15 Former WWE Divas That Are Still REALLY Hot

It’s rather apparent judging by history, the span of a female’s wrestling career is much shorter than the average male. Women have been known to retire as early as before their 30s. Why? Well, for var

It’s rather apparent judging by history, the span of a female’s wrestling career is much shorter than the average male. Women have been known to retire as early as before their 30s. Why? Well, for various reasons; some opt to leave early as an opportunity to tackle a new venture, while others turn a page away from the spotlight in hopes of starting a family. Both reasons are justifiable, and we have seen so many female stars part ways with the company sooner rather than later.

Throughout multiple departures, one thing that stays the same is how great these female athletes still look once their time in a WWE ring comes to an end. This article will specifically look at this factor, highlighting some of our favorite former WWE Divas and how good these 15 still look. You might even argue that some look better now in their 40s than they did during their wrestling prime. In any event, we'll make you be the judge. Here are 15 former WWE Divas that are still hot. Enjoy!

15 Candice Michelle

Entering the mix as a Diva Search contestant, Candice quickly resonated with the crowd because of some obvious s*x appeal, something she still maintains to this very day, despite the fact that she’s a mother of three, and almost 40 years old. Her career was labelled as eye candy when she entered the mix. Michelle was involved in several vignettes which included ones with the boss himself, Vince McMahon. During that time, Candice was known to the WWE Universe as Vince’s Devil.

After her run alongside Vince, Candice would actually jump into a ring, to everyone’s surprise. After an awful start, Michelle was able to make some serious improvements along the way. This eventually caused an improbable Women’s Championship run which not many people saw coming. When she sustained a shoulder injury, Candice failed to return as a prominent face in the labelled Divas division. She became a marginal player and was later released from her WWE contract in June of 2009. Today, you can still find her at wrestling conventions meeting fans and signing autographs. She remains a popular figure at these meet and greets, despite the fact that she’s been away for so long. Oh yeah, and she still looks hot as hell!

14 AJ Lee

You can make the argument that AJ was the one who actually ushered in a new era of women’s wrestling. Lee made some noteworthy comments after leaving the company, claiming that despite being one of the best merchandise sellers in the entire company, the WWE never took this into account. She demanded the company relook at women’s wages and the time they got to appear on air every week. Stephanie McMahon actually acknowledged these comments, claiming she agreed with everything AJ said. Before you knew it, a women’s revolution was underway with the WWE.

Lee achieved some serious success becoming the face of the division with a heartwarming look, backed up by some serious in-ring skills. Her run was highlighted by three Divas Championships. She shocked the WWE Universe when she officially left the company in 2015 announcing her retirement. Still only 29, AJ still looks fantastic. She spends most of her time as a public speaker and works for several charities. Lee is also in the midst of finishing up her autobiography which is set to be released in 2017.

13 Kelly Kelly

Working as a model and reality show star, you can imagine Kelly still looks stunning. Like AJ, Kelly left the business at a young age (she is only 29 set to turn 30 only next January). Like so many have done in the past, Kelly used the WWE as a platform to expose herself to a national audience. Her stint began as a pole dancer for the ECW brand. This gig would actually amount to some serious levels of success, as her segments were constantly the highest rated of the show (you can imagine which demographic she was appealing to). Her success would later translate in the ring surprisingly, as she would ultimately capture a Divas Championship.

In September of 2012, Kelly announced she was leaving the WWE for a change in career paths. She would pursue modeling on a full-time basis, something she is still doing four years later. She has managed to recreate her identity quite nicely, being known as Barbie Blank. You can also find the former WWE Diva on the E! reality series WAGS.

12 Ashley Massaro

She managed to stay relevant because of her look, so it’s not a shock that she landed a spot on this list, still looking quite fine years after her stint with the WWE. The mother of a 16 year old daughter, Alexa Massaro, she is still using her past fame today appearing at wrestling conventions across the United States. Her memorabilia and autograph sessions are still doing quite well today, so kudos to her for that.

Visually, Massaro was a draw with the WWE Universe. Her biggest problem was unfortunately her in-ring work which suffered. After winning the Diva Search, Ashley was rushed into the mix despite the fact that she had no previous experience. This is something that would never happen in today’s product. Her inexperience made wrestling fans lose interest in her. She was eventually let go by the company, although she claims she left to attend to her daughter who was allegedly sick at the time. Massaro was a WWE casualty who rose to fame way too quickly. But hey, at least she still looks good, right?

11 Layla

A surprise too many, Layla managed to take some serious steps forward as an in-ring competitor during her time with the WWE. She surprised many wrestling fans when she decided to retire younger than expected, making the announcement on July 29th, 2015. Though, as we’ve seen with so many female wrestlers in the past, they retire much younger than their male counterparts, with interests in starting a family or working in another venture. Brie Bella was the latest Diva to follow this pattern.

You can make the argument that she was the best Diva Search winner ever. Her performances went from uncomfortable to watch to actually quite solid finding her biggest success as a heel alongside her associate, Michelle McCool. Layla would write her name in the history books by becoming the last WWE Women’s Champion. She would also have a run with the Divas Championship. Today, Layla is still looking great spending most of her time in the gym and dancing, a former passion of hers. She also got married last November to wrestler Richard Young (aka Ricky Ortiz). The UK native is set to turn 39 at the end of June.

10 Melina

Labelled as one of Bret Hart’s favorites, Melina managed to have quite the career during her time with the WWE, which saw her spend some time as a manager, as well as a successful in-ring career as a serious butt kicker. Melina is remembered for her work as a heel. She was a prominent worker in the women’s division throughout her career. Her accomplishments were highly rated, winning the Women’s Title three times and enduring two runs with the Divas Championship. She was in fact considered one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world at one point.

During the summer of 2011, her illustrious career came to an end when the WWE announced her pending release from the company. She would go onto work independently, which she still does today. After appearing on the Jim Ross Podcast, the 37 year old discussed that she was going back to school and still appearing at several wrestling conventions across the United States. Today, Melina has completely changed her look, going blonde, but she still looks fantastic.

9 Terri Runnels

Becoming one of the biggest s*x symbols during a glorified Attitude Era, Terri Runnels is still selling her former fame today appearing at several wrestling conventions around the world. She is 49 today, set to turn 50 in October.

Her career with the WWE was remembered as a s*x symbol/valet. Terri rose to prominence debuting with Goldust, and the duo instantly became must-see television during a wacky era of wrestling. She later bounced around the company like a Bingo ball managing the likes of Val Venis. She would later be turned into a backstage interviewer and a host of several WWE programs. After an eight year run, the WWE finally decided to part ways with the valet in March of 2004. The company decided to release her due to major budget cuts. As previously discussed, she is still travelling the world today, not to mention she still looks fantastic after all these years away from WWE television.

8 Alundra Blayze

Madusa went from an in-ring trailblazer to a monster truck driver; at the age of 52 you can bet this Milan native ain’t no regular female. At the age of 52, some believe the WWE Hall of Famer actually looks better now than she did 20 years ago. Supporting a sleeve tattoo, Blayze still looks amazing today.

She is remembered for igniting the Monday Night Wars by dropping the WWE Women’s Championship in the trash live on a WCW Nitro telecast. At that point in time, this was a huge deal as she went from one of the most dominant female wrestlers to one of the most controversial figures in all of sports and entertainment. After a marginal run with WCW, Madusa took an unexpected career turn, working as a monster truck driver, a job she still pursues today. They rightfully inducted the trailblazer into the Hall of Fame in 2015. As you can imagine, her speech stole the show that night.

7 Michelle McCool

Her off-screen relationship with the iconic Undertaker really downplayed her accomplishments during her WWE run. At one point, McCool was by far the most talented woman on the roster carrying the division. She enjoyed great success as both face and heel, although she really thrived as a heel in a lackluster Divas division at the time. Michelle’s accomplishments were merited, winning the Divas Championship twice along with two Women’s Title runs. In 2010, PWI cemented her legacy ranking her as the top female wrestler in the world headlining a list of 49 other female talents.

Like so many other names we discussed on this list, McCool decided to retire young leaving the business in order to start a family with future Hall of Famer, The Undertaker. The couple had their first child in August of 2012, Kaia Faith Callaway. Today, the 36 year old spends her time as a loving mother, and she is also an avid yoga enthusiast as a practiser of Krav Maga.

6 Eve Torres

Only 31 years of age and after giving birth to her first child, Eve looks absolutely stunning (maybe even better than she did during her time with the WWE, if that’s even possible). Her run in the Divas division was actually quite successful, as she became the face of the division during a period of transition for women’s wrestling. After her brief stint as a manager, Eve made a smooth jump into the ring becoming one of the top women performers in the squared circle. The Diva Search winner enjoyed some serious success winning the Divas Title on three different occasions. PWI also cemented her legacy as one of the top female wrestlers in the world for 2010, when she landed the number five spot in the top 50 list.

Torres was also a great ambassador for the WWE, which is what hurt the company that much more when she decided to leave at such a young age. Today, she is an avid supporter of empowered women's movements, as well as working with her husband’s MMA camp as an instructor for Gracie Women Empowered Self-defense program.

5 Maria Kanellis

A comedic gimmick that was actually quite successful, Maria was able to gather some huge mainstream success after she landed the cover of Playboy magazine for the April 2008 issue. This accomplishment would open various doors for her, particularly on the WWE platform making her one of the most popular Divas on the roster, despite having a weak arsenal in the ring. Fans turned the other cheek and awarded her with the Slammy for Diva of the Year in 2009, despite the fact that she was never able to withstand any type of singles success in the ring.

Like so many other former Divas, her popularity would begin to fade over time. After a diminished in-ring role, Kanellis was finally let go by the company in February of 2010. Fast forward years later, and Maria is still making some serious waves on the independent circuit alongside her spouse, Mike Bennett. The two are enjoying a formidable run with TNA Wrestling and are still making some decent money at wrestling conventions.

4 Stacy Keibler

A rarity in the wrestling business, Keibler managed to thrive in the 2000s based on her good looks which transcended with the WWE Universe. Her wrestling skills really weren’t there, but she had a way about her that put so many WWE viewers in a trance during her various segments, promos and managerial work throughout the years. After a failed in-ring career, Stacy decided to take an offer to appear on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Comparable to so many other celebrities in the past, her time on the show would be huge, allowing her to gather some massive mainstream popularity. This factor would ultimately cause Stacy to leave the business and pursue a Hollywood career.

She would later make all the headlines, being romantically linked to megastar George Clooney. After the two would break things off, Keibler would marry Jared Pobre, and the couple would later welcome their first child, Ava Grace Pobre. As a 36 year old mother, Keibler still looks fantastic today, but that’s not surprising.

3 Torrie Wilson

Like Stacy, Torrie thrived early on as eye candy for a WCW brand which was starving for any type of success. During the Invasion angle, Wilson one again connected with a broad WWE Universe, becoming an instant star despite hardly wrestling in the ring. Her stock would reach new heights when Wilson landed the cover of Playboy, something she would go on to do twice throughout her WWE run; quite impressive to say the least. With a net worth of over $15 million, leaving the WWE was not a big deal especially financially for the Idaho native. The company released Wilson after she failed to report back after sustaining an injury.

Today, Wilson seems to be loving life residing out of California. She is a model and a huge fitness enthusiast. Hard to believe she is set to turn 41 in July, looking as good as she did a decade ago.

2 Lita

Working as a panelist for the WWE, visually Lita looks as stunning as she did back in February of 2000 when she made her debut as an exotic manager for the up and coming, Essa Rios. Transitioning into a Tag Team manager, Lita became one of the most sought after faces in all of the WWE. Her career would later reach new heights when she brought her talents in the ring using a spectacular moonsault which awed millions of fans. Her career would be highlighted by four Women’s Title runs along with a WWE Hall of Fame induction, class of 2014.

Today, Lita is back with the company appearing on several WWE Network programming. She is most prominent before and during WWE PPVs as a panelist, usually alongside the likes of WWE Hall of Famer Booker T and NXT alumni Corey Graves. Her popularity is still evident, and we hope to see Lita stay with the company for a long time. At the age of 41, we believe she has a lot left to give in a different role with the WWE’s massive empire.

1 Trish Stratus

Her look alone made her one of the most celebrated Divas of all time. Even before she stepped in the ring as a competitor, Trish enjoyed some massive success as a manager and as a love interest of Vince’s, early on. Her success would later carry into a WWE ring as a Superstar. The more she wrestled, the better she got. Eventually, Trish became the face of the decade in women’s wrestling on the WWE stage. She won the Women’s Championship seven times, becoming a future Hall of Famer. Her destiny would be reached in 2013 when Trish was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

A mother, and set to turn 41 in December, Stratus is still being talked about to this very day with several rumor sites discussing the possibility of her return to the ring in the future. Visually, she still looks perfect, so making a return seems like a serious possibility. We shall see what the future holds for this legendary icon.


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