15 Candid Pictures These Wrestlers Did Not Want To Take

Oh, the life of a WWE superstar; although it does all seem so glamorous on television, the everyday life is a bit of a struggle. From airport travel, to hotel bookings to even getting some food, living the life isn’t as easy as you think it is. In fact, wrestlers are responsible for their very own ground travel and well being in terms of eating and fitness.

Another under looked factor is the constant fan interaction, because wherever you go, chances are you’ll be approached. Although it may sound like fun at first, after a while it becomes a bit taxing, especially when you’re working four shows a week and just wanting to get away from it all. Some of the pictures in this article show wrestlers less than excited (to say the least) when taking a photo with a fan. So, let’s take a look at some of these behind the scenes instances. Here are 15 candid pictures these wrestlers did not want to take. Enjoy!


15 Marty Jannetty Hangover Style

Oh, Marty; at the age of 56 Jannetty continues to dazzle fans with some bizarre antics. His latest took place during WrestleMania 32 weekend in Dallas. Marty was kicked out of several bars in the area for his erratic behavior, and to top things off, Jannetty was seen fully clothed walking in a hotel fountain. To make matters worse, it was in the lobby for everybody to see. You can even see his female partner in absolute shock in this picture (obviously Jannetty wasn’t in the right frame of mind). Marty has gone through several Twitter rants in the last couple of years discussing his displeasures with the WWE product. Despite his age though, Marty is still actively wrestling on the independent circuit. A Hall of Fame induction seems rather unlikely at this moment.

14 Sasha at the Airport

Even a young bright star like Sasha Banks can get cranky when she’s approached by a fan unexpectedly. Like so many other of her co-workers, wrestlers seem to strongly dislike airport interaction with fans. Who can blame them? Following back-to-back shows, the last thing you want to be doing is taking pictures and signing autographs for fans. Wrestlers like Sasha are just thinking about going home and recovering for the next day or so before they’re once again back on tour. Based on the backstage consensus, wrestlers are happy to take a picture of the encounter if it's candid and unexpected; if it’s all planned, well then it becomes a bit of pain for them. If you ever see a wrestler in the airport, act surprised...

13 Taker Breaking Character

Never has the world of sports and entertainment seen a wrestler so devoted to his gimmick like The Undertaker. Making his debut way back in 1990, Taker has perfected his on-screen role and still sends shivers down the spines of millions watching at home 26 years later, truly remarkable. Despite his dedication, The Undertaker is truly a class act outside of the ring. Taker rarely rejects a picture, and he is an absolute pro in and out of the ring. Still, it’s pretty funny to see The Deadman in regular clothes interacting with fans. In this picture he is with some young ladies from the Notre Dame Academy. Did he want to take this picture? Probably not, but the guy remains the standard for what a WWE superstar should be in and out of the ring.

12 Daniel Surprises Brie at the Airport

What’s not to like about Daniel Bryan? The guy's a class act in and out of the ring, not to mention how real he is. The Daniel you see on television is the same Bryan you see outside of the ring. This is what drew millions of fans to this guy despite his non-prototypical WWE build (tall and built). During his time off away from the ring, Bryan kept busy working as a judge on the WWE reality show Tough Enough. He was also very active on WWE television appearing on the show Total Divas, alongside his wife Brie Bella. In this picture, Bryan is surprising Brie at the airport dressed like a true old school hipster with their dog. If Daniel was trying to keep a low profile, he failed miserably as the pictures went viral rather quickly.

11 Lonely Virgil

Virgil remains one of the saddest cases in pro wrestling history. The Tennessee native last appeared with the WCW in 2000, and 16 years later at the age of 53, Virgil is still trying to sell his past fame to wrestling fans around the world via appearances, autographs and merchandise selling. What makes matters so much worse is the fact that Virgil is doing all of this in the most random places. Although he does appear at wrestling conventions, Virgil has been spotted in parking lots, lobbies and even metro stations. Things got really weird when he set up a GoFundMe campaign in an attempt to make himself a millionaire. As of April, he’s been able to raise $880… This picture shows Virgil crashing out after a long day's worth of work.

10 Breaking Kayfabe: Water Park and Chill

Still to this day, jaws drop when fans see WWE superstars living regular lives outside of the ring. This picture was taken several years ago. It features Randy Orton, the ladies man Chris Jericho, The Bella Twins (who were up and comers at the time) and The Great Khali (the random one of the bunch). As you probably can imagine, the crew was spotted by several fans that day; it’s almost impossible to go unnoticed when you’re chilling with The Great Khali. Wrestlers usually partake in such activities when they're on tour overseas.

9 Starbucks Kid Replaces Dean Ambrose

Debuting on November 18th, 2012, The Shield made an immediate impact being billed as the future of the WWE. During this time, the group was constantly travelling working a minimum of four shows a week, and like other young future stars the group had to pay their dues early on. This picture shows Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns stopping for a quick picture while on the road. Keep in mind, wrestlers are responsible for their own well-being and ground travel while on the road. As you can imagine, posing for a picture following a show isn’t exactly what a wrestler wants to do after a hard day's work. Seth and Roman’s faces really sum it up in this picture.


8 Dean and Renee

Just recently in March of 2015, Dean Ambrose and the Ontario native Renee Young, started to date. The couple travels together as you might expect, and have been seen together in airports on several different instances. Renee always seems so jolly and happy, but her man on the other hand, isn’t the biggest fan of interactions outside of the ring. During various interviews, Ambrose made it clear he just wants to go home and rest following a show. He strongly dislikes being followed by cameras away from the ring. Despite his displeasures, Dean is a stand-up guy to his fans.

7 Big Show on the move

At the age of 44, Big Show has certainly paid his dues wrestling for top flight promotions since 1995 (spanning over two decades). This picture was taken a couple of years ago at the Perth Airport in the biggest city of Western Australia. When the WWE shows up to countries outside of the US, you can expect some media buzz. Nowadays, Big Show uses a massive RV for his ground travel. After several years of riding in various rental cars, the near 7 foot giant decided it was time to accommodate himself in style. Show also has his very own personal driver. With his career winding down, travel doesn’t seem to be a problem for the giant.

6 The Early Beginnings: Nattie and Tyson Kidd

Tyson was actually signed to a deal before Natalya back in 2006. Nattie, who was signed a year later, would make her debut before Tyson in 2008 appearing as a heel on SmackDown. After 3 long years in developmental with Deep South and Florida Championship Wrestling, Kidd finally made his debut joining his wife on the main roster as a member of The Hart Dynasty. As you can see in this picture, starting off isn’t easy; you’re regarded as a normal person which entails waiting in line like the rest of us. This picture was taken years ago at the Toronto airport.

5 Punk At A Blackhawks Game

There simply is no denying Punk’s popularity in his home city of Chicago. Fans love the guy. Just recently at the WWE PPV Payback, the fans chanted his name loudly while Vince was on the microphone. Punk’s love for his city is also quite obvious. The UFC star is seen at several sporting games especially for the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks. In this situation, however, Punk wasn’t the nicest to a hometown fan. While in line at a concession stand, Punk smirked at a fan that asked for a picture without even speaking to the person. A bit of a classless act if you ask me; going to Hawks game surrounded by almost 20,000 fans, chances are you’ll be approached. Punk could have handled the situation a lot better.

4 Bray and Paige Spotted at the Airport

Funny to see these two wrestlers together and breaking their gimmicks, especially Bray who is without his Wyatt brothers. The two are regarded as the future of the company and are still quite young. Bray is only 28, while Paige is 23, believe it or not. The two superstars are absolute pros outside of the ring despite their young ages. According to fans, Bray is an absolute class act despite his serious demeanor in the ring. Paige’s rise to fame has also kept her level-headed and classy with fans around the world. Even at an airport, the two manage to pull somewhat of a smile despite their insane travel schedules.

3 An Iconic Pic Caught By a Fan

With Sting announcing his retirement at the WWE Hall of Fame, the chances of seeing him and Taker go at it certainly went south. Following last year’s WrestleMania, the two icons were seen at the airport catching a flight together. The internet almost broke when this picture went viral for the fans to see. Despite rumblings in the past, it appears this match will not go down after all. At least we have this great picture to marvel at.

2 Brock’s Not Impressed

Heyman said it best on The Stone Cold Podcast: “Brock hates people”. Asides from his family, Lesnar just doesn’t seem to like people, even his co-workers hardly catch a glimpse of Brock with his part-time schedule and his isolating ways away from the other talent. Brock admitted that he barely talks to any of the other wrestlers, he simply “clocks in and clocks out” like any other job. Despite his hatred, there really isn’t any bad fan interaction situation to report. Although he is quiet and doesn’t say much, Lesnar is respectful to his fans and stops for a picture when he is asked to. Just don’t expect a big smile (like in the picture you see above).

1 Flair Treated At The Boston Airport

According to fans on sight, the situation looked rather bizarre with Ric Flair at the Boston Airport. Some claim he was intoxicated, while others suggest he passed out due to blood loss. According to a witness, Flair was dripping blood from his neck, and other rumors indicate he was bleeding from his finger. Those on scene claim Flair was “loud and obnoxious”, although the police later put out a statement claiming he wasn’t drunk. Truly an odd situation. Flair showed up a couple of days later at the Payback PPV appearing to be in perfect shape.


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