15 Current WWE Stars Who Are Way Out Of Shape

WWE Superstars pride themselves on being athletes at the top of their game. They are some of the highest trained athletes in the world and their fitness levels have to be monitored on a daily basis. The superstars spend a lot of their careers in the local gyms (wherever they are travelling), as well as visiting WWE’s state of the art Performance Center, where they also have access to some of the best training equipment in the world.

Even though WWE superstars have this kind of equipment at their fingertips, many WWE wrestlers still manage to be out of shape. Out of shape to mere ordinary people is a different kind of out of shape to wrestlers, especially considering many of these stars can still put on five star-matches despite being slightly overweight.

Some of these stars are coming to the end of their career, so they are expected to be considerably out of shape since they are now cutting down on the hours they spend on the road, and the time they spend in the gym as well. It shouldn’t necessarily be thought of as a bad thing, considering the careers that they have had and the fact that many of them are heading towards retirement. It is expected that after so long of pushing their body to its limits, and keeping their metabolism at bay, these stars will obviously find it much easier to gain weight.

15 Dean Ambrose


"The Lunatic Fringe" is one of the hottest stars in the WWE right now. Brash, witty and a straight shooter on the mic, Dean Ambrose brings an intensity to the WWE product that some say has been missing an edge since the days of the Attitude Era or more recently, since the golden years of CM Punk being on top.

14 Sami Zayn


Everyone's favorite modern day underdog ,Sami Zayn is a marvel in the squared circle. Whether he's competing in front of small, rabid crowds at NXT or on the main roster scrapping for a win on RAW or SmackDown, Zayn aims to deliver feats of athleticism and undying resiliency that you can't help but root for him.

13 Baron Corbin


When WWE scans the world for talent, for the most part, they are not looking for someone who can learn a million moves or can flip around the ring. They are also looking for larger than life characters. A former NFL player and retired boxer, Baron Corbin fit the bill mainly because of his size. Corbin was billed as a monster in NXT and his height and size catapulted him to the main roster in 2016.

12 Shinsuke Nakamura


One of WWE's biggest international signings of 2016 was the "King of Strong Style," Japan's Shinsuke Nakamura. Shinsuke was a rock star in Japan, where he earned his nickname and captivated crowds with his outlandish entrance, outfits and demeanour. Now that he is in the WWE, the audience has embraced him so far in NXT and appreciates his work.

11 Bo Dallas


Bo Dallas' best work was done in NXT where he main evented for some time and carried the NXT Championship. Being a part of the main roster, though, is a totally different beast. There are more eyes on you, more pressure and being in front of the big lights and cameras in sold out arenas brings more scrutiny.

10 Bray Wyatt


The leader of The Wyatt Family and the self proclaimed “New Face of Fear in WWE,” Bray Wyatt has been pushed to the main event level of WWE over the past few years, but inconsistent booking has left him with a considerable loss of credibility.

9 D-Von Dudley


One half of the nine-time WWE Tag Team Champions, D-Von Dudley and his brother were one of the most recognizable tag teams of WWE’s infamous Attitude Era, and lit up the ring with the likes of Edge and Christian and The Hardyz during a golden era for tag team wrestling.

8 Kevin Owens


Kevin Owens fights like a cruiserweight, but he looks like a super-heavyweight. Many superstars in WWE have commented on Kevin Owens’ weight and even Vince McMahon was reported to have not been too high on him, stating that the star needed to lose a few pounds. However, Owens' weight is something that defines his character, and makes him stand out amidst the cookie-cutter chiseled bodies on the roster.

7 Nia Jax


Nia has her links to the famous Anoa’i family and it is thought that this helped her earn her place in WWE. That being said, WWE has been missing a female wrestler that is physically dominant since the departure of Beth Phoenix, and many consider Nia to be one of the superstars who will lead a new era in the WWE’s Women’s Division. At 272 lbs., Nia is not your typical WWE Diva, and the future holds a considerable amount of possibilities for her.

6 Big Show


Big Show is one of the most respected and loyal superstars in WWE history. He has remained a dedicated member of the company for the past few decades, even though over the past few years, he has become much bigger and looked much more out of shape. Big Show has always struggled with his weight, especially while being on the road with WWE. His weight has fluctuated numerous times during his WWE career and in the past, when he's been at his heaviest, it hurt his standing with the company while being told to take time off to lose weight.

5 Bubba Ray Dudley


4 Samoa Joe


The “Samoan Suplex Machine” became a household name after an incredible career with TNA before he began performing as part of the NXT roster. Samoa Joe is not considered to be in the best shape of his career right now, but he has still captured the NXT Championship and has been part of many NXT main event matches.

3 Chris Jericho


Chris Y2J” Jericho is one of the busiest and most successful superstars currently on WWE’s roster, when he isn’t performing for WWE, Jericho is touring with his acclaimed band Fozzy or trying his hand at acting or hosting game shows. Jericho has made many epic returns to WWE but his most recent is one where he is finally showing his age.

2 Kane


"The Big Red Machine" is a well respected superstar backstage and despite the fact that he is coming to the end of his WWE career, he is still able to be involved in some of the biggest storylines on WWE TV.

1 Mark Henry


Mark Henry won the competition to be named "The World’s Strongest Man" in 2002 and has since used it as a successful gimmick throughout his WWE career. In his early career, Henry was one of the strongest, biggest and fastest stars to ever set foot in a WWE ring, but over the past few years, Mark has become much slower and much less attractive to watch when he performs. The gruelling grind and travel schedule paired with matches around the world can take a toll on the body and it did so with Henry's knees.

Mark hasn’t been used on WWE for a long time, but is still respected enough by many WWE officials to be inserted into many story lines. It's clearly obvious that he isn't the nimble big man that he used to be and he should be close to hanging up the tights pretty soon.

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15 Current WWE Stars Who Are Way Out Of Shape