15 Behind The Scenes Photos of WWE Stars On Their Days Off

Have a look at these candid photos of WWE superstars!

If anyone could use a day off, it would be a WWE wrestler who typically is on the road 300-plus days a year. Whether it’s going to their next city to wrestle, a media appearance, or outside opportunities, these guys and gals are always on the hustle to make it to the top of the mountain. People like John Cena and The Miz are two prime examples of wrestlers who are constantly on the road. For Cena, aside from wrestling, he’s doing numerous Make-A-Wish appearances, along with guest hosting morning talk shows or reality shows, like American Grit. While The Miz is doing his best to break into Hollywood and will do literally anything for the company, including dressing up like a chicken for a KFC commercial.

Wrestlers tend to cherish their days off and if you follow any of them on social media, they usually will take in the sights of whatever city or country they are in, maybe hit up Disneyland, or just get back home to chill with their family for a day or two. Of course, even on their days off there are still fans that swarm them and take pictures pretty much anywhere they go. It comes with the territory and allows us a candid look into their personal lives outside of the ring.

So, let’s dive into fifteen pictures that show off what wrestlers do when they aren’t inside the squared circle!

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15 A Very Bored Looking John Cena

via The Chive

A trip to the Apple Store you say? Yes, even John Cena must wait patiently for his girlfriend to figure out what’s wrong with her iPhone, staring off in the distance, wondering how much he could dead lift. If you follow Total Divas at all, you will know this is a rare occasion as Cena is constantly on the road, often away from Nikki. When Brie was still wrestling for WWE, Nikki would want to room with her because her man was gone and she didn’t like being alone.

With Brie now on break, Nikki has to find someone else to hang with now that she herself is back to wrestling on SmackDown, returning recently from a career-threatening neck injury. Even though she missed the opportunity of being the first SmackDown Women’s Champion, (that honor went to Becky Lynch) it looks like Nikki will get right back to where she left off, challenging for the title. Cena is currently off SmackDown and will miss the upcoming Backlash PPV and is working only a number of dark matches or house shows before going off to film the second season of American Grit.

14 Care For A Doughnut?

via Instagram

Fitness nut Eva Marie eating a doughnut in a bikini, how does that work? Well, for this picture it was National Doughnut Day and to celebrate she sent this out to all of her adoring fans. Between Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, Eva is constantly showing her day-to-day life off to the fans. It’s actually impressive she has time between filming Total Divas, making media appearances, working out, wrestling, and making movies. Yes, Eva was just recently signed to a movie with Nicolas Cage entitled, Inconceivable; pretty ironic title, right?

At this moment, Eva is under a 30 day suspended after failing WWE’s Wellness Test for failing to file the appropriate documents for prescription that she had. Amazingly, it fit right into her current storyline of avoiding to actually wrestling match. She got “injured” during her entrance, had a wardrobe malfunction, and then was stuck in traffic for the first three weeks of her tenure on SmackDown. To explain her lengthy disappearance, her always factual announcer let the fans know she was going on vacation to get away from the stress the WWE Universe had caused her.

13 Now That’s A Group Shot

via Pintrest

This photo was shot around early/middle of 1993, that estimate is assuming all of these guys were employed by WWE at the time. Hulk Hogan had left the company for NJPW (and eventually WCW) in August of 1993, The short-lived Bastion Booger (also known as Friar Ferguson) joined up with the company in April of 1993, and the IcoPro shirt was prominent around this time once Raw got on the air.

You probably recognize most of these wrestlers, but it’s a great shot including Bam Bam Bigelow, Tito Santana, Mr. Fuji, Scott Steiner, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, and a very tall Yokozuna. Yes, he was a big man, but he looks over seven-foot in this picture, probably standing on a suitcase. Imagine a group like this getting off the airplane and heading to the closest bar, that would be quite a night of insanity, and a great tip for the server.

12 Wedding Time

via Instagram

After making her engagement very public (to her own detriment) on social media, Lana and Rusev finally tied the knot on July 29 of this year. Their beach wedding was attended by a number of WWE friends including: Natalya, Renee Young, Nikki and Brie Bella. A second wedding was held in Bulgaria in a Greek orthodox church for much of Rusev’s family. Lana has documented much of this on her Instagram, so check that out to see the pictures.

As of right now, the couple is on a 20 plus day honeymoon, so if you’re wondering why they haven’t been on TV over the past few weeks, that’s why. Before leaving, Rusev was embroiled in a feud against Roman Reigns that culminated in a match at SummerSlam that never got started. Rusev ended up attacking Reigns before the bell rung, the two fought on the outside and Rusev suffered an “injury” to his ribs.

11 Sasha Banks Looks Thrilled To See You


Whether it’s for personal or professional use, wrestlers are constantly in the airports and for whatever reason; there are some fans out there that stake out these places for pictures and autographs. It’s one thing to just randomly bump into a wrestler, but to actually figure out when wrestlers will be arriving is another level of weirdness. While most wrestlers just deal with it, Sasha is one that has vocalized her displeasure of these people. After a fan took a picture with her, she retweeted it and responded sarcastically: “No, thank you for being [an] airport creeper! Those are my fav.”

Imagine being on a long flight and having random stranger bum rush you for pictures and a quick chat while you're not feeling or looking your best, you’d be really bothered, right? Anyways, Sasha is working through this as she was recently the Women’s champion before dropping it back to Charlotte at SummerSlam. The two will have their rematch at the upcoming Clash of Champions PPV.

10 The Undertaker Out In The Wild


One of the few old school wrestlers left in the WWE is The Undertaker and takes kayfabe very serious in the sense that his picture should not be taken, if he’s not in character. Clearly, he’s not here as he waits for his wife Michelle (who you can see in the background) to pick out some jewelry, not looking exactly ecstatic about the photo being snapped. Recently, Michelle was diagnosed with skin cancer which required minor surgery to remove the cancer, she now looks to be on the road to recovery.

Last time we saw Undertaker he was dodging a rapidly dropping Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 32 in a Hell in a Cell match. That was the last we saw of him in 2016 thus far with no major rumors of a return or retirement for The Deadman. He wasn’t picked by either show in the WWE Draft, so it’s a complete mystery who he could take on at WrestleMania 33, although John Cena seems to be at the head of the pack as they were supposed to have a match before Cena went down with an injury.

9 Early Emma Sighting


Here we have Goldust on his way out the airport (possibly in Australia?) only to be stopped by super-fan and future WWE Superstar, Emma. No word if Emma was one of those airport creepers that Sasha Banks talked about earlier, but it’s still cool to see WWE wrestlers when they were just simply fans. Actually, in Emma’s case she had already begun her wrestling career at this point as she began training at the age of 13, eventually making a few in-ring appearances before an injury kept her out of the ring from 16-18.

Once healed up she moved from Australia to Calgary, Canada to train under Lance Storm. In 2016, Emma had a resurgence that got her back on the main roster, but a back injury cut her run short, hopefully fans will see her before the year is up. At 47, Goldust is still kicking in the WWE, working alongside R-Truth in the tag division as Golden Truth.

8 Work It Out

via Instagram

If you follow Seth Rollins on his social media accounts, you’ll probably notice that he is constantly working out at a number of gyms or fitness programs. No, he’s not a muscle-head, instead combing weights with a ton of cardio that helps keep him at the top of his game in the ring. Here he takes a photo after a workout with a friend who is also a trainer on the side.

Drafted first to Raw, Rollins has made it his mission to get the title back after a devastating knee injury forced him to relinquish it. He has been yet to capitalize though as he’s lost in a triple-threat match at Battleground, against Finn Balor in a one-one-one match, and in fatal four-way against Big Cass, Roman Reigns, and Kevin Owens. At the upcoming Clash of Champions PPV he will get yet another shot, going up against Kevin Owens, one-on-one.

7 The Squared Circle Restaurant


Even though Victoria just competed at Chikara’s King of Trios, she now spends most of her time at her restaurant, The Squared Circle in Chicago. A specialty burger and pizza place, it’s become a gathering point for wrestling fans and wrestlers alike. It seems like just about any wrestler that goes to Chicago will stop in and snap a picture with Victoria. Here Maria Kanellis (and her incredibly long tongue) stopped by to get put in a headlock before heading off to a show.

After bouncing from WWE for outside opportunities, Marie spent much of her time with Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling recreating her gimmick into becoming a much more serious heel. Currently, she’s working alongside her husband Michael Bennett in TNA as the Knockouts Division Commissioner. Just last week, she used her powers to force her apprentice, Allie, to lie down and get pinned so Maria is now the champion of the division... talk about a power trip!

6 Who Doesn’t Like A Water Park?


Interesting mix of wrestlers to hit the water park, isn’t it? Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, The Bellas, and The Great Khali apparently felt the need to get some sun and fun while waiting for their next show. Curious if Khali can go on all of the different rides, seems like he may be just a hair too big for some of them. Second curious thing is Jericho hanging all over one of the Bellas, could be nothing, but he caught some heat doing something similar with Kelly Kelly, mainly because he was (and still is) married at the time.

To catch you up on everyone in the picture, Randy Orton and Nikki Bella were both drafted to SmackDown Live on Tuesday nights. Orton is feuding with Bray Wyatt, while Nikki is dealing with Carmella, who has made her life really difficult over the past few weeks. Jericho has had an amazing 2016 heeling it up on Raw and most recently becoming best friends for life with Kevin Owens. Finally, Khali was released by WWE in late 2014, he now owns a wrestling school in India that also runs events from time to time.

5 Naomi And Jimmy Hitting The City

via Instagram

When a wrestler is on the road so much, it’s tough to be away from their family, so some wrestlers smartly develop relationships with other wrestlers, which allows them to be together all the time. That was the case with Naomi and Jimmy Uso when they first met in WWE’s development back in 2009. They stuck together and got married in 2014, which was covered in an episode of Total Divas.

Today, Naomi has recently returned with a brand new gimmick, where she is glowing her way to the ring. Seriously, it’s one of the best entrances going in WWE, if you haven’t seen it, check it out. While she continues to fight for that elusive Women’s Championship Title, Jimmy and his tag partner, Jey, just recently turned heel for the first time since their initial run with the WWE. Losing the paint and the Siva Tau chant in their entrance, the Usos came out in black and white with a lot more aggression and grit in their demeanor.

4 Woo Woo Woo!

via Instagram

You know it! Or maybe you didn’t know that Zack Ryder and Emma were an item these days. Yes, she must be a huge fan of his wrestling figure collection as the two have been dating for around a year as confirmed by Emma in January 2016. Currently, Emma is on the shelf with a back injury that required surgery back in May of this year, she’s currently healing up and should be making a return by the end of the year. It’s expected that she will come to Raw, to potentially team back up with her buddy, Dana Brooke.

Unfortunately for them, Ryder is on SmackDown, which would separate the couple much more often. As one half of the Hype Bros, Ryder has been working in the middle of the pack of the tag division thus far. They had made it to the semi-finals of the tag team tournament, but lost at Backlash to the Usos, sending them back to the drawing board.

3 The Heartbreak Fisher


Now that is a picture of two guys who just want to go get away from the world for awhile. Yep, that would be Shawn Michaels and Michael Cole getting together for a little fishing trip. Looks like the successful one as they show off their trophies, which they hopefully enjoyed for dinner, let’s not be wasteful here!

Currently, Michael Cole is still holding down the lead commentary spot on Raw, alongside Byron Saxton and newcomer, Corey Graves. With the brand split firmly in place, Raw’s commentary has been killing the competition as Graves is easily the best color commentator in WWE and in comparison to JBL and David Otunga, Saxton is Bobby Heenan out there. Shawn Michaels has been enjoying his retirement, as one of the few wrestlers to actually stay retired when they lose their final match. He has been making some trips to Florida though to help out at the WWE Performance Center, no confirmation on if he is just doing guest sessions or will be working there full-time.

2 A Typical Night


Former WWE Superstar CM Punk is a massive Chicago Blackhawks fan and there was a time where it seemed like he didn’t miss a home game as people snapped pictures of him and AJ every night. That dedication had to drop a bit though once he really got serious about his training for his upcoming UFC fight, which just went down over the weekend.

Going up against the 2-0 Mickey Gall, Punk was finally going to test his skills and see if this is something he could do for the next couple years. The fight lasted a whole two minutes and fourteen seconds as Punk charged in, was instantly taken down, and submitted via a rear naked chokehold. It was tough to critique his performance as he really didn’t get a chance to do anything before the fight ended. While early reports are the PPV sold well, Dana White didn’t think Punk's next MMA match would be in UFC.

1 The Bellas Working Hard At A Winery

via Instagram

If there are two things that the Bellas love, it’s wrestling and wine as they are seen here working hard (probably not) at a vineyard. Thanks to Total Divas, these two are constantly tying out different wines wherever they go, whether it’s Paris or Napa Valley. Brie especially has the time now that she’s taken a break from the WWE, but drinking wine might be a fading memory because she and Bryan have been looking to start a family as soon as possible.

Nikki on the other hand is back to work where she most recently fought at Backlash for a chance to become the first SmackDown Women’s Champion. Unfortunately for her, Carmella continued to be a thorn in her side and was able to roll-up Nikki for a surprise pinfall. Carmella had a very shaky call-up, but ever since her heel turn and subsequent attacks on Nikki, she’s received better reactions. While Nikki may not be the champ at the moment, she’s doing a great job playing off of the recent NXT call-up.

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