15 Behind The Scenes Misconceptions Fans Have About WWE Stars

What’s real? What's not? Not only is this a mystery in the ring (well, not really), but it’s an even bigger mystery behind the scenes. Over the years, the internet has run rampant with various storylines which have created several misconceptions on the life of a WWE wrestler behind the scenes, away from their on-screen gimmicks. This article will cover a variety of topics, from how much a wrestler really makes, to the traveling schedule, to life after pro wrestling. These are just a few of the things we will take a look at. One thing’s for sure and worth mentioning, the WWE product behind the scenes has improved leaps and bounds over the last decade. Bret Hart himself went on the record saying he was shocked with how professional everything was behind the scenes with Triple H and Stephanie in charge. Although fans are upset with the on-screen product, behind the scenes the company continues to grow in the right direction. Hopefully, this can carry over on television very soon! Here are 15 behind the scenes misconceptions fans have about a WWE Superstar. Enjoy!

15 Social Media Work

14 Merchandise Sales Matter

13 Superstars Are Pushing for a Union

12 WWE Is At Fault For Injuries

11 Costumes and Props Are Made By The WWE

10 Experience Matters

9 Wrestlers Make Millions

8 Brutal Travel Schedule

7 Superstars Don’t Have Creative Control

6 The WWE Finds Superstars Acting Roles Outside of the Company

5 Appearances Determine How Much You Make

4 Travel is Taken Care Of By The WWE

3 Substance Abuse

2 Contract Details

1 Dark Life After Being a Pro Wrestler

This perception seems to stick nowadays; people generally believe that life after pro wrestling is dark and drug infused. This unfortunately was the case with many Superstars from the 90s, who used drugs quite regularly. Today however, things are changing, and wrestlers are not only drug-free, but also seem to have a head on their shoulders finding jobs in various field. The landscape is getting cleaned up slowly but surely, and wrestlers are more aware that backup plans are needed following their 15 seconds of fame.


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15 Behind The Scenes Misconceptions Fans Have About WWE Stars