15 Former WCW Cruiserweights: Where Are They Now?

With the WWE set to give the Cruiserweight division a long awaited rebirth, you can’t help but to remember some of the greatest Cruiserweight wrestlers of all time. This cast of wrestling greats included such a deep talent pool with the likes of Billy Kidman, Dean Malenko, Chris Jericho, Ultimo Dragon and Rey Mysterio, just to name a few.

This division added some much needed depth to the WCW's three hour program, something that seems to be missing with the WWE’s current product. The division was innovative and offered something fans had never seen before at the time. Recreating this division down in NXT will certainly spark some interest among the WWE Universe. With this in mind, we can’t help but to wonder what happened to some of our all time favorites. Where’s Juventud? Or even Alex Wright? This article will help to answer these questions and so many others. Sit back and enjoy this list of 15 former WCW Cruiserweights: Where Are They Now? Enjoy!


15 Shane Helms: TNA Wrestling

Shane Helms entered the history books, becoming the WCW’s final Cruiserweight title holder. His contract was later picked up the WWE along with 24 others. His career with the company would almost span a decade before he was finally released on February 26th, 2010. Helms would go on to wrestle independently for several years before finally joining TNA Wrestling on a permanent basis, in March of 2015. Helms began as an agent behind the scenes and later made his on-screen debut as a heel. At the age of 41, Helms is also still very active in various wrestling conventions across the United States. His memorabilia still sells quite well, believe it or not; most of his sales come from his Hurricane gimmick which was very popular during his time with the WWE.

14 Psicosis: Retired

Psicosis was very popular during his WCW days and was just another tremendous talent that added serious depth to the Cruiserweight division. During his time with the WCW, Psicosis made the record books for the wrong reasons, becoming the shortest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in the company's history, losing the belt in less than an hour. After his departure from WCW, the Mexican native bounced around the independent circuit and later with the WWE. His run with the big company was quite forgettable, as the former Cruiserweight Champion wrestled with no mask and under a poor stable of talented wrestlers called The Mexicools. The stable flopped and Psicosis was released in 2006. This time however, he would head back to his native land in Mexico. His last pro wrestling whereabouts were in 2014 when Psicosis was with AAA Mexico. He was later released in August of 2014. He is currently 45, residing out of Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

13 Lash LeRoux: Cartoonist

Billed as the next Chris Jericho, LeRoux never fit the hype. Lash was a product of WCW’s Power Plant. His biggest accomplishment was becoming a Tag Team Champion with the company. After WCW was bought, the WWE sent LeRoux over to the Heartland Wrestling Association to further polish his wrestling skills. Ultimately, Lash asked for a release claiming he wanted to pursue other things and not waste time down in developmental. LeRoux would completely change career paths, rekindling his love for drawing. After a stint with TNA and the announcement of his retirement, the former Tag Team Champion became a full-time cartoonist and illustrator. The former WCW and TNA star is currently residing out of Northport, Alabama.

12 Ultimo Dragon: Independent Wrestler

One of the most iconic Cruiserweights of all time, Ultimo Dragon cemented a legacy as one of the greatest Cruiserweight wrestlers of all time. Dragon claimed the prestigious Cruiserweight Championship twice, along with two other runs with the World Television Championship. His WWE career in 2003 was quite disappointing. Despite some tremendous hype from the big company, Dragon never really built up any serious type of connection with the WWE universe. This was partly because of some terrible booking by the company. Ultimo eventually asked for his release claiming he wanted to go back to Japan. From 2004 till 2015, Dragon bounced around Japan and Mexico wrestling for various promotions. In March of 2015, the former WCW star claimed yet another championship, winning the All Asia Tag Team Championship which he later vacated. The former WCW star is set to turn 50 in December.

11 Alex Wright: Banker and Fitness Instructor

Wright served as one of the most underrated talents of his time. The German born WCW star was a Cruiserweight Champion, Television Champion and Tag Team Champion during his long run with WCW, which lasted from 1994 till it was bought out in 2001. Following the purchase, Wright took time off from the business claiming that the political part of wrestling was just too much to handle. He later changed fields and became a banker and fitness instructor. He also started his own wrestling promotion in 2009, called New European Championship Wrestling. The former WCW star is currently 41.

10 Chavo Guerrero: Lucha Underground

Chavo was another underrated Cruiserweight gem. Guerrero got his opportunity to show his worth on the big stage with the WWE working some prominent storylines, which included one with his long time friend, Rey Mysterio. In June of 2011, Chavo shocked the wrestling world asking for his release from the WWE. After leaving the company, Chavo bounced around TNA and the independent circuit. He later found a permanent position with Lucha Underground, a company he has been with since 2014. Guerrero recently lost the Gift of Gods Championship, and he is currently still holding a prominent position with he company at the age of 45, set to turn 46 in October. Hope to see this guy in the WWE’s Hall of Fame one day.

9 Oklahoma: Full Sail University Teacher

Ed Ferrara was a former WWE booker, writer and agent for the company, often working alongside Vince Russo. While in WCW, Ed’s career took a tasteless turn becoming an on-screen character named Oklahoma, a knockoff of WWE’s Jim Ross. The gimmick was uncomfortable to watch and poked fun at the WWE’s legendary commentator. After the gimmick was mercifully put to an end, Ferrara was relegated back to a road agent, and he claimed this was “the best demotion I ever had”.

After leaving the wrestling business, Ed earned himself a degree in creative writing. He later became a teacher at Full Sail University, teaching creative writing for entertainment. He also became a regular host on Major League Wrestling Radio in 2014.


8 La Parka: Independant Wrestler

What started as a kind of joke gimmick, later became one of the most popular acts in all of WCW. Despite his bizarre antics and obvious popularity among WCW crowds, La Parka never won a WCW Championship belt during his four year run with the company, working as a Cruiserweight wrestler for most of the time. Following his departure, the 50 year old headed back to Mexico working for various promotions, which included AAA Wrestling and CMLL. His time with CMLL came to end in August of 2015, when he was released by the company for insulting a Mexican crowd. Ouch.

7 Lance Storm: Wrestling Academy

One of my personal favorites of all time, Lance quickly drove up the WCW totem pole becoming the US and Cruiserweight Champion rather quickly. He later won the Hardcore Championship, as well as becoming the first and only wrestler in WCW history to carry three titles. He later joined the WWE during the WCW Invasion angle and was kept following the program. Today, Lance has his own wrestling school called The Storm Wrestling Academy, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is also still performing, most recently taking on Jay Lethal in an epic encounter at the PWA 15th Anniversary Show.

6 Syxx (aka X-Pac): Wrestling Conventions

Many tend to forget that X-Pac had a run with the Cruiserweight Championship during his time as Syxx with WCW (WCW combined the numbers 1-2-3). Waltman won the championship after defeating Dean Malenko at WCW’s prestigious SuperBrawl PPV. He would later surrender the championship to Chris Jericho (of all people). After his failed WCW run, Waltman would enjoy some huge success with the WWE as a member of DX. Following his WWE departure, X-Pac would bounce around all over the world working for various promotions. While all this was happening, Waltman had a severe drug problem he was dealing with.

Thankfully, Waltman is doing much better today. He was signed on as a WWE Legend under a Legend’s contract with the company. At the age of 43, X-Pac is spending most of his time today attending wrestling conventions.

5 Billy Kidman: WWE Producer

Not sure that anyone could have predicted that WCW’s most celebrated Cruiserweight would end up working for the WWE as a producer. Kidman works the gorilla position every Monday Night for the WWE. He is generally in charge of properly slotting the times for each segment. As you can imagine, with live television this position can become rather hectic very fast. Despite his new career, Kidman will always be remembered as one of the most ionic WCW Cruiserweights of all time. Billy held the championship on three different occasions. He’s also claimed the Tag Team Championships twice with Rey Mysterio.

4 Dean Malenko: WWE Road Agent

Similar to Bill Kidman, Malenko was regarded as one of the greatest things to come out of WCW. Many past wrestlers spoke very highly of Dean (Daniel Bryan made the claim that Malenko was the best wrestler in the world). Dean had a tremendous run with WCW, capturing the Cruiserweight Championship on four different occasions, and he also had runs with the Tag Team Titles and the United States Championship. Today, Malenko is working with the WWE as a road agent.

3 Disco Inferno: Gentlemen’s Club Host

Inferno was a rare case of a WCW wrestler surviving a bad gimmick. Not only did he survive, he thrived, winning several titles which included the Cruiserweight Championship and the World Television Championship. At the age of 48, Inferno is gone from the wrestling business and working as a host at the Gentlemen’s Club Sapphire, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. As you can imagine, residing out of Vegas, Inferno has been spotted in several Casinos throughout the area. In 2007, the former Cruiserweight Champ found himself in some trouble, getting arrested for being connected to an illegal poker game. Those days are behind him today.

2 Juventud Guerrera: Fitness Company

Known has “The Juice”, Juventud was a massive fan favorite during his run in WCW. Juventud claimed the Cruiserweight Championship on three separate occasions. Following his WCW departure, Guerrera bounced around the world, wrestling for TNA, WWE and several other promotions which included a recent stop with AAA Mexico. Today, Juvi is promoting his new fitness brand Fit Juice, which focuses on nutrition and fitness as a lifestyle. He was also recently working as a DJ. This guy does it all at the age of 41.

1 Rey Mysterio: Lucha Underground

No wrestler has ever accomplished more in the Cruiserweight division than Rey Mysterio, who became a World Heavyweight Champion on two different occasions and a one-time WWE Champion. Rey burst onto the scene with WCW, claiming the Cruiserweight Championship 5-times. These title runs put Rey on the map.

After his WWE departure, the master of the "619" spent some time on the independent circuit, wrestling matches with some old foes like Kurt Angle. He also later signed a deal with Lucha Underground. Don’t be surprised to see Rey Mysterio back in a WWE ring in the near future.


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