15 Avoidable Mistakes WWE Makes All The Time

WWE does live in a ‘kayfabe’ world where they try to make the audience believe whatever they are acting out. The Undertaker is supposed to be dead and Kane was once in a house fire that was started by his ‘brother’ when they both were a lot younger.

The WWE Universe is led to believe everything is true in the realm of the WWE, but not all of it is as far-fetched as that; sometimes characters are actually related, sometimes characters are good at being bad guys because they really are bad guys and sometimes the wrestlers are not playing characters at all.

Either way, WWE leads the WWE Universe to believe what they want them to believe and if wrestling fans only watched WWE then they wouldn’t know any different. But because there is an entire wrestling circuit outside of the WWE, it means that their mistakes can sometimes be picked up quite easily.

These are things that other companies and wrestlers have shown to not be true. The following list shows just 15 of these different mistakes that WWE likes to pass off as their way of storytelling, but really don’t make any sense outside of WWE.

15 Quick Rollups

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When there are heated matches between two superstars that have been building for months and all they want to do it destroy one another, why do they attempt quick roll up victories?

The viewers watching are well aware that the match is not going to end within a few seconds because the two guys are about to have an all-out war. So it seems it is just a waste to have these near falls at the beginning of the match.

14 Rope Break DQ

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It is unknown if this is the wrestlers or the referees, but there should be no rope break in a no disqualification match.

The point of a rope break is that the person who has locked the hold in has five seconds to break the hold or they are disqualified. This can’t happen in a no disqualification match. Technically, they can be locked in with the move for as long as it takes for them to fight out of it or until they tap.

13 Walk Outs

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When heels walk out of matches halfway through, it does add a lot of drama to whichever feud they are involved in. It allows creative to then book the same match again in the hope of gaining a different result, but why would they walk out part way through? If they were as much of a bad guy as they are being portrayed, then surely they would refuse to compete to begin with?

12 Distraction Roll-Ups

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These are great tactics to help a heel generate heat when they are facing an opponent that they are unsure they can defeat.

This shows that they are beatable and allows a usual jobber to pick up a quick win off a distraction finish. The problem is that this tactic is now so overused in WWE, when it’s about to be used it can be seen a mile away.

11 Face vs. Face

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Vince McMahon publicly proclaimed a while ago that there would no longer be faces and heels in WWE, but they continue to be ever present and his booking acts like they aren’t.

10 Title Matches

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WWE made it a rule that if a Champion is pinned then the person who pinned them automatically gains a shot at the Championship. This makes it much harder for Champions to hold onto their titles and allow them to become prestigious.

9 Friends

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WWE seems to think that all faces are friends, so whenever a face is attacked the whole locker room can come out. This was proven during the Daniel Bryan segment when he was attacked by The Shield. He was then saved by the mid-card faces in the locker room before they were all then punished.

8 Entrances

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Ambrose said it best when he stated that he doesn’t have an actual entrance, because he never knows how he is going to feel until he is heading to the ring; moods always change.

7 SmackDown Replays

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WWE makes the assumption that the WWE Universe only watches SmackDown, which means that they have to spend the episode recapping Raw. This includes an opening segment, a Raw Rebound and a Raw Exclusive that helps them fill the two-hour show.

This means that many fans avoid SmackDown because most weeks, WWE decides to replay matches that were seen on Raw and it often doesn’t help to further any on-going storylines.

6 Commentary

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The commentators seem to use their time more to promote upcoming programs and sponsors than they do calling matches.

5 Lack of Title Prestige

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WWE doesn’t seem to value their championships, or even their champions. They seem to allow their titles to be passed around a lot instead of giving them to a person who can allow them to become prestigious.

4 No-Selling


As a wrestling fan, the worst thing you can see in the ring is a wrestler no-selling a move that is supposed to be extremely painful.

Wrestlers no-selling moves completely devalues the move all together to the WWE Universe and forces the wrestler to then create something new. It also devalues the wrestler and makes the other person in the ring look like they are considered a higher breed than them, which is unfair.

3 Breaking Character

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WWE Superstars break character all the time. There are sometimes major ones that fans will all notice, but sometimes there are tiny hints that only seasoned wrestling fans will manage to pick up.

Chris Jericho is a recent example when he broke character to show the referee that Neville was injured during their match. This is not something a heel character would do, but Chris as a wrestler knew that Neville needed medical attention.

2 Rolling In The Figure Four

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This seems to have been something that WWE came up with before, slowly allowing fans to begin believing it.

The Figure Four leg lock is one of the most painful submission maneuvers that WWE has ever been allowed to use, but WWE states that if a wrestler rolls over onto their stomach, then it relieves the pressure and makes it more painful to the person who locked it in.

1 Calling Spots Loudly

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John Cena and Paige are two of the worst wrestlers in WWE for doing this. They seem to be unaware that many of the WWE Universe members still believe that the action in the ring is a real fight that is happening in the moment.

Many are blissfully unaware that the two wrestlers sit down and plan the match before the event, and then call the spots in the ring to help each other remember. This ruins the illusion and it shows fans that the wrestlers are not enemies - they are actually two people putting on a show together, which is not the way it is supposed to be.

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