15 Former WCW Stars That Shockingly Have Not Aged A Day

It seems like pro wrestlers change dramatically appearance-wise, following their stint in the front of the bright WWE and WCW lights. Women tend to stay the same really, but the men for various reasons most of the time tend to age terribly. Several factors lead to this, one being how taxing it is on your body to be a full time pro wrestler; this can catch up to you if you completely stop training and eating well. For whatever reason, it seems like wrestlers tend to change for the worse and not the better.

This article however, will take a different spin and look at specifically former WCW alumni that have aged rather gracefully throughout the years. The list, features both men and women that helped put the company on the map during different eras. What they all have in common is how great they still look decades after their time in the spotlight. Here are 15 WCW stars that have shockingly not aged a day.


15 Lance Storm

During his time in WCW, it was made very apparent quickly that Storm was one of the best conditioned athletes (and pro wrestlers) on the entire roster. This factor led him to some great success during WCW’s final days. Lance would go on to capture the Cruiserweight Championship along with three United States Title reigns. During the WWE’s purchase of WCW, Storm was welcomed into the mix as the WWE would take his contract. He was one of a select few to hang on to his position following the WCW Invasion angle. His WWE career highlights included a victory over The Rock, followed by an Intercontinental Title reign and a four time World Tag Team Champion.

To this day, the ageless wonder, who is 47, is still competing. Just recently in April, Storm fought Matt Hardy at WrestleCon in a losing effort. Asides from a part time role as a wrestler making sporadic appearances, Storm runs his only wrestling academy in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, The Storm Wrestling Academy. He hopes that his school will one day be affiliated with the WWE’s developmental system.

14 DDP

DDP serves as the poster boy for this list among his former WCW alumni mates. Crazy to think that the former face of the company is already 60 today. Looking at him however, you’d never be able to guess such an age.

Hard to believe that DDP rose to fame over two decades ago in a feud involving his baby face persona taking on the already popular Randy Savage. The feud would ultimately do wonders for his career and solidify him as one the favorite WCW wrestlers of not only that time, but perhaps in company history. After the company was bought out, Page took his talents over to McMahon’s company. Despite some initial sparks to his run with a feud involving The Undertaker, he would later fall into irrelevancy quickly making his run a flop because of terrible booking.

When his wrestling career started to fade, Page turned to a practice he had discovered way back in 1998: yoga. His company would go viral when a story made mainstream headlines pertaining to how DDP’s yoga treatments helped a disabled war veteran walk again and drop over 140 pounds in just 10 months. Today, his product continues to flourish selling over $1 million in products. His post wrestling story remains one of the best in recent memory, particularly looking at WCW alumni.

13 Stevie Richards

In true journeyman-like fashion, Richards has been everywhere since the mid 90s, from stints with ECW to WCW, and later most remembered for his stints with the WWE product. A few were left scratching their heads when the WWE announced that Stevie was one of the names contacted by the company in order to add more depth and experience during the brand extension to either Raw or SmackDown. Why so many fans were confused, was simply because Richards has been out of the spotlight for years (factor in his age of 44, set to turn 45 in October).

But, if you know Stevie, this call up shouldn’t come as a surprise as he is in the best shape of his life at the moment, training with DDP yoga and following a strict diet plan and workout routine for years now. Not to mention, he is still actively wrestling not only independently but also making sporadic appearances with Ring of Honor. His conditioning and good looks may be enough for him to make a WWE return in the very near future. You see folks, not ageing and taking care of yourself has its benefits in more ways than one!

12 Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Set to turn 46 this October, Chavo is still wrestling today and looking ageless in his run with the highly coveted Lucha Underground promotion. The nephew of the late great Eddie Guerrero got his first big break back in May of 1996, two decades ago when he joined World Championship Wrestling. Most of his career was spent in the Cruiserweight division, as he would claim that very Championship twice during his WCW run.

He would later take his talents to Vince McMahon’s empire. He had some memorable runs which included a two-time Tag Team Championship reign alongside Eddie. Chavo would also have a memorable upper-card feud with Rey Mysterio and later win the ECW Championship, his biggest accomplishment title wise during his WWE run. His journey with the WWE would come to an end after several years. Chavo actually asked the company for a release. Some thought he’d be retiring, but the truth was he was only just getting started in an attempt to recreate his legacy on the independent scene. Today, the underrated talent is still looking great playing a prominent role for Lucha Underground.

11 Shane Helms

Turning 42 on July 12th, Helms is still active in the wrestling community. In doing so, the guy hasn’t really aged much since leaving the WWE keeping his in-ring talents at a high level throughout his career in and out of the WWE.

Helms caught his first big break in the world of pro wrestling back in 1999 when he joined the WCW ranks. His biggest career accomplishment includes a Cruiserweight Championship run which would make the history books making Helms the final Champion in WCW history before the WWE would ultimately purchase the company. His WWE career would actually serve quite the purpose, as he was mostly remembered for his work as The Hurricane. His biggest career highlights included a monumental victory against The Rock.

Years later since his WWE departure, his activity levels have kept the former WWE star in great shape. He is currently working with TNA Wrestling as a part time wrestler for the company.

10 Christopher Daniels

The prototypical journeyman in the world of pro wrestling, Chris Daniels recently turned 46 this year. Many were surprised to see that Daniels still has not been contacted by the WWE to mentor some of the talent down in NXT. Despite his age, Chris is still competing at a high level while showing little to no signs of aging.

His career on a mainstream stage actually started with the WWE back in 1998, believe it or not. It wasn’t until 2001 that the WWE finally released Daniels, and as you can probably imagine his run was very insignificant throughout. He would later take his talents to WCW and then solidify his legacy with ROH after an epic run with the promotion. He would later help to usher in a new division with TNA, the groundbreaking X Division, putting on some breathtaking matches.

After bouncing around the world, Christopher is back with the ROH ranks. With so much success coming out of bouts with AJ Styles and Austin Aries on separate shows, you’d think the WWE would eventually let Daniels back into the company. With call ups set to take place soon, Christopher’s name will surely be included as a possible new addition to the NXT roster.

9 Jimmy Hart

Remembered as one of the greatest managers in pro wrestling history, at the age of 72 Jimmy Hart just does not seem to age. During his stint with the WWE Network's Legends House, Jimmy revealed that a proper diet and constant skincare have kept him looking young throughout his career.

Believe or not, Hart is also still very active on the pro wrestling circuit. Not only is he still appearing at various independent wrestling shows as a special guest, but he is one of the more common faces you can find at various wrestling conventions around the globe, doing anything from taking pictures to signing autographs to even selling a plethora of old memorabilia. Fans still love Jimmy, posting various images on social media with themselves alongside the iconic WWE figure. One thing’s for sure, his meeting with fans has kept him memorable and still in the spotlight after all these years, something that is very remarkable when you think about the fact that he was a manager and not an in-ring wrestler throughout his career. Kudos, Jimmy!


8 Chuck Palumbo

Some argue that the former WCW and WWE star looks better today as a bada** biker than he did back in his wrestling days with some failed gimmicks, which ultimately caused his demise. After a run as a Tag Team wrestler with WCW, the WWE took on Chuck’s contract. In similar fashion to his WCW stint, Palumbo was mainly used as a Tag wrestler working under a Billy and Chuck gimmick, followed by a run with the Full Blooded Italians.

After a brief stint on the independent circuit, Chuck recreated himself by relying on an old passion: customizing motorcycles. Not only did he succeed in opening up his own shop but he looked cool and ageless in the process. This would eventually land him a role on television on the Discovery reality based show, Lords of the Car Hoards. The former WWE star still looks fantastic, aging gracefully just recently turning 45 this past June.

7 Jim Duggan

He’s been around the block and back again. It seems like Duggan looks exactly the same as he did during his first stint with the WWE, way back in the late 80s. Today, at the age of 62, Jim is still involved in the wrestling business looking insanely similar to his former days back in the 90s, asides from a couple of inevitable wrinkles.

Despite his limited in-ring arsenal, the veteran has managed to stay relevant because of his infectious persona which resonates with wrestling crowds. To this day, Duggan is using this to his advantage, still wrestling for various independent promotions, along with full time appearances at wrestling conventions (signing autographs and taking pictures with various fans with his long piece of wood that’s still a big hit). Just recently, Duggan added to his resume by signing a deal to work as an ambassador for Global Force Wrestling. Age is just a number for the WWE Hall of Famer class 2011.

6 Alundra Blayze

Some wrestling fans argue that Madusa looks better today at the age of 52, than she did over two decades ago with the WWE and WCW during her in-ring days as the greatest female wrestler on the planet.

The Citrus County resident made headlines when she made the jump from her controversial career as a pro wrestler to a monster truck driver. The new career path caused her to completely resurface her look, which now includes a top-notch sleeve tattoo (which was very noticeable during her Hall of Fame speech that stole the show on that night). Her status in the Monster Truck field would only elevate as she would become the Executive Vice President for the Major League of Monster Trucks. Despite some serious injuries in the past, Madusa is still working her craft today and still looking stunning in the process. Yet another example of a wrestler finding some serious success after her wrestling career came to an end.

5 Kevin Nash

Minus the grey hair, Kevin Nash still looks great at the age of 56. It is mind blowing to think that he is set to turn 57 on July 9th.

His image has pretty much carried him throughout his career. Standing 6’9, Big Daddy Cool has managed to keep a tremendous look while maintaining his monster-like size. This factor led Nash to some great successes in both WWE and WCW, winning the WWE Championship once and the WCW World Heavyweight Title on 5 different occasions. His look not only helped his cause in the wrestling industry, but it would later transcend in the entertainment sector in front of the bright Hollywood lights. Nash was included in several hit films, such as The Punisher, Grandma’s Boy and his latest success in Magic Mike and the sequel Magic Mike XXL. His looks continue to make him some serious dollars even years after his pro wrestling run.

4 Booker T

You’d be hard pressed to find a WCW star that enjoyed as much success as Booker T, becoming one of the few that survived a terrible WCW Invasion angle. Booker attributes his WWE success to his work ethic in and out of the ring. This eventually led to a contract renewal for the former five-time WCW Champion. After leaving the WWE for a brief period of time, Booker came back home to serve as a commentator and panelist for the company. Working with young talent has kept Booker young throughout the years. Not only as he helped out with the developmental down in NXT, but he is also dealing with his own promotion, The Reality of Wrestling, down in his hometown of Houston, Texas.

At the age of 51, Booker still looks fantastic training on a regular basis despite his in-ring days coming to an end. On April 6th, 2013, Booker was acknowledged for his tremendous accomplishments when his brother inducted him into the WWE’s Hall of Fame.

3 Stacy Keibler

From a competition to find the next dancing Nitro Girl in the front of a small audience, to a worldwide watched Dancing With the Stars reality program, this is the career of Stacy Keibler, which seems to have blown up over night. Despite some limited in-ring skills, Keibler managed to stay relevant because of her personality and her looks, which resonated with both WCW and WWE crowds. Eventually, her superstardom grew too big, causing her to leave the wrestling scene. Following a tremendous run and exposure on Dancing With The Stars, Stacy gained even more mainstream exposure when it was announced that she was dating Hollywood megastar George Clooney.

After years in the spotlight, Keibler settled down and started a family after her breakup with Clooney. Today, she is married to Jared Pobre. The couple married in March of 2014, and welcomed their first child months later, a girl named Ava Grace Pobre. Turning 37 in October, the former WWE Diva still looks stunning (as you might expect).

2 Goldberg

Closing on the big 5-0 in December, rumors have once again begun to surface pertaining to Goldberg and a possible WWE return. His final days as a member of the WWE came over a decade ago, on March 14th, 2004 live at WrestleMania XX in front of a sold out Madison Square Garden crowd. His highly anticipated bout against Brock Lesnar ultimately flopped terribly, with both wrestlers set to leave the company following the match.

Since the lackluster encounter between the two, both sides were very bitter. This caused total miscommunication between the WWE and Goldberg for years. Now, both older and wiser, the two have started to talk again. Just recently, Goldberg was used to promote the new WWE 2K17 game, which features Brock Lesnar on the cover (ironically). The promo showed Goldberg still looking great, and gave fans some hope for a future appearance involving Goldberg on WWE television. With such a bitter ending, we truly hope Goldberg and the WWE can redeem the situation with one last memorable run.

1 Torrie Wilson /

If you follow her on Instagram, it’s unbelievable to think that this former WCW and WWE alumni is set to turn 41 this upcoming July. Since her WWE departure, Torrie has thrived living a life devoted to fitness and her well being. She is a self-proclaimed fitness advocate, entrepreneur, entertainer, model and athlete.

Like Stacy, Torrie made mainstream headlines after the New York Press linked her to a relationship with MLB megastar Alex Rodriguez. It was later revealed that the two were in fact in a relationship, which lasted from 2011 all the way till 2015. Her run in the WWE will be mostly remembered for her role on the SmackDown brand, which used women more for their s*x appeal, and less based on their actual in-ring work. Her star quality was obvious and this lead the former WWE Diva to feature on two covers of the prestigious Playboy magazine. This cemented her legacy as one of the best looking WWE women of all time.


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