15 MORE Former Divas The WWE Likes To Ignore: Part 3

Fans of WWE constantly see the company celebrating the fact they are in the midst of a Diva’s Revolution. Young women are allegedly finally receiving opportunities like never before in WWE or wrestling history, and by and large they are looking fantastic while turning those opportunities into unbridled successes. However, despite what WWE is claiming, this is hardly a brand new revolution in the wrestling world. There may be more of a focus on the in-ring aspect of women’s wrestling these days, but countless women have been involved in wrestling for the past several decades.

This is the third time we’ve drawn from this well, and the depths are still quite deep. Sometimes there’s a reason and sometimes there isn’t; sometimes it’s fair and sometimes it’s not. Regardless of the circumstances, WWE simply has not done a good job of honoring the women who were huge parts of their programming as recently as just a few years ago. This year Jacqueline is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, despite the fact she’s only as relevant as at least half the women on this list. They might not all be future Hall of Famers, but they all looked great and were forgotten, so read on to remember 15 more gorgeous divas WWE history likes to forget.

15 Maria Kanellis - The Final Diva to Pose For Playboy

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14 Lauren Mayhew - Busy With A Varied Entertainment Career

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13 Heidi Lee Morgan - Exemplary of a Forgotten Era


12 Sara Calaway - Married To A Dead Man

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11 Cherry - Came And Went Faster Than Greased Lightning


10 Tygress - Nitro Girl Turned Filthy Animal


9 Nidia - Not Tough Enough?

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8 Midajah - The Number One Scott Steiner Freak


7 Rockin' Robin - Serious Problems With Her Famous Family


6 Aksana - Involved In Potential Gimmick Infringement Scandal


5 Maxine - Open Allegations of Gimmick Infringement


4 Mad Maxine - Faded Away Before She Could Change Women's Wrestling

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Mad Maxine may not be as traditionally gorgeous as some of the other women on this list, but beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and her distinctive look and story are far too interesting to be ignored for that minor of a reason. Mad Maxine made two appearances for WWE in the mid 1980s, managed by The Fabulous Moolah. She was intended to be a major presence in the wrestling world, and if her industrial punk rock inspired look made her look like a cartoon character, that’s because she was supposed to play a huge role in Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling.

3 Jaime Koeppe - Mysterious First Diva Search Winner


2 Kimona Wanalaya - Too Controversial For PG

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1 Dawn Marie - Fired While Pregnant


Dawn Marie first made her name in the wrestling world in ECW as a ditzy “valley girl” in a relationship with Lance Storm in 1998. The two had a great comedic chemistry together, and Dawn continued to be a major part of ECW until the company closed in 2001. Dawn switched gears to a more conniving and manipulative character when she debuted in WWE in 2002. Her time in WWE is much less fondly remembered outside of her beauty. Dawn was the focal point of one of the most maligned angles in WWE history, in which she seduced Torrie Wilson’s father Al, and then literally had sex with him until he died.

The ridiculous feud isn’t very fondly remembered, but it’s not nearly as awful as the real life reason she won’t appear in WWE ever again. In 2006, Dawn Marie was fired because she was pregnant, with WWE citing a clause in her contract stating changes in her appearance were grounds for being let go. Dawn sued the company for wrongful dismissal, and though the full details of the case were never made public, it’s pretty unlikely there was a clause stating all is forgiven, so she probably won’t be back on Raw ever again.

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