15 Incredibly Personal Facts You Never Knew About The WWE

Founded 36 years ago, way back on February 21st, 1980, the WWE has grown into a business monster. One thing you can always find new wrestlers say about the WWE company is how professional everything really is. Sting and the newly signed AJ Styles, were blown away at how proper everything is backstage with this company.

It seems like as the years go by, the WWE gets bigger and bigger. With the introduction of the WWE Network, the company took a leap of faith expanding its product to all new heights. It was a dream back in the 90s thinking about watching wrestling 24/7, and the company has certainly grown leaps and bounds in comparison to what it used to be.

It wasn’t always glamorous for Vince McMahon and his company though, as the WWE went through some incredibly hard times in the early 90s. The company nearly went out of business several times, and many wrestlers believed at one time that the promotion was a sinking ship. This article will take a look at some interesting facts you may not have been aware of from the WWE’s struggles financially to WWE’s 1.9 rating during an episode of RAW. So let’s get to it. Here are 15 incredibly personal facts you never knew about the WWE. Enjoy!

15 Founded by Jess McMahon

14 The McMahons don’t own all of the WWE

13 RAW made its debut on USA Network as a Replacement

12 RAW was taped because of financial constraints

11 Promoting the “New Generation”

Back in 1993, the WWE was very aggressive in promoting the New Generation amongst their superstars. The programming put a huge emphasis on the creation of new stars such as Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Razor Ramon, Bret Hart and The Undertaker. It was later found out that the WWE chose this route because of financial constraints on the company. Veteran wrestlers left the WWE for greener pastures with WCW.

10 Initially named Titan Sports

9 A 2.2 rating caused huge changes

8 March 17th, 1997: RAW IS WAR

7 SmackDown wasn’t a permanent show

SmackDown made its special debut on August 26th, 1999, live on UPN. The show enjoyed some huge success, and this prompted WWE executives to use the show as a mainstay. The WWE wasn't holding anything back in regards to this program featuring the company’s top stars. This was contrary to WCW’s product which didn’t allow its bigger stars to be featured on their “B” program. Eventually, this factor was another reason why the WWE product became that much more superior.

6 RAW and RAW Zone

5 WCW was purchased at a very low price

4 Changes company model under new name: WWE

On April 7th, 2011, the WWE would announce another change to the company’s name. They announced that they would no longer be using World Wrestling Entertainment and instead, would only be recognized under its initials, WWE. The company decided to do so in order to appeal on a global market and also with the launch of its new network, the WWE Network.

3 WWE Contracts

2 Name Disputes

1 Changing its Wellness Program

Drug testing policy actually began way back in 1987 for the company. It was described as a “joke” by various former WWE employees. A few months after the tragic death of beloved superstar Eddie Guerrero, the WWE started to take greater measures by implementing a Talent Wellness Program. Things once again got rocky for the company following the death of Chris Benoit. This was the beginning of many other pharmaceutical busts for the company.

In September of 2010, the WWE added many other substances to their list. High profile talent including the likes of Randy Orton, have been suspended in the past for failing the test. The program continues to improve as the years go by. Wrestler health is more important than its ever been amongst the WWE and their talent.


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15 Incredibly Personal Facts You Never Knew About The WWE