15 Fascinating Facts You Never Knew About WCW

Hard to believe another wrestling company beat the WWE for 84 weeks in a row, especially when looking at the state of pro wrestling today (with no company in sight of the WWE). So many have tried, only to fail; TNA came close several times, only to see their show flop creatively and lose some big network deals. According to rumors, the WWE can buy TNA for the same price as it did WCW, for $4 million. The company looks like a liability more so than anything today.

Unlike TNA, WCW had some massive upsides, which included the uprising of a faction that forever changed the landscape of the wrestling business. But what if I told you that the idea was actually stolen? This article will take a further look at that fascinating fact. It will also look at so many other variables, like WCW forcing their fans to watch Robin Hood and the company potentially being saved during its final days. This article will take a look at some of the most fascinating facts from the company, ranging from its early origins to its final hours. Enjoy this list of 15 fascinating facts you never knew about WCW!

15 Total NWO Members: 56

14 WCW Made Its Audience Watch Robin Hood

13 Name Was Used In 1982

12 Jim Herd Almost Killed WCW

11 Moving It Out Of Atlanta


10 Had A Sponsorship Deal With NASCAR And Monster Jam

9 Absurd Financial Loses

8 Michael Buffer’s Ridiculous Terms

7 Final WCW Thunder Main Event

6 Lowest Rated Segment Ever

5 nWo Idea Was Stolen

4 Bischoff Almost Saved The Company

3 Vince Only Bought The Company Because Of Its Library

2 WCW Sold For Practically Nothing

1 WCW Could Have Been Easily Saved

When your owner is worth over $2.2 billion, losing a couple of millions isn’t really too much of a concern, right? For this reason, Ted Turner didn’t really care how much he got for the company, he really just wanted to cut ties since his investors were not interested in pursuing the world of wrestling. For this reason, the company sold for next to nothing. So many wrestling personalities claim that the company could have been saved had they known the price tag was so small. In fact, former WCW star Chris Jericho claims he would have bought the company had he known it was selling for so cheap. The bitter part about WCW’s death was the fact that it could have been salvaged so easily.


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15 Fascinating Facts You Never Knew About WCW