15 Backstage Secrets You Never Knew About A WWE Match

Protecting the identity of the business has been the goal since the early beginnings of pro wrestling as a form of entertainment. Still today, despite various backstage documentaries, the company does its best to maintain certain secrets. One of those is hiding the integrity of what really goes on during a match. Is a match fully scripted? Do wrestlers rehearse before a match? How do you know how long to wrestle for? These are all questions the WWE keeps on the down low, which adds to the mystique factor they’ve been carrying around for decades. All these questions will be answered in this article however, exposing some key factors to a match which involve a stage manager, a referee and some tremendous camerawork. You will see why these three elements are such an important key during a WWE match. So now, let’s crossbody into the ring and find out what really goes on in a WWE match. Here are 15 backstage secrets you never knew about a WWE match. Enjoy!

15 All Matches Have Pre-Determined Times

14 Stunt Coordinator

13 Vince Instructs The Talent On How To Wrestle Certain Superstars

If you know Vince backstage, you know that he controls all (but we'll have a little more on that later in this article). When it comes to certain Superstars, Vince is very demanding when it comes to preserving their draw value with the WWE universe. Take Roman Reigns for example, even before he was as over as he is today, Vince stressed to other wrestlers to make him look good and unstoppable during a match. CM Punk confirmed this during his shoot interview following his WWE exit, claiming Vince would tell him to make Reigns look good and avoid making him looking weak. McMahon has been very strict with this policy, and he is the same with John Cena. Even The Rock, during his peak was only allowed to rip wrestlers during promos, and rarely did anyone get the green light to answer back.

12 Edits To Matches Are Made

11 Camera Work Is Huge

10 Refs Help Out With Move Set

9 Refs Can Choose To Stop The Match

8 Younger Wrestlers Plan Before

7 The Veterans Wing It

6 Live Events Are Used As Practice For Future Matches

5 Stage Manager

4 Wrestlers Are Aware of Commercial Breaks

3 The Finish Is Scripted

2 Commentators Have Vince in Their Ears

1 Vince Rules All

Still, to this very day all decisions must pass through Vince McMahon when it comes to a match. Vince is at the gorilla position before every show and during the entire telecast of RAW or a PPV. He is very direct and open with a wrestler before a match and especially after a matchup. McMahon holds nothing back; if he doesn’t like something, he’ll make it very clear. Just ask The Miz, who went on record saying Vince would approach him after a match telling him to stop looking so goofy all the time. After months and months of criticism by the boss, Miz was finally able to win him over by capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This was another example on why you must get on the boss’s good side no matter what!


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15 Backstage Secrets You Never Knew About A WWE Match