15 More Pictures The WWE Doesn’t Want You To See

Kayfabe storylines are a huge hit with the WWE universe. The WWE loves showing the viewers what goes on behind the scenes. Although this is a great experience, it should be noted that it’s all done by the WWE, so ultimately they are choosing the content of what you get to see.

Sometimes pictures or videos emerge that expose the business or a certain superstar, and this sometimes does not sit well with the company. Take Hulk Hogan for example, after his disturbing racial remarks were made public Hulk was immediately fired. There are just some things the WWE simply can’t control for the audience to see.

You may remember checking out an article displaying 15 photos that the WWE would prefer their fans not to see, and this article will take a look at 15 more pictures that the WWE doesn’t want you to see. The pictures range from Roman Strowman breaking character to the WWE’s current golden boy behind bars. Enjoy.

15 John and Nikki Hit The Apple Store

14 Edge, Matt Hardy and Lita All In One Picture

Yes, it’s indeed true, Matt and Edge were in fact the best of friends before the love triangle fiasco. As you can see in this picture, the two were very close outside of the ring. The two tag teams of Edge and Christian and the Hardy Boyz would travel everywhere together. The four were extremely tight. Matt and Edge in particular were very close. Lita also spent a lot of time travelling with the four of them.

13 Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas

12 Triple H Behind The Scenes With A Supporting Staff

11 CM Punk Sign

10 Pre WWE Steve Austin

9 Braun Strowman Breaks Character

This candid picture of Braun Strowman shows a much lighter side of Strowman, one that the WWE certainly doesn’t want you to see or become familiar with. Strowman is seen eating some chips while going to his next destination (is it just me or does he look like Eugene?). Strowman was a former strong man having competed in the Arnold Strongman Classic.

8 The Dark Side Of Pro Wrestling

7 The Other Kliq

6 After WWE Life: Wrestling Independently

5 The McMahon Family Exposed

4 CM Punk and AJ Lee On Their Wedding Day

3 Seth Rollins and Leighla Schultz

2 Lesnar Exposed

1 Roman Arrested

Although the exact details about his arrest are still very sketchy and unclear, Roman Reigns was in fact arrested before his time with the WWE. According to a few rumors, the WWE superstar was arrested after being involved in a large brawl. No matter what the details of the story really are, we're pretty certain that the WWE is not too crazy about seeing a picture of their golden boy behind bars.


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15 More Pictures The WWE Doesn’t Want You To See