15 Wrestlers From The Monday Night Wars: Where Are They Now?

Oh, the good old days; who can forget wrestling’s golden age? The Monday Night Wars that took place in the 90’s changed the landscape of wrestling forever. So much talent, and so many memories; it's really hard to believe that it has already been more than a decade since this exciting era of wrestling. A question wrestling fans frequently ask is what these superstars are up to since leaving their wrestling careers behind. This article will answer just that. We will take a look at 15 wrestling stars who were a part of the illustrious Monday Night Wars and what they are up to today. Occupations range from restaurant manager, to creator of an energy drink, to director of an adult film. As you can imagine, occupations range from all over, and some might certainly surprise you. Enjoy this list of 15 former wrestling stars involved in the Monday Night Wars and what they are up to today.

15 Stevie Ray: Owner of “Stevie Ray’s Trucks” and Actor


After the closing of WCW, Stevie hit the independent wrestling circuit for a couple of years wrestling all around the world. He then later changed fields and went back to his former passion, cars. Ray previously owned a detail and carwash business before selling it in 2007. He later started his own truck company which he currently owns and operates today, “Stevie Ray’s Trucks”. Ray is also the president of the West Houston Cruisers motorcycle club and a member of the biggest African American Corvette club in America. In addition to this, Stevie is also in the entertainment business. Ray is set to play the role of a gangster in the upcoming independent film, Streets of New York. What's more, Ray is also a co-manager for a local hip-hop group called the Bloc Boys. As you can tell, Stevie Ray is still keeping pretty busy in his post wrestling life.

14 The Headbangers: Managing Restaurant Chain & Sales Director for DEX Imaging


After retiring from wrestling, Thrasher began to get involved in the restaurant business working as a manager for popular chains such as Papa John’s and Bob Evans Restaurants. Thrasher would later manage 5 chains for “Domino’s Pizza” taking care of nearly 150 employees in the Maryland area. Mosh also stepped out of the wrestling business, as he is now a sales director for DEX Imaging in Tampa Florida. Mosh also has a passion for kickball, believe it or not. In fact, he is the coach of one the best ranked kickball teams in all of the US, “the Meatballs”.

13 Kaientai: Owners of Wrestling Schools in Japan and San Antonio


Taka Michinoku and Funaki are still involved with the business they never fell out of love with, wrestling. Taka now resides in Japan, and owns and operates “Kaientai Dojo”, a wrestling school and wrestling promotion. Taka also keeps a busy schedule taking bookings from other wrestling promotions in Japan. Funaki on the other hand, stayed in the US, opening his own wrestling school in San Antonio called “Funaki Dojo”. Outside of work you can find Funaki spending time with his family and watching football. Yes, football (Funaki is apparently a massive Green Bay Packers fan). Despite being gone from the WWE, the two were always driven to stay in the professional wrestling business.

12 Glacier: Actor & Manager For Maus Media Group


After being purchased by the WWE, Glacier decided to put wrestling aside and head back to school; a pretty admirable decision by the former WCW star. After spending some time as a physical education teacher and a coach for a national championship lacrosse team, Glacier took another turn and tried his hand at acting. Glacier appeared on hit shows such as Burn Notice and Meet the Browns, as well as other independent films. When he’s not acting you can find the former WCW star overseeing production for a Florida based advertising and marketing agency called “Maus Media Group”. The company already has some big names signed on such as Sears home service and Harley Davidson.

11 Gillberg: Owner of “Gillberg’s Pro Wrestling Academy”


Located in Severn, Maryland, Duane Gill (better known as Gillberg) opened his very own wrestling school in 2010. Gillberg serves as the head trainer and owner of the facility which includes two rings, a balcony, dressing rooms and three offices. Although that's not all he's up to. The former wrestler is also in the business of house flipping. Gillberg claims to being 10 times better at carpentry than he ever was as a wrestler.

10 Shawn Stasiak: Chiropractor & Motivational Speaker

After being let go by the WWE in 2002, Shawn Stasiak decided he was done with the wrestling business, declining to work for independent promotions or wrestling promotions overseas. Instead, Stasiak decided to pursue an old career path he always had interest in, to become a chiropractor. In 2007, Shawn earned his certificate to work as a chiropractor, and is currently working as one in Dallas. In addition, Stasiak aspires to put an end to bullying. His goal is to speak to young children at school while they are still young and keep them aware of this problem.

9 Ivory: Owner of “Downtown Dog”


The former 3 time WWE Women’s Champion took part in of the WWE’s strongest era in the women’s division in the history of the company. In 2005, after Ivory’s run finally came to an end, she began to realize her great passion for animals, and how she could turn it into a new business venture. After doing a few animal rescue missions, Ivory launched her new company “Downtown Dog”, a company that started off as a “do it yourself” bathing facility for animals. Moretti (aka Ivory) grew the business into a doggy daycare and later would create a “Bow Wow Bus”, which would bring the dogs from the daycare to an Island for the day. Despite some difficulties in the business, Lisa Moretti remains optimistic.

8 Mideon: Owner of Catering Company

After his release in 2000, Mideon turned to his old passion, cooking. Despite not having worked in a kitchen since high school, Mideon took a chance by walking into Cafe Ponte located in Clearwater. Mideon was able to learn so much from the head chef at this high class restaurant. The former wrestler would eventually branch out on his own and open up Dennis Knight Catering. His catering company specializes in fancy foods and usually caters to private parties. Mideon hopes to be featured on the “Food Network” one day to tell his story and his passion for food.

7 Scott Norton: Author


After his days with WCW, Scott Norton caught some serious heat working over in the Japan wrestling circuit, certainly something Norton himself did not expect. Recently, Norton’s been working on his new book, Scott Norton: Strong Style. Scott is working on the book with one of his biggest fans, Adam Randis. Randis helped translate Japanese articles featuring Norton. When he is not working on his book, Norton loves spending time with wife, keeping in good shape and doing some hunting and fishing. Norton would love to stay involved with the wrestling business forever; he claims, it will always be in his blood.

6 Hardcore Holly: Author

Holly takes a great amount of pride in the release of his new book, The Hardcore Truth: The Bob Holly Story. The autobiography offers a very truthful behind the scenes look at the career of Hardcore Holly, something he takes a lot of pride in talking about. Holly describes the book as being a story and not really an autobiography. Asides from working on his new book, Holly enjoys cars. He has real passion for everything cars; like driving virtual cars in the online video game iRacing. Holy also loves taking cross country trips with his wife.

5 Steve Blackman: Owner of MMA School


After departing from the WWE in 2002, Steve Blackman quickly found his new passion, martial arts. As MMA started to gain popularity, so did Blackman’s MMA facility. A company that started in his garage turned into a 5,000 square foot warehouse rather quickly. Located in Harrisburg Pa, the gym is filled with training systems ideal for MMA students beginning their MMA careers. Blackman is also involved in booking venues and setting up matches for his students. Blackman takes care of jiu-jitsu and wrestling drills, while another instructor takes care of boxing drills.

4 Vader: Works With “Wounded Warriors Alliance”


Before joining the group, Vader’s life was in terrible disarray. It reached its peak when Vader collapsed on a plane to Japan for an autograph session. The former wrestler woke up a month later having lost 112 pounds. Vader needed help and found help when he joined the “Wounded Warriors Alliance”. After getting back on his feet with the group, Vader became a counselor for the alliance, aiding men and women who survived horrible war experiences. Vader is said to be in great shape since joining and is said to be a tremendous part of the alliance. Vader also returned for a brief cameo on June 11, 2012, defeating Heath Slater.

3 Kurrgan: Actor

After getting a call from Jacques Rougeau, Kurrgan’s (Robert Maillet) career path took a big turn. The former wrestler got a call to appear in the film 300. The film received tons of praise and success following its release, and the amount of success had a huge impact for Kurrgan as well. He was later called to appear in the film Sherlock Homes, starring Robert Downey Jr.. Kurrgan made headlines in the press after he accidentally knocked out the star of the movie Robert Downey Jr., during a fight scene. The former WWE superstar has since appeared in numerous films and television shows.

2 Ken Shamrock: Owner of ProFit101 Website

A passion for fighting and fitness inspired Shamrock into his new adventure. With partner Ken Yasuda, the two launched a website which helps people get fit and learn self-defense all in the comfort of their own homes; the site is profit101.net. Shamrock is also working on an energy drink called “Shamrock Slam”. Ken’s inspiration for this drink was to create a formula without any added sugar. Shamrock’s new formula includes green tea, coffee beans and pomegranate. The product can be found online.

1 Gangrel: Adult Film Director

After his final run with the WWE, David William Heath, better known as Gangrel, hit the independent circuit wrestling all around the world, and he is still involved with the independent wrestling circuit today. However, in 2007, Gangrel took a strange career path and signed a deal to direct 12 adult entertainment films for New P*rn Order. Gangrel’s debut film was entitled Miami Rump Shakerz 2. As you can imagine, Gangrel is still keeping really busy today!

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