15 Former WWE Intercontinental Champions: Where Are They Now?

From Pat Patterson on September 1st, 1979, to Kevin Owens in 2016, almost 37 years later the championship is still going strong. As of late the championship seems to be restoring its prestigious value with recent champions like Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan and the current champion, Kevin Owens. This is a major step up compared to past champions which included the likes of Curtis Axel, Luke Harper and Ezekiel Jackson. The company has seen 77 different title holders, with Chris Jericho holding the record winning the title nine times. Honky Tonk has the record for the longest reign at 454 days.

Winning this championship really did not ensure much back in the day. As you will see in this article, the championship at one time bounced around some lesser known names. For these former WWE stars, jobs now vary from night club bouncer to strip club manager to still working as an independent wrestler. Times have certainly changed since their reigns as Intercontinental Champions. Let’s now take a look and find out who made this list and what they are up to today.

15 Road Dogg: Producer for the WWE

14 Pat Patterson: Creative Consultant for the WWE

13 Ahmed Johnson: Appearances & Autograph Signings

12 D’Lo Brown: Certified Public Accountant & Night Club Bouncer

11 Hardcore Holly: Author

10 Ricky Steamboat: Ambassador for the WWE

9 Ezekiel Jackson: Independent Wrestler

8 Honky Tonk Man: Appearances & Autograph Signings

7 Ken Shamrock: Return to MMA

6 Jeff Jarrett: Global Force Wrestling

5 Lance Storm: Storm Wrestling Academy

4 Shelton Benjamin: New Japan Pro Wrestling

3 The Godfather: Manager at a strip club

2 Marty Jannetty: Independent Wrestler

1 Shawn Michaels: MRA Hunting & WWE Ambassador

Shawn retiring wasn’t the easiest pill to swallow for the WWE, especially due to the fact that he still was one of the most talented individuals on the roster. Despite his retirement, Michaels has a 'legends contract' with the WWE which requires him to make a certain amount of guest appearances per year.

Outside of the WWE, Michaels is active with his show MacMillan River Adventures. The outdoor show features Michaels and his long time friend Keith Mark, hunting for big animals all around the world. Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4 can all be found on CarbonTV.


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15 Former WWE Intercontinental Champions: Where Are They Now?