15 Beautiful Pictures Of The Women Of NXT

It is no secret that NXT has revolutionized professional wrestling for women, and it has led to improvements on the main roster as well with some of the ladies of NXT graduating up to the main roster. That moment when Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte were introduced by Stephanie McMahon on Monday Night Raw was known as the start of the "Divas’s Revolution."

This article will show fifteen beautiful pictures of the women of NXT, including the three graduates that were mentioned previously. The great thing about NXT is the mixture of new and seasoned professional wrestlers. It allows for talents who have been working in the independents for years to get the chance to be on the WWE Network. It also allows new wrestlers who started their careers in the Performance Center to get their shot as well.

Some of these women have been in NXT for some time now such as Eva Marie, Alexa Bliss, Bayley, and Emma, while some of these women are newcomers that are ones to watch in the future, such as Liv Morgan and Sarah Dobson. These photos show off the beauty , style, and unique looks of these women who hope to one day hold gold within NXT and ultimately the WWE.

Which of these NXT Divas are your favorite?

15 Sasha Banks - NXT Graduate


This article will start with the three graduates of NXT who have now made it into the WWE "Diva’s Championship" match at WrestleMania. The first of these three girls is “The Boss,” Sasha Banks, a woman that many think will win the Diva’s Championship at WrestleMania in her triple threat match with Charlotte and Becky Lynch.

14 Charlotte - NXT Graduate


Being the daughter of a 16-time World Champion cannot be easy when you are trying to follow in your father’s footsteps, but the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair’s daughter Charlotte has established herself as a WWE Diva’s Champion in a short amount of time. She’s not champion because of her father, she’s champion due to the hard work she has put in once she made the decision in her life to become a pro wrestler.

13 Becky Lynch - NXT Graduate


Wrestling has been in Becky Lynch’s blood her entire life, and it was proven when she made her professional debut at the young age of fifteen while training under Fergal Devitt (who is now better known as Finn Balor, the NXT Champion). While it would take her nearly two years to find her footing in NXT, she would go on to have some phenomenal matches which led to her being called up to the main roster. Now she will be fulfilling her lifelong dream by competing for the Diva’s Championship at WrestleMania.

12 Sarah Dobson 


One of the newest Divas competing in NXT is Sarah Dobson, who is also known throughout the independent circuit as Crazy Mary Dobson. The future is bright for Dobson as she is only 22 years old, and has made it to a few NXT matches as enhancement talent sporadically over the past year or so.

11 Deonna Purazzo 


Much like Sarah Dobson, Deonna Purazzo is a fresh face in NXT who is currently a part- time performer that can be seen in matches here and there on Wednesday nights. Even younger than Dobson, Purazzo is 21 years old and had already made a one-off appearance in TNA before she came to NXT where she wrestled in a handful of matches.

10 Bayley 


One of the most loveable and popular women in NXT (and most likely in the WWE soon) is Bayley. She has been in NXT since late 2012 and is known for being a vibrant positive girl. Just because she’s nice doesn’t mean she is a pushover in the ring as she is currently the NXT Women’s Champion.

9 Asuka 


In the fall of 2015, the WWE made a huge signing to further bolster the women’s division of NXT with the signing of Asuka. She started her career in 2004 and has been known as one of the best female wrestlers in the world, which probably explains the NXT universe’s reaction to her debut at Full Sail Arena last fall.

8 Emma


Emma has been in the WWE since 2011 and has had time in NXT and on the main roster (mainly with Santino) as a goofy, oblivious character. She has recently transformed into a great heel with Dana Brooke at her side, and it reinvigorated her career to the point where she is competing at WrestleMania in 2016.

7 Liv Morgan


Another young face that entered the NXT arena at Full Sail recently is 21-year-old Liv Morgan. Her real name Gionna Daddio could have actually been a great wrestling name. Liv is one of the fresher faces in NXT debuting just this past December. She has a lot of promise in NXT, and has a very unique tomboy-like look in the ring, sporting a baseball cap and wearing a jersey in the ring that represents her home state of New Jersey.

6 Billie Kay 


If there is one constant in NXT for 2016, it is the fact that there are some stunningly beautiful and talented women from Australia on the roster. We mentioned Emma earlier, later on we’ll talk about Peyton Royce, but for now we’re talking about Billie Kay, who made her debut with NXT last spring and has been gaining momentum ever since.

5 Dana Brooke


While Dana Brooke has been absent from the ring lately due to injury, she hasn’t been absent from television in support of her ally Emma. Brooke has taken NXT by storm with her beauty and strength ever since her debut in the fall of 2014. Brooke has been competing in fitness and bodybuilding competitions and has won several championships.

4 Carmella


There is no mistaking that Carmella is hot as hell and you can’t teach that. The "Princess of Staten Island" has been melting hearts and kicking asses in NXT since the fall of 2014, and she has been at the side of Enzo Amore and her real-life boyfriend Big Cass from the beginning, and they are the hottest ticket in NXT going today. Rumor has it that they will make their main roster debut very, very soon, potentially the night after WrestleMania.

3 Peyton Royce 


The third Aussie to be featured in this article is the "Venus Fly Trap" of NXT, known as Peyton Royce. Known through the indies as KC Cassidy, Royce has been wrestling since 2009, and has been a part of NXT since 2015. Throughout the past year, Royce’s character has slowly grown into the current Venus Fly Trap persona.

2 Alexa Bliss 


While Peyton Royce has the best legs of NXT, it is hard to argue against Alexa Bliss having the best bum of NXT. Just like Dana Brooke, Bliss has a background of fitness competitions prior to coming to NXT, and at 5’1” she is quite the explosive firecracker with a mean streak. You definitely don’t want to mess with her when she has her boys (former NXT Tag Team Champions Blake & Murphy) with her either.

1 Eva Marie


Eva Marie is definitely one of those unique and polarizing Divas who is currently on NXT mainly because her mark was made first on "Total Divas" before it was made in the ring.  It also didn't help that the WWE tried to make her a wrestler before she was ready; this has prompted many fans to boo her, and she decided to embrace this and take on a bad girl persona.

Eva is "all red everything" and absolutely a stunningly beautiful diva.  There is no doubt why the WWE tried to make her a star before she could perform, but now she has put in a lot of hard work and will have a match at WrestleMania.  She will be a force to be reckoned with for a long time.

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15 Beautiful Pictures Of The Women Of NXT