15 Former WCW Cruiserweights: Where Are They Now?

With the WWE set to give the Cruiserweight division a long awaited rebirth, you can’t help but to remember some of the greatest Cruiserweight wrestlers of all time. This cast of wrestling greats included such a deep talent pool with the likes of Billy Kidman, Dean Malenko, Chris Jericho, Ultimo Dragon and Rey Mysterio, just to name a few.

This division added some much needed depth to the WCW's three hour program, something that seems to be missing with the WWE’s current product. The division was innovative and offered something fans had never seen before at the time. Recreating this division down in NXT will certainly spark some interest among the WWE Universe. With this in mind, we can’t help but to wonder what happened to some of our all time favorites. Where’s Juventud? Or even Alex Wright? This article will help to answer these questions and so many others. Sit back and enjoy this list of 15 former WCW Cruiserweights: Where Are They Now? Enjoy!

15 Shane Helms: TNA Wrestling

14 Psicosis: Retired

13 Lash LeRoux: Cartoonist

12 Ultimo Dragon: Independent Wrestler

11 Alex Wright: Banker and Fitness Instructor

10 Chavo Guerrero: Lucha Underground

9 Oklahoma: Full Sail University Teacher

Ed Ferrara was a former WWE booker, writer and agent for the company, often working alongside Vince Russo. While in WCW, Ed’s career took a tasteless turn becoming an on-screen character named Oklahoma, a knockoff of WWE’s Jim Ross. The gimmick was uncomfortable to watch and poked fun at the WWE’s legendary commentator. After the gimmick was mercifully put to an end, Ferrara was relegated back to a road agent, and he claimed this was “the best demotion I ever had”.

8 La Parka: Independant Wrestler

7 Lance Storm: Wrestling Academy

6 Syxx (aka X-Pac): Wrestling Conventions

Many tend to forget that X-Pac had a run with the Cruiserweight Championship during his time as Syxx with WCW (WCW combined the numbers 1-2-3). Waltman won the championship after defeating Dean Malenko at WCW’s prestigious SuperBrawl PPV. He would later surrender the championship to Chris Jericho (of all people). After his failed WCW run, Waltman would enjoy some huge success with the WWE as a member of DX. Following his WWE departure, X-Pac would bounce around all over the world working for various promotions. While all this was happening, Waltman had a severe drug problem he was dealing with.

5 Billy Kidman: WWE Producer

4 Dean Malenko: WWE Road Agent

3 Disco Inferno: Gentlemen’s Club Host

2 Juventud Guerrera: Fitness Company

1 Rey Mysterio: Lucha Underground

No wrestler has ever accomplished more in the Cruiserweight division than Rey Mysterio, who became a World Heavyweight Champion on two different occasions and a one-time WWE Champion. Rey burst onto the scene with WCW, claiming the Cruiserweight Championship 5-times. These title runs put Rey on the map.

After his WWE departure, the master of the "619" spent some time on the independent circuit, wrestling matches with some old foes like Kurt Angle. He also later signed a deal with Lucha Underground. Don’t be surprised to see Rey Mysterio back in a WWE ring in the near future.


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15 Former WCW Cruiserweights: Where Are They Now?