15 Former WCW Stars: Where Are They Now Part 2

Founded on October 11th, 1988, WCW became the first and only wrestling promotion to ever rival the WWE. Ted Turner and WCW not only rivaled the WWE, but at one point were the superior product for 84 weeks in a row. Despite their success, a lack of direction and an inability to create new stars caused WCW to struggle. They were later bought out by the WWE in 2001, officially ending the Monday Night Wars.

After the purchase was finalized some wrestlers were given an opportunity to prove their worth, while others were immediately let go. Some former WCW stars stayed in the business while others went in a complete opposite direction.

This list of 15 former WCW stars varies from jobs in the adult entertainment industry to working in the automobile industry, to still working in the wrestling business. Let’s now find out where these former wrestlers are; here are 15 former WCW stars: where are they now, part two. Enjoy!


14 Major Gunns: Adult Entertainment

Some of you remember Tylene Buck from her WCW days feuding with Miss Hancock, aka Stacy Keibler. Buck drew some success with the company after joining forces with the faction Misfits in Action. Just before WCW was sold to the WWE, Buck was released by WCW in February of 2001. She later pursued a career in the adult entertainment business signing a contract with an adult agency. After working various adult films she later became a webcam girl, a job she still has today. Tylene was featured in the controversial wrestling documentary: 101 Reasons Not To Be A Pro Wrestler.

13 Johnny Stamboli: Independent Wrestler & Real Estate

Following the purchase of WCW, the WWE actually bought Stamboli’s contract. He managed to stay with the company from 2001 till 2004. After his time with the WWE, the newly named Jon Hugger travelled the world wrestling for various promotions, including All Japan Pro Wrestling, TNA Wrestling, Lucha Libre USA and various other independent promotions. Hugger is still currently working as an independent wrestler, he also works in the real estate business on the side.

12 Glacier: Actor & Maus Media Group

Wrestling fans are extremely split when it comes to the legacy of former WCW star Glacier. Some believe the gimmick was a laughable version of Mortal Combat star Sub-Zero, while others loved the uniqueness this gimmick withheld. On November 21st, 1999, Glacier along with several other WCW wrestlers were released by the company due to a cost-cutting measure. Glacier stayed in the entertainment business working as an actor for various TV shows and independent films. He is also in charge of production for Maus Media Group, a Florida-based advertising and marketing agency. His company has worked with some big names including Sears and Harley Davidson.

11 Scott Norton: Author

After his days with WCW, Scott Norton continued wrestling. He surprisingly became a massive draw overseas in Japan, something not even Norton himself could have predicted. Following the end of his career, Norton’s been working on his new book, Scott Norton: Strong Style. Scott is working on the book with one of his biggest fans, Adam Randis. When he is not working on his book, Norton loves spending time with wife, keeping in good shape and doing some hunting and fishing. Norton would love to stay involved with the wrestling business forever; he claims it will always be in his blood.

10 Stevie Ray: Owner of Stevie Ray’s Trucks & Actor/Manager

After the closing of WCW, Stevie hit the independent wrestling circuit for a couple of years wrestling all around the world. He then later changed fields and went back to his former passion, cars. Ray previously owned a detail and carwash business before selling it in 2007. He later started his own truck company which he currently owns and operates today, “Stevie Ray’s Trucks”. Ray is also the president of the West Houston Cruisers motorcycle club and a member of the biggest African American Corvette club in America. In addition to this, Stevie is also in the entertainment business. Ray is set to play the role of a gangster in the upcoming independent film, Streets of New York. Oh yeah, he is also a co-manager for a local hip-hop group called the Bloc Boys. As you can tell, Stevie Ray is still keeping pretty busy in his post wrestling life. He still teases a return of Harlem Heat to this day.

9 Shane Douglas: Autograph Signings & Available for Bookings

This guy has pretty much wrestled everywhere and anywhere. Douglas was in the wrestling business for more than 30 years, and as you can imagine that’s all he really knows after so much time. Today, Douglas is working as a special guest for various independent wrestling promotions. He is also frequently a part of autograph sessions. Just recently, Douglas announced that he is available to commentate for independent wrestling promotions, you can contact Shane if you need a new commentator for your wrestling promotion.

8 Jeremy Borash: Commentator for TNA Wrestling

Borash made his debut with WCW in 1999. Following the purchase of the company, Borash went overseas in Australia working for the World Wrestling All-Stars. He would later return to North America in March of 2002, joining forces with Jeff Jarrett launching TNA Wrestling. Borash became the company’s second employee hired. His responsibilities included ring announcer, video editor and show writer. Today, Borash is still with the company. He took on a more prominent role feuding with the likes of Ethan Carter III. After this angle, Borash took some time off from the company. He later returned as the company’s backstage interviewer.


7 Disco Inferno: Host at a Gentlemen’s Club & Podcast Co-Host

In 2009, the former WCW wrestler/booker started working as a host at the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas, where he resides today. Gilbertti also worked a wrestling podcast show on Major League Wrestling Radio alongside Mike Sanders. Today, Glenn still resides in Vegas and has been spotted several times at various casinos. In 2007, Gilbertti was arrested in connection to an illegal poker game run in Georgia.

6 Vampiro: Commentator for Lucha Underground

Yes indeed, the man you see in this picture is in fact Vampiro (yeah, he’s certainly changed quite a bit since his days in WCW 15 years ago). Since WCW, Vampiro has been all over the place wrestling nonstop. Since the closing of the company Vampiro wrestled for CMLL, All Japan Pro Wrestling, TNA Wrestling, AAA Mexico, Wrestling Society X, Juggalo Championship Wrestling and last but not least, his current home as a color commentator with Lucha Underground.

5 Jeff Jarrett: Founder of Global Force Wrestling

Give props to Jeff for still trying to give birth to a wrestling promotion that can finally rival the WWE. After selling his minority investment with TNA Wrestling, Jarrett once again started a new wrestling promotion with his wife, Global Force Wrestling. Jarrett is still working closely with TNA and New Japan Pro Wrestling, and trying to link these companies altogether so that they can one day combat the dominant empire that is the WWE. Kudos to Jarrett for still keeping at it.

4 Fit Finley: Producer for the WWE

Like Billy Kidman, Finlay is another WCW alumni working as a producer for the WWE today. In 2010, Finlay hung up his boots as a wrestler and became a full-trainer and road agent. Unfortunately for Finlay, things didn’t turn out so well. Finlay was released in March of 2011 after he authorized the interruption of the American National Anthem during a live event. Many in attendance, including National Guard members, were very offended. Finlay claims he was just trying to draw some heat on The Miz heading into WrestleMania. After his dismissal, Finlay hit the independent circuit for a year. A year later in July of 2012, Finlay was once again hired with the WWE as a backstage producer, a job he still holds today.

3 Torrie Wilson: Model, Spokesperson & Entrepreneur

After a failed attempt to report back to the WWE following an injury, Wilson was released by the WWE. Following her release, Torrie would appear on various TV shows. Today, she is a fitness model and fitness enthusiast. Torrie is very active on social media with her passion for fitness, which is a field she has been in since she was a teen. Wilson is also a spokesperson for various fitness companies. As for her personal life, Torrie dated baseball star Alex Rodriguez from 2011 to 2015.

2 Stacy Keibler: Mother, Spokesperson & Entrepreneur

Like Wilson, Keibler was involved in a high profile relationship with famous actor George Clooney. After ending their relationship in 2013, Stacy would later marry the Future Ads CEO, Jared Pobre. The couple has a daughter together, Ava Grace born on August 20, 2014. Asides from motherhood, Keibler is an active spokesperson for various companies including her most recent gig as a spokesperson for Babybjorn, which sells baby products.

1 Ted Turner: Entrepreneur

In case you were wondering, yes, the former owner of WCW is still filthy rich at the age of 77, being worth over $2.2 billion. Despite his massive net worth, Turner still has some regrets though, such as being kicked out of the network he started, CNN. Not quite sure if he misses his time in the wrestling business (probably not). For more on what Ted Turner is up to today, visit his website at

1) Shawn Stasiak: Return to Wrestling

After being let go by the WWE in 2002, Shawn Stasiak decided he was done with the wrestling business. Stasiak decided to pursue an old career path he always had interest in, to become a chiropractor. In 2007, Shawn earned his certificate to work as a chiropractor, and he would later work under this profession in Dallas.

His life later took an unexpected turn when Stasiak decided to make a return to the ring at the age of 45. The motivational speaker plans on making a heroic return to the WWE claiming his mind and body are in the best shape of his life.


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