongman Classic.

Fun fact: Strowman was also already used with the WWE (believe it or not), as he was a part of Adam Rose’s entourage.


8 The Dark Side Of Pro Wrestling

This is the side that WWE doesn’t want you to see. Once your time is up in the big leagues, life can become very dark for a pro wrestler. Virgil is the perfect example of this. Virgil has been seen attending lonely wrestling conventions and even putting random booths in the middle of nowhere like subway stations, in order to make some money off his past fame. One wrestling radio personality even coined the nickname Lonely Virgil. The situation got even worse when Virgil set up a GoFundMe campaign in an attempt to make himself a millionaire. Life after the WWE can be pretty dark.

7 The Other Kliq

The wrestling scene was much different back in the 90’s. Going out after a show was an absolute must, unlike today’s generation which is thinking about travelling to their next show or getting in a workout. Wrestling in the 90’s also had a very split locker room. 'The Kliq' did its own thing, while Bret Hart and The Undertaker were seen as the unspoken leaders of the other Kliq. The locker room was very divided. Although, Sean Waltman did manage to get in a drink with the other Kliq in this picture!

6 After WWE Life: Wrestling Independently

After being released by the WWE due to a violation of the WWE’s Wellness Program, Carlito Cool hit the independent circuit. As you can see in this picture, Carlito was wrestling in front of crowds that barely had 500 people in attendance. He later signed with the independent promotion WWC. This is another situation that WWE simply does not want you to see. As we mentioned previously, life after the WWE can be quite rough. Focusing on bettering yourself as a performer is the ideal way to go about a release with the company.

5 The McMahon Family Exposed

One thing that’s been very consistent over the past decades is the McMahon family’s privacy outside of the ring. Despite their openness in the ring, the McMahons are very quiet about what goes on outside of it. As you can imagine, they are a very close knit family. As a matter of fact, Stephanie and her husband Hunter, live just minutes away from Vince in Connecticut. The two residences are also close to the WWE headquarters in Stanford, Connecticut.

4 CM Punk and AJ Lee On Their Wedding Day

A day the WWE most certainly wants to forget. Apparently, CM Punk claims that the WWE purposely send his release notice on the day of his wedding, which was June 13th, 2014. Vince McMahon apologized for this, but claims that it was all a coincidence and that it was not done on purpose. We will never know exactly what happened on that day. This is an event that the WWE wants wrestling fans to forget about in a hurry.

3 Seth Rollins and Leighla Schultz

This is also something the WWE wants fans to forget about quickly. At the peak of his career in the ring, Seth Rollins was surrounded by controversy outside of it when his ex fiance took to social media in an attempt to get back at Seth for cheating on her. Schultz posted pictures that Rollins had sent to Zahra Schreiber (the pictures were of Seth completely nude). Thankfully, this entire fiasco eventually died down. Schultz also reportedly sold the engagement ring online, and the bids started at $14,000 for a ring that was reportedly worth close to $18,500.

2 Lesnar Exposed

Despite his immense popularity in the ring, Brock Lesnar is said to live the simplest life outside of it. Lesnar lives with his family on a farm near Moosomin, Saskatchewan. Brock’s days consist of family, training, hunting and sleeping according to Lesnar himself. Brock is very passionate about hunting. He is a member of the Nation Rifle Association and a spokesman for Fusion Ammunition.

1 Roman Arrested

Although the exact details about his arrest are still very sketchy and unclear, Roman Reigns was in fact arrested before his time with the WWE. According to a few rumors, the WWE superstar was arrested after being involved in a large brawl. No matter what the details of the story really are, we're pretty certain that the WWE is not too crazy about seeing a picture of their golden boy behind bars.


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