15 Former WCW Stars: Where Are They Now Part 2

Founded on October 11th, 1988, WCW became the first and only wrestling promotion to ever rival the WWE. Ted Turner and WCW not only rivaled the WWE, but at one point were the superior product for 84 weeks in a row. Despite their success, a lack of direction and an inability to create new stars caused WCW to struggle. They were later bought out by the WWE in 2001, officially ending the Monday Night Wars.

After the purchase was finalized some wrestlers were given an opportunity to prove their worth, while others were immediately let go. Some former WCW stars stayed in the business while others went in a complete opposite direction.

This list of 15 former WCW stars varies from jobs in the adult entertainment industry to working in the automobile industry, to still working in the wrestling business. Let’s now find out where these former wrestlers are; here are 15 former WCW stars: where are they now, part two. Enjoy!

14 Major Gunns: Adult Entertainment

13 Johnny Stamboli: Independent Wrestler & Real Estate

12 Glacier: Actor & Maus Media Group

11 Scott Norton: Author

10 Stevie Ray: Owner of Stevie Ray’s Trucks & Actor/Manager

9 Shane Douglas: Autograph Signings & Available for Bookings

8 Jeremy Borash: Commentator for TNA Wrestling

7 Disco Inferno: Host at a Gentlemen’s Club & Podcast Co-Host

6 Vampiro: Commentator for Lucha Underground

5 Jeff Jarrett: Founder of Global Force Wrestling

4 Fit Finley: Producer for the WWE

3 Torrie Wilson: Model, Spokesperson & Entrepreneur

2 Stacy Keibler: Mother, Spokesperson & Entrepreneur

1 Ted Turner: Entrepreneur

After being let go by the WWE in 2002, Shawn Stasiak decided he was done with the wrestling business. Stasiak decided to pursue an old career path he always had interest in, to become a chiropractor. In 2007, Shawn earned his certificate to work as a chiropractor, and he would later work under this profession in Dallas.

His life later took an unexpected turn when Stasiak decided to make a return to the ring at the age of 45. The motivational speaker plans on making a heroic return to the WWE claiming his mind and body are in the best shape of his life.


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15 Former WCW Stars: Where Are They Now Part 2