15 Former WWE Stars That Are Richer Than You Think

Does it really pay to become a pro wrestler for the WWE? Well, in the case of these 15 former or current WWE stars, it certainly does. When it comes to contract terms, the WWE gives higher salaries in accordance to your longevity with the company. So for example, a wrestler like Mark Henry is making more than an upper card talent like Bray Wyatt. Why you ask? The answer is quite simple: term. Henry has been with the WWE since 1996, and is currently entering his 20th year employed with the company. Oh, how time flies!

Some of these other superstars on this list have managed to make some big net worths outside of the WWE, though for the most part, a major portion of these wrestlers got rich working for Vince McMahon. Let's now find out who these wrestlers are. Here is 15 former and current WWE stars that are richer than you think. Let us know which one of the entries was most shocking to you. Enjoy!

15 Jeff Hardy: $12 million

14 Vickie Guerrero: $8 million

13 David Otunga: $10 million

12 JBL: $9 million

11 Jerry Lawler: $7 million

Speaking of wrestlers that have been with the company forever, at the age of 66, Jerry Lawler is still going strong working as a commentator for SmackDown. Lawler made his pro wrestling debut all the way back in 1970, absolutely remarkable to think that 46 years later Jerry is still going strong. It remains to be seen when Lawler will finally decide to hang them up for good.

10 Alberto Del Rio: $6 million

9 Rob Van Dam: $5 million

8 Matt Hardy: $5 million

7 Mark Henry: $4.5 million

6 Kane: $7 million

5 Big Show: $20 million

4 Andre the Giant: $10 million

3 Batista: $13 million

2 Trish Stratus: $6 million

1 Shane McMahon: $35 million

Still quite far from his dad’s $1.1 billion net worth, Shane has managed to make some good money outside of the WWE. As a matter of fact Shane is currently worth $10 million more than his sister Stephanie (net worth: $25 million). Quite admirable that Shane left a billion dollar company in the first place.

When Shane departed from the WWE in 2010, McMahon’s newest venture was a PPV service in China, something Shane believed was an untapped market. Shane became the CEO of You On Demand, the first VOD and PPV service in China. Shane earned himself a base salary of $300,000 per year. In 2013, Shane stepped down as the CEO but remained the Vice Chairman of the Board of You on Demand. It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for Shane, whether it’s in or out of the WWE.


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15 Former WWE Stars That Are Richer Than You Think