14 WWE Wrestlers & Their Walking Dead Counterparts

With AMC's ever-popular show The Walking Dead entering its sixth season in 2015, it's clear that the zombie apocalypse is here to stay. WWE has an equally diverse group of characters so there's bound to be connections between these two very different products.

On one side there's the leader of the group, Rick Grimes. Who in the WWE could match up to the former Sheriff? Maybe John Cena; WWE's golden boy and leader in his own right could wear the hat. Then there's Dean Ambrose; a man known for being mentally unhinged. A third choice could be "The Viper" Randy Orton, a guy that continuously waivers between good and evil.

What about one of The Walking Dead's lesser used characters, Rosita? Her WWE counterpart might seem almost too obvious.

This article will cover all of your favorite Walking Dead and WWE characters. Keep in mind, the criteria for this list isn't going to be based on physical characteristics, but rather their personalities, commonalities, or behavioral patterns. So nationality and looks don't matter and yes, a woman could match up with a man, and vice versa.

So let's pack up our gear, grab the crossbow, and get to the list.

14 Seth Rollins & Eugene Porter

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Both men are perceived as extremely smart, but incredibly cowardly individuals. Eugene lied about knowing how to stop the zombie infection, just so he would have continuous protection from Abraham, Rosita, and others who eventually perished. All this time later, Eugene is still somehow terrible at fighting off zombies.

Since winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, all Seth Rollins does is run from trouble. Rollins has constantly avoided Brock Lesnar since he returned to the WWE. Hiding behind The Authority, he also relied on others for protection, most notably his own security team consisting of Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury. Much like the people who scarified themselves to protect Eugene, both Jamie and Joey were taken out by Brock Lesnar and a Cadillac to save Seth.

Their voices are equally annoying; Eugene's a monotone string of babbling intellect, while Rollins is scratchy and loud. Physical characteristics weren't supposed to be considered, but it's tough to ignore that they both have absolutely terrible hair: a mullet and a two-toned, black & blonde mess.

13 Bray Wyatt & Morgan Jones

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Bray and Morgan are fantastic at speaking, but not saying anything, unless you listen really closely. Bray has always had a way with words: initially they are vague, but over time he becomes very direct. For example, his feud with The Undertaker started with threats that could apply to anyone on the roster. Then came along the urn and coffin, making it quite clear who Bray wanted to take out.

Morgan seemed like a fine family man, but after the zombie apocalypse hit, he lost both his wife and son, which caused a bit of a mental breakdown. All he would babble on about is getting "clear" and nearly killed Rick in the process when they reconnected back in season 3. Bray also had a troubled past in regards to his family life, namely with his dad, but his circumstance was slightly different since Bray set his father's boat on fire... with him on it.

Both are mentally and physically strong; it would take a lot to bring either man down in a fight. This is evident by Morgan's ability to live by himself all this time, and Bray taking flying steel steps to the face.

12 Becky Lynch & Michonne

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Their mentalities are similar in that they are extremely confident in their respective skills. Michonne is very resourceful and has shown time after time she can adapt to this zombie-infested world. She survived a winter with Andrea and used neutered zombies as deterrents to allow her to walk around freely.

At one time, Becky was one of the best wrestlers in the world while still only a teenager. Using the "Dis-arm-her" - or simply known as an arm-breaker - Becky frequently takes her opponent's arm to end a match. Michonne has also been known to take an arm, a head, maybe a leg or two thanks to her trusty katana. These are two women that are not to be trifled with.

Finally, both have been known to rock awesome coats. When we first met Michonne, she was completely shrouded in a hooded poncho. Becky's entrance attire is “steampunk” inspired which includes a long-trench coat that covers her nearly from head to toe.

11 Cesaro & Daryl Dixon

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Daryl is the ultimate survivalist; he can hunt, track, and live completely on his own in an extremely dangerous environment. It seems like he has nine lives, and is able to escape any situation, like when he was captured by The Governor and forced to fight for his life against his brother Merle. Cesaro is equally impressive as he can do literally anything inside the squared circle to win a match. Not to mention Cesaro's ability to comeback as he is frequently pushed and then forgotten about by WWE's higher-ups.

Fans absolutely adore both guys and if either were taken off TV there would be hell to pay. It's tough to imagine Rick not having his right-hand man; fans have literally said on social media they will stop watching if Daryl dies.

Since Cesaro's tag partner Tyson Kidd went out due to a neck injury Cesaro has adopted the "Sharpshooter" submission move and as you all well know, Daryl is highly accurate with his crossbow. With such elite skills, Daryl and Cesaro might be the best combo to trust with your life.

10 Dean Ambrose & Glenn Rhee

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When we first met Glenn, he was the group's "mission guy". Whenever they needed supplies or to find people, Glenn was the one who went out time and time again. A clever team-player with great stealth abilities, there was never a doubt Glenn would return. Dean Ambrose is also known for his stealth abilities; just ask Seth Rollins. Ambrose found the best way to surprise his opponent was to hide in things like giant Christmas presents and car trunks.

To further compare their ability to survive, Dean Ambrose once said: "There are three things in this world that will survive a nuclear explosion: Twinkies, cockroaches, and Dean Ambroses"

He's certainly backed those statements up; one time Dean electrocuted himself with a TV and came back the next night! Tough to characterize Glenn as a "Lunatic Fringe", but the time he fought off a zombie while tied to a chair, and then subsequently screaming to the heavens, was close.

9 Nikki Bella & Maggie Greene

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Initially, Maggie was a frightened character that relied heavily on her dad Hershel and sister Beth for strength. As her family members died off, she learned to become independent and strong enough to take care of herself - and Glenn - in any situation.

Nikki was once reliant on her sister Brie, and never really stood out in the ring or on the mic. It wasn't until the last year or two that her confidence and skills grew, mostly thanks to her 270+ day Divas title reign. Nikki has improved her game dramatically, using "The Rack Attack" and a brutal forearm smash as her finishers. She's elevated herself to one of the better women on the roster, much like Maggie has also done on The Walking Dead.

8 Vince McMahon & Deanna Monroe

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When Rick's group came to town, things changed, but before that Deanna was the all-knowing and powerful leader of Alexandria. It's a fairly simple community rule; what she said goes, and that's exactly what life is like with Vince McMahon.

He has the final say on pretty much everything in the WWE. If Vince doesn't believe in a wrestler, that person will not make it to the top, just like how Deanna interviews and assigns roles to each person that entered her community.

Both are charismatic people; Deanna was a former U.S. Congresswoman for the state of Ohio and continues to call the shots in a post-apocalyptic environment. Even though Rick already didn't like townsman Pete Anderson, Deanna had Rick execute Pete instantly for mistakenly killing her husband. For Vince, multiple wrestlers have said he can make people do things they don't want to do, like work a terrible gimmick or lose an important match.

Both have also lost their sons: Deanna's died via a zombie attack, and Vince's left the WWE for China.

7 Rosa Mendes & Rosita Espinosa

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What is Rosita's purpose? She was helping Eugene get to Washington D.C., is Abraham's girlfriend, and that's pretty much it. Nearly a season and a half after her debut, there's not a whole lot to talk about with her character. Literally her biggest scenes are to flirt and have sex with Abraham, ouch.

It's funny that WWE's Rosa Mendes has a somewhat similar name and is equally as useless. Her in-ring skills are non-existent, she has yet to have a gimmick or storyline that really matters, and she's been around for nine years! It's surprising that both have lasted this long in their respective roles. At least Rosita has one thing going for her in season 6; Tara is attracted to her, but Rosita seems to be unaware at this moment. Oh, the intrigue!

6 Chris Jericho & Carol Peletier

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This comparison is in regards to Carol's later seasons; she's a strong, intelligent, and incredibly crafty character. In terms of character development, she may be the best; going from abused wife, to savior of the group when they were stuck at Terminus. Now in Alexandria, the "housewife" role she's putting on is pure genius. Fumbling with guns and wearing god-awful sweaters to throw off her scent is just the best.

Chris Jericho is one of wrestling's most intelligent wrestlers, using his brains to outsmart his opponents, and never passing on the opportunity to troll wrestling fans. During one of his many WWE comebacks, he literally came out and smiled the entire time. Jericho didn't say one word for the whole segment, and just walked out to a chorus of boos. It was one of the most subtle heel turns ever in wrestling.

If Cesaro & Daryl were the top protectors on this list, Carol and Jericho have to be the best strategists. Just don't look at the flowers or the flashing jacket.

5 Daniel Bryan & Aaron

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Reading through Aaron's Walking Dead Wikia page this is how he is described:

"An affable, good-natured, adventurous guy. Despite feeling like a bit of an outsider for most of his life, he's passionate about people and the good they can do. He doesn't think twice about putting himself in danger if he believes something positive can come from it."

As a recruiter for Alexandria, Aaron is truly putting his life on the line every time he tracks down a random group of people. He has a calming personality and a way with words that seem to bring down people's defenses. That sounds pretty darn close to Daniel Bryan, with how he is in the ring and in real life. When his neck was still not 100% he went out and did a fantastic job putting over Roman Reigns at Fast Lane to help build the young gun up before his match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31.

Both are the outdoorsy type; due to his job, Aaaron can survive on his own for days, while Bryan is always outside or hiking which can be seen in his appearances on Total Divas.

4 Brock Lesnar & Carl Grimes

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Both are prodigies; Carl is an absolute zombie assassin at only 14-ish, but his inexperienced ways get him in trouble from time to time. Brock was one of the youngest WWE Champions at only 25, and continues to dominate the wrestling world today. His unpredictable actions have also gotten him in trouble, like hitting a kid in the crowd with the interior part of a car door. It happens.

Brock and Carl also have a wide range of emotions; sometimes they are stone cold and other times they scream in really weird, high-pitch tones... okay, Brock mainly does that.

Both came very close to death's door as Carl was shot mistakenly by Otis, who was hunting the same deer that Carl just so happened to be staring at. After some harsh surgery to remove the bullet fragments, Carl was nursed back to health by Hershel. In 2009, Lesnar had a serious case of diverticulitis - an intestinal disorder that required surgery. He had a perforation in his intestine that had been leaking fecal matter into his abdomen, which could have caused serious long-term damage had it gone on any longer. Luckily both survived and are still cracking skulls and ribs.

3 John Cena & Abraham Ford

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Abraham is a hero thanks to his time as a Sergeant in the U.S. Army. John Cena is also seen as a hero to wrestling fans as he always does the right thing and lives by the motto "Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect". Cena's military connections come via his camouflage jorts that he wore years ago as well as having starred in the blockbuster flop The Marine. Let's not forget about his dog tags and military salutes.

Both men are born leaders in their own right and frequently show off their bravery. Cena has carried the WWE for over a decade, and just recently was on the receiving end of a broken nose, but toughed it out and finished the match. Abraham has put himself on the line multiple times; most recently saving a construction crew member from a zombie attack. This brave act led to a promotion as "head of the construction crew" in Alexandria.

2 Randy Orton & Rick Grimes

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There are a couple people that can match Rick, but Randy Orton connects the best. Just look to the lyrics in his entrance theme:

"I hear voices in my head, they council me, they understand, they talk to me".

Rick has been known to have a few voices in his head; he literally talked to them on the phone before while in the prison... now that's crazy.

"You got your rules and your religion, all designed to keep you safe, but when rules start getting broken, you start questioning your faith".

He had rules when he was initially the group leader, but as things broke down, Rick started to question his role. While living in the prison he decided to back away as the leader, and become the resident fence watcher and farmer.

"I have a voice that is my savior, hates to love and loves to hate, I have the voice that has the knowledge, and the power to rule your fate".

When the group landed in Alexandria, Rick had the knowledge of what really was going on outside their protected walls. Not long after they joined the town, he realized the townspeople were naive and weak; so Rick decided to take over and become the powerful ruler.

1 Undertaker & Shane Walsh

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Shane was killed - first by Rick, and then by Carl - way back in season 2, but he's still one of the greatest characters ever on The Walking Dead, much like The Undertaker is in wrestling’s history. Shane was very much a straight shooter and had the ability to adapt to the new world much quicker than other people in his camp. Unfortunately, this caused a rift between him and others, namely Rick, who is just now coming around to Shane's way of thinking by stealing married women and instantly reacting to threats.

Undertaker also has a brooding personality, and uses very direct language in his promos. Like Shane, he prefers to take action instead of talking on and on about what's the next course of action. Finally, and most obviously, Shane and The Undertaker are dead (well, as "dead" as you can get in wrestling). The Undertaker continues to fight as one, but when Shane was put down for good, that’s the last time he was ever seen... unless you’re hallucinating while in a shootout in Woodbury and he comes walking out of the mist with a shotgun in hand.


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