15 Candid Pictures These Wrestlers Did Not Want To Take

Oh, the life of a WWE superstar; although it does all seem so glamorous on television, the everyday life is a bit of a struggle. From airport travel, to hotel bookings to even getting some food, living the life isn’t as easy as you think it is. In fact, wrestlers are responsible for their very own ground travel and well being in terms of eating and fitness.

Another under looked factor is the constant fan interaction, because wherever you go, chances are you’ll be approached. Although it may sound like fun at first, after a while it becomes a bit taxing, especially when you’re working four shows a week and just wanting to get away from it all. Some of the pictures in this article show wrestlers less than excited (to say the least) when taking a photo with a fan. So, let’s take a look at some of these behind the scenes instances. Here are 15 candid pictures these wrestlers did not want to take. Enjoy!

15 Marty Jannetty Hangover Style

14 Sasha at the Airport

13 Taker Breaking Character

12 Daniel Surprises Brie at the Airport

11 Lonely Virgil

10 Breaking Kayfabe: Water Park and Chill

9 Starbucks Kid Replaces Dean Ambrose

8 Dean and Renee

7 Big Show on the move

6 The Early Beginnings: Nattie and Tyson Kidd

5 Punk At A Blackhawks Game

4 Bray and Paige Spotted at the Airport

3 An Iconic Pic Caught By a Fan

2 Brock’s Not Impressed

1 Flair Treated At The Boston Airport

According to fans on sight, the situation looked rather bizarre with Ric Flair at the Boston Airport. Some claim he was intoxicated, while others suggest he passed out due to blood loss. According to a witness, Flair was dripping blood from his neck, and other rumors indicate he was bleeding from his finger. Those on scene claim Flair was “loud and obnoxious”, although the police later put out a statement claiming he wasn’t drunk. Truly an odd situation. Flair showed up a couple of days later at the Payback PPV appearing to be in perfect shape.


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15 Candid Pictures These Wrestlers Did Not Want To Take